1. I find it interesting that all the demos are with brand new slick and perhaps a bit thinner ropes. I want to see demos with the ropes in a typical condition of a regularly used rope.

  2. It's really horrific, I climb for almost four years now, and I have seen so many people making significant mistakes with the GriGri.
    Most of them are the old ones, who learned belaying with the munter hitch and then switched to the GriGri. They grab the device with their whole hand or hold up the belay-side of the rope.
    If you try to tell them, that their belaying tecnique is dangerous, you just get an: "I have bin doing it this way for 20 years now, and nothing ever happend." .'

  3. Reaching up to clip the rope in a quickdraw is not advisable since it puts too much slack in the rope. Better to clip when you are level with the protection.

  4. I just recently started using a grigri2 and like it.  I still have some time before I'm smooth with it but my experienced climber friends insisted that I learn to belay (top rope and lead) with a basic device (ATC) to learn the importance of proper belay techniques before moving to a grigri.  To me these devices can be very dangerous if used improperly.  I've heard many people describe it as a "auto-locking" device when in fact it is an assisted braking device.  One should always stay just as alert to their climber with any device.  Use the most current techniques or don't use it at all.  I still use an ATC every now and again to make sure my brain stays alert and ready for anything.

  5. The knot from 09:04 it really works ? If you pull the rope from the gri gri side the knot will be undone.
    That knot is useless, is not redundant for blocking the rope to have hands free.

  6. If you were using a standard atc belay, needed to deal with a knot in the rope, and therefore needed to tie the rope off, as shown in the video, would you tie the rope off in the same way? Considering the carabiners are completely different….

  7. Serious and potentially dangerous translation mistake on Spanish subtitles: "spotting" in the climbing world means "portear", not "observar" (which means just "observe, watch, look out").
    To care for safety you have to care for translation, so please correct that!!!
    Apart from that, the translation's quality is very good.

  8. Your Belay demonstration at 03:13 takes place on the exact wall that Petzl used to edit their original video.

    Did you also edit out your original footage? where did this clip art footage come from that you are all usinging>

  9. When tying off the rope when leader is on tension would the use of a smaller carabiner to lock off the knot be hazardous? I could see a smaller clip be able to slip through the knot and a the carabiner attacking the grigri to your harness.

  10. Great video. I know this is an instructional video but there is a major flaw at 9'15". Let me know what it is. It is very subtle!

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