How To Manage People And Be A Better Leader

How To Manage People And Be A Better Leader


  1. What is the biggest problem you’re facing
    in your life right now?

    Comment below. I might just make a video
    and solve that problem for you.

  2. Dan, I believe this is a great topic to speak about!! I want to know more about managing the business and how to get people on board to the vision of the company. Thanks for the content!

  3. Dan I like hearing about your perspective on business and being an effective leader, and I'd like to see more videos from you on this topic. This video alone had given me key points to focus on and ask myself questions about. Thanks for all that you do Sifu 👏

  4. How do you earn employee loyalty though? People don’t just get hired and automatically devote them selves to a company.

  5. i'm running biz for 18yrs, getting the right ppl and managing ppl is the most difficult task for me. Our co has reasonable good turnover and performance but just human resource gives me lots of pain. Quality working people here in Malaysia always want to join a big company in terms of headcount. Thanks for this vid and i have never missed any of your video since the day I subscribed. Looking forward to each and every one. thanks lots

  6. Hi Mr Dan, first of all thank you for that video, and sure i want more about that topic, Management and leadership.
    Good day.

  7. Yes sir if you can make more videos on this topic than it would be great for us. And thankyou sir because we are learning many things from your videos 😊😊

  8. The problem is when we have Loyalty, Harmony, and Good Results but our Bos dont watch this video. Should I suggest him to subscribe your channel? 😁

  9. first of all thank you for the fantastic material that you share … How can I however understand if a person is real sometimes certain think they lie to certain questions in the interviews or otherwise it is difficult to understand …

  10. Hi Dan, how do you test Loyalty from a Key Person, in this dog eat dog meat world today, i find it is hard to get a person of loyalty. Thanks

  11. Mr Dan Lok, I am really appreciated and admired what you have been taught

    I would like to ask, how would I manage people to work effectively


  12. What’s your opinion on the levels of leadership
    I read a book about the 5 levels of leader ship by John maxwell it’s a awesome books what’s your take on the topic

  13. Ok loyalty but what if you are good and resourcefull person but earns not enought you looking for better salary and conditions so it is sometimes is hard to be loyalty and highperformance on not well paid job and you know that other earn better

  14. Hey Dan.
    How can we find out from the beginning that the person who is sitting in front of me for an interview is going to be loyal or going to present results or going to be a good learner etc…?

  15. Be a leader is really hard. I don't like be a leader a prefer be a strict boss. It works more for me. It's no to exhausting to be a boss like be a leader. People said I'm a bad girl but I dont care I'm building my second hotel. So I have results and that is enough for me now.

  16. Great video – I'd love to know how your pre-quality your team. What process do you use to assess their loyalty, harmony and results? Thanks in advance 😀😀

  17. I totally agree that people are complicated. I do want to hear more about leadership and people management. I am a 15year old students and I have to manage a association of 50 people. Any skills recommended?

  18. I swear, when I hear Dan say, "Until next time, I'll see you in my Bently" I keep thinking he say "Until next time, I'll see you in my BELLY" lolx XD

  19. Good suggestions. Thanks. But the problem is that some people are over harmony with colleagues to against boss is difficult..

  20. I do not know if I missed it, but I would like to know your opinion about people who are loyal and produce results but they do not work that well with others. Which is it?

  21. As we can see if someone is good in working with people or giving good results. How do we know if someone is loyal or not? People can be impostor.

  22. Right now I am developing systems for management throughout my business.

    Once I have completed that, I plan to grow rapidly.

    What I really to want is to systematize growth.

    What would be your advice Dan?

    Would love to see a video about this, Thank you

  23. But that is kind of difficult, you talk about reading people's mind the other day but can you really tell if a person is not loyal and so forth?

  24. Hi dan me and my friends are starting a new business they all are okay with the idea, so we planned to develop our website first, everything went well in starting now most of the people lag, everyday I asking them to work at least small part but seems they are not working, I don't see any progress from them, we spent my at domain name and servers, we cannot hire anyone for money now, how do I get work from them?

  25. Please Dan, teach us more on this topic. It is so difficult to find good content on the "dealing with people" subject and you make it crystal clear!

  26. Can you teach us how to deal with offensive people or situation when he/she failed something and got embarrased in front of people? What can we do? Thank you!

  27. Dan, Why would you want to spoil an otherwise watchable video by saying "f**king loyal" and "f**king fire them" when there is no value added at all? Are you under the misconception that you need to speak foul language in order to look macho? What's the point of looking high class but speak low-class? Listening to you, I am reminded by what the professor in "My Fair Lady" movie said, "You can tell where a person comes from (their upbringing or social class) by the way they speak."

  28. Dan what do you think of the saying Responsibility OVER Loyalty. Loyalty makes you Blind, while Responsibility keeps your eyes wide open?

  29. Hey dan, here’s a question. Say you hire the wrong people.

    In your opinion is it possible for the company to be successful if you have a person with great leadership quality but the wrong people working for the company ?

  30. I thought about going into business with my friend, but he’s not either of those three things. Thank you for the advice

  31. Thank you so much for this content. Really practical.
    How can one handle a situation where a biological brother in the organization is very productive and has very good teamwork skills, very influential but not loyal?

  32. Thank you SIfu, I totally agree about loyalty being number one. What is an important question that you'd ask during an interview to gauge that loyalty within the potential team player?

  33. Great video Dan. I would like more videos on leadership you always have great things to teach. My boss is getting me ready for leadership but doesn't really know how to train me for it. So i started researching on my own. Looking forward to your next leadership videos.

  34. MY problem is I'm a manager at my work and I run the work shop but I don't get the same respect as the owner of the company do and in the future I'll be taking over, but how do I get the same respect as the "alpha male" because I want that too

  35. Excellent 👌 Dan.. I work for private IT firm and ur vedios are really helpful.. your are fabulous Mentor..Pls post more vedios on leadership and team management

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