I Believe Brett Kavanaugh, But I Want To Hear Ford, Says Senator | Morning Joe | MSNBC

I Believe Brett Kavanaugh, But I Want To Hear Ford, Says Senator | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. A long, long time ago, in my case is more than 40 years ago for me, I remember all details as if it was today and it tooke me more than 40 years to speak about it…you never forget

  2. This was a pathetic interview, alot could have been said. MSNBC should contact the other accusers lawyer to find out the truth about contacting.

  3. #djtFAKEPRESIDENT kavanaugh tried to paint himself in the fox interview as a choir boy, but his best friend in high school mark judge was a blackout drunk! Has he not heard…Birds of a feather flock together! Side note sen kennedy he needs to be voted out…they spent 17mins on a man just talking BULLSHYT!

  4. We need to get rid of these old outdated representatives on both sides and institute term limits in both the Senate and Congress, and maybe even SCOTUS.

  5. No time for this nonsense: confirm Kavanaugh so we can repeal women's reproductive rights & pardon Sunkist Stalin Pussygrabber the 1st from all crimes relating to his bed buddy Vlad.

  6. Yes Senator Kennedy, our memories are sketchy from thirty years ago except maybe about the times we were physically attacked and were in fear of our lives.

  7. "….an analysis of the memory.." translation: we are already convinced there's no way Mrs. Ford could remember what happened 36 yrs. ago.

  8. Really, how can you believe what has become a bold face lie. First he's a choir boy and now yeah I drank beer on weekends. When they were so quick to come out with that list of women who didn't attend the all boy's school I knew there was a cover up and so did he. The man is a liar. Let's set all the acquisition's aside and just FOCUS ON THE LIES, HOW MANY HAS HE TOLD SINCE THIS ALL STARTED. Maybe we need to point that out too. Lies lies lies lies I guess that is what it takes to be a candidate for the job, if Donald Trump can lie and get away with it why not Brett Kavanagh too, lie lie lie lie and keep lying.

  9. I love these Republicans coming on CNN trying to sound impartial… and open to listening and changing their mind. Talking about time… I am skeptical Ford has any time constraint when she is asked for an FBI investigation.

  10. Kennedy needs to be eliminated. I am so tired of the "Good Ole White Boys" deciding ANYTHING for us. We can change it all in November…Vote BLUE.

  11. Wouldn't due process involve an investigation from a nonpartisan party whose actual job almost solely revolves around investigating….say like the FBI????

  12. Waite doesn't "fairness and due process" mean an FBI investigation? and he doesn't have enough information to warrant an FBI report "REALLY"!!! interesting

  13. Isaiah 54:17
    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.

    Psalms 109:2 – For the mouth of the wicked and the mouth of the deceitful are opened against me: they have spoken against me with a lying tongue.

    Proverbs 19:9 – A false witness shall not be unpunished, and [he that] speaketh lies shall perish.

  14. Everybody knows Republicans are loading the dice and the fix is in; haven't heard one rational answer about why they are not giving her due process with an FBI investigation (yes, that's what they do, investigate). Why do you suppose that is? He is NOT SCOTUS material. Got the law training but never figured out that the law applies to all of us. Privileged, I guess. What arrogance.

  15. Mitch McConnell is at fault. Merrick Garland never got a hearing and since the president is under criminal investigation maybe we should wait for after an election the GOP is corrupt

  16. Fun drinking game to distract from the nightmare of Kavanaugh:

    Take a sip of something alcoholic every time senator Kennedy blinks in this interview.

  17. These Republicans are used to let their friends like Kavanaugh for themselves on there daughters. Republicans like to keep their women in check. And the republican women like that.

  18. Finally, my state's senator rates an interview on a network more credible than FoxNews, so I can listen to his comments. I've written him separately to discuss where we differ in opinion #Persist #Resist #MeToo

  19. Kennedy is just playing politics, very good at it I must say, but still politics just the same. All he really said in a calm diplomatic way he'll hear Mrs Ford out but still vote for Kavanaugh at end regardless, in a much nicer way that's all he said

  20. This man is talking with forked tongue – 'this will not be a discussion of the truth'. Indeed it won't. He did not want the democrat senators to 'obstruct' the process by asking questions about vast numbers of missing documents which should have been available to senators. He is laying on the southern charm here ha ha.
    Get those witnesses up there, get an FBI investigation – Trump can command one tomorrow; get Ramires and Swetnick there and Judge and any possible corroborators. Dig deep and get all the information. Give both sides a chance to be heard fully. Get those one million documents and put them on the table – what is in them and why are they being held back?

  21. Lindsey Graham said the same stupid comment about Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh being their daughter and son. Maybe it's a southern thing, but it sounds just ridiculous.

  22. Trump likes Waterboarding and perhaps much worse………..Waterboard Kavanaugh and Ford too, why not . . . .
    Oh, Live on TV too !!!

  23. If the Senate Judiciary Committee Republicans cannot do the work for which they are paid, they need to go home. The taxpayers should not be paying for jobs not done, nor the bill for having someone else to do the work.

  24. He can't remember if he's giving answers or questions and he can't even remember her name.
    What a piece of trash. And he's a lawmaker.

  25. 8:09 – Willie asks the key pertinent question and the old hick squirms out successfully.
    He's everyone's favourite grandpa, sure, but he has only one eye for his team and that is clear in what he says.

  26. He has a very tidy position and argued it extremely well. I think the two weakest points are 1) that his position on the hurry to confirm makes no sense given what the Republicans did on Merrick Garland, and 2) that it's implausible for Congressional staffers to be able to conduct a credible investigation of this kind

  27. Shame on you for not forcefully challenging this evasive obfuscator who refused to directly answer your obsequious softball questions. It was the closest thing to pandering I have ever seen on your show. Total loss of credibility.

  28. The Republican "Judiciary" Committee is obstructing justice by not having a full FBI investigation, also releasing the 100,000 documents, and exposing the lies that Kavanaugh has made under oath–well before a vote. Normally the FBI does this, just like in the Anita Hill case.

  29. Hey Louisianna, have you been told why Kennedy went to Moscow on July 4th? Ever since hearing that he went with other Senators, he is one man I don't trust. I notice he backs Trump's claim the investigation into Russian meddling is a witch hunt. Has he ever said why he went to Russia?

  30. "I don't have enough information to justify an FBI investigation"! There has been loads of people come forward, even Kavanaugh's room mate has said, "Kav was a black out drunk"! This Senator is 💯% 🤥 wanker!

  31. WOW, I never heard this senator speak, he is brilliantly simple in thought…always seems spot on the single most important aspects.

  32. "With certainty, understand that the legislators we elect to the House and Senate make choices for or against righteousness.  However, it is magnified in the opposition against this Supreme Court nominee. TRUTH is under attack.  The result being lack of unity in support of our President. Free speech is misused when it abandons Truth and supports lies in favor of ambitious agendas."

  33. So it's time to retire if your mind is leaving you looking stupid! He just said that it's not about the truth it's about POWER!!!!

  34. Sen.Kennedy looks as if he is a walking dead zombie. If he was fair, he would not have made the comment he believes Kavanaugh without even hearing the accuser. Go back to drinking your embalming fluid!

  35. He's arguing that the human memory isn't perfect, and we fill in the gaps with what we think is the truth. He's completely right about that, and it is EXACTLY why they need to also subpoena the other witnesses and have the FBI do a proper investigation! And yet they don't. Because they're not interested in the truth.

  36. He looks like someone in the Adams Family. Not surprised with a person that sounds like a chicken who believes a pervert rather than the truth.

  37. Data waisted. Is anyone taking the credibility of the U.S. SUPREME COURT, CONGRESS, AND U.S. GOVERNMENT SERIOUS? IT'S CORRUPT. Heartbreaking

  38. Does Senator Kennedy even see the problem of saying that he believes the accused before hearing from the accuser? Geez man, wake up. As far as timing goes, the republicans didn't have any problem going more than 400 days without even giving Justice Garland a hearing. Pure politics. So spare us that argument.

  39. Two known sexual abusers will be on the high court. Both men I believe are corrupt and corruptible.
    I don't understand why the F.B.I. has not investigate Clarence Thomas and his wife. Thomas lied on Federal documents. Our government representatives should be clean. It's dirty.

  40. You just told a lie Kennedy if your position is to have a Supreme Court Judge by Oct. 1 why didn't you have a hearing for Merrick Garland President Obama's pick for 14 months that seat was open!

  41. ALL of the judges on the Supreme Court have already made up their mind & plan on voting Kavanaugh onto the SC – REGARDLESS – w/o hearing from Ms. Ford, or the multiple other victims coming forward!! The system is RIGGED.

  42. And yes… (eyeroll)… it's all about "memory." Sure it is. Because the F.B.I. has never investigated a 30+ year old crime before. You'd think all those people were dead or something, not in their early 50s. These Republican senators think we're all idiots.

  43. Kavanaugh is Trump's and the Republican's get out of jail free card. If he doesn't make it they're in big trouble. Kavanaugh has a drinkers complexion. Scotch or something of that nature. I'm sure he partakes regularly. That's when he makes his best judgements.

  44. If something like this really happened in HS, it would be all over the school within the next couple of days.  That's high school.  She's a liar!!!

  45. Please note the correction to my post! I typed my entry incorrectly! I meant why would you crucify him and decide he was guilty with no proof? Those are the types I wouldn’t want on my jury. What happened to LAW.? Presumption of innocence? Now they’re trying to say that this man is a drunk! They all need to read the Bible—whether religious or not! At this point, I’m with you, Judge Kavanaugh!

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