Ideologies of political parties in the United States | US government and civics | Khan Academy

Ideologies of political parties in the United States | US government and civics | Khan Academy


  1. Gun control is not socially liberal. Js mill agrees. The root word is liberty(freedom). You know, the opposite of control.

  2. i would absolutely love you to go into more detail on all these issues with relevant statistics showing both points of view

  3. huh see this would have helped me during the last election. í probably might have voted had í been taught about the two parties like this

  4. So cringe trying to watch a liberal "act" bipartisan.
    Still, his opinions from a humanistic edge leaked into his fallacies on the lively conservative stand point.

  5. Would be nice to see how politicians in general actually stick to their side. I.e… Conservative don't want to spend but will spend when their guy is in the white house to get votes.

  6. I like how they have opposing views. They agree to disagree and they vote with their pockets in mind. Very modern.

  7. On the affirmative action issue. Conservatives dont want a race blind society. They want an individual based society….since the individual is the smallest minority and all.

  8. Social I'm 50-50 apparently.

    Economics I'm purely conservative apparently.

    And military I'm liberal.

    I have just started a shitstorm I think

  9. An unbiased, straight-forward and simplified layout of basic liberal and conservative beliefs, that allows people to make the choice for themselves. Excellent video.

  10. I think my viewpoint is a bit more strange – I am extremely left in terms of my economic stance – a huge democratic government that has the power to pretty much regulate all sectors of businesses and companies, ensure tax (especially cooperate welfare tax) is extremely high to fuel and expand public services like the NHS ( I’m from England) and effectively nationalise these. Ensure money is targeted in fighting economic inequality (helping the homeless etc), fund for renewable energy etc and most of my social views are left(liberal). I’m pro abortion, anti guns, anti death penalty, but my point being I feel as if I’m against affirmative action as it seems contradictory to the goal of equality( the main goal for me) as automatically race dictates( or at least suggests your status ) and I would argue that poverty is not a result of race but rather economic factors ( which is why I’m for nationalisation) I don’t know does anyone understand?

  11. Awesome video! I think a majority of people don’t really understand the differences between the democratic/liberal party and the republican/Conservative party. You explained this very well in my opinion. Keep up the good work.

    Don’t go to conservative , YouTube might demonetize you. Poor Steven Crowder 🙁

  12. I'm a Democrat with some liberal and conservative views……nonetheless, I still stand behind my party. With that said, I can say it is obvious that almost no individual will have 100% conservative/liberal views. In a way, it seems as if the U.S. is at least 25% independent, yet when a candidate brings up a controversial topic we either stand behind him/her, or don't like him/her.

  13. Both actually make sense. People just need to learn to discuss each issue peacefully and fairly. Most issues should be judged case by case because there are many specific factors for each

  14. if democrats and republicans can have a mixture of opinions on viewpoints, what makes them democrats and republicans?
    for example, if a democrat has a conservative point of view on most issues, what makes him a democrat and why (s)he keeps voting democrats?

  15. I think everything was good except the explaination on conservative views on affirmative action. I believe that we think that our society is already balanced and it’s unfair to give advantages

  16. Politics have never played a big role in my life but I believe in Traditional Values but also I believe in change what am I

  17. That's interesting what you say about conservatives and taxes. Haha because they actually raise taxes for the poor and give negative tax rates to massive multi national corporations. Trumps tax plan erased the earned income tax credit for the working poor.. and gave corporations MASSIVE Tax returns. John Deere got $558 million back which is a NEGATIVE 25.9% tax break. Amazon got $129million back at a tax rate of -1.2% Netflix got $22Million which is a tax rate of -2.5% FedEx got $107 million with a -4.6% tax rate. General Motors 104 million with a -2.4% tax rate. Starbucks got $75 million back at a -1.6 tax rate. Chevron got $181 million back which is a -4% tax rate. Delta Airlines $187million at -3.7%. Meanwhile everyone else like me (a full time single dad making under $28k a year) will pay 30% this year in taxes. While the top riches people and Trumps top donors get -25% tax breaks. Meanwhile our $19 Trillion deficit has raised $1 Trillion ever year since this tangerine tyrant has been in office. Both Democrats and Republicans are 2 sides on the same coin. Its not about Democrats vs Republicans left vs right.. that's just what they DESPERATELY want you to think, they work at it everyday. It's REALLY the ruling class elite vs the common man or woman.

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