Impeachment hearing gets heated: Republicans demand a minority hearing day

Impeachment hearing gets heated: Republicans demand a minority hearing day


  1. I was under the impression that there was only one clown car. I was wrong. The Democrats have at least two of them maybe more. One for the Dem candidates and one, possibly two, for the impeachment Dems. What a forking joke.

  2. Great work. Show the Democrats the same levels of contempt that they’re showing the American voters.

  3. Omg wha fcking tool. He can't even talk. Think WE as in the voters need to clean house. I'm pretty tired of tax dollars getting used for nothing

  4. They are hell bent on breaking the law, and have no idea that what will result could be an armed uprising against their tyranny.

  5. I hope when this is all done that all these dems in cahoots with this bs hearing ,are indicted and prosecuted for a wrongful hearing and its rules,, and I hope Schiff is brought up on charges for lying,and impersonating a whistleblower…

  6. Since the chairman is not following the rules, then how can the ridiculous sham continue? Is the system so broken and not capable that a chairman not following the rules can continue to be the chairman? How is this possible?

  7. Dems are endangering our republic and this is making me think of something that I thought was impossible? For the first time in my life (50 years) this will lead to a civil crisis and war. This needs to stop. It's insane what the Dems are doing.

  8. Rattle snake Nadler, Skin Him. Not Once Not twice but six times, Schitt face could not even show up, PELOSI, We will PRAY FOR HIM, Another PARODY, Above and beyond currupt THATS YOUR PARTY, WE Will Not FORGET. KAG 2020

  9. Nadler is a criminal. He wields his gavel like a tyrant so that he can completely overlook the rules. What a scum bag. He should be arrested and thrown straight out of Congress.

  10. Dang, I wanted to hear the whole thing, but "the gentleman will suspend and the gentleman is not recognized". What recourse do our elected reps have? SMH

  11. I sincerely hope the Republicans give Nadler a true dose of his own medicine, enough to knock him out of commission, that grizzly _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

  12. I hope the Democratic committee is getting paid good bc they are going to work way harder to find evidence than the republicans…. hahahaha

  13. The Democrats know they have been caught. All they are doing is trying to shield themselves for the money laundering, and the republicans were complacent in all of this.

  14. Nadler is rubbing and coddling his precious impeachment ring. Time to throw the ring into Mount Doom. Let Nadler crawl back under his rock. Thanks Pelosi for making sure our president will be re-elected in 2020. This is the biggest farce and most Americans see right through the whole scam.

  15. I think that american peoples who have seen this will finally understand how flawed their constitutional republic system is just like our wesminster parlementary system we have in Canada (Our system is even worst). Majority have the power to silence opposition and hide their corrupt behaviors. We have seen the same behaviors with the corrupt government of Justin Trudeau in these types of committees. RIP democracy.

  16. This is obviously going to come to a head . They are going to impeach him and to hell with rule or law . If they could only be on the outside looking in . They would see how ridiculous they are acting . I hope everyone who reads this understands where this is headed . BE PREPARED !!!!

  17. This has to be treason at this point? How are we letting them get away with this? We need to rise up and take our government back. If our founding fathers were here to witness this heads would roll.

  18. Ahhhh that's cute, "demand?" Your majority was "required" to have a hearing on Obama's supreme Court, pick. So I guess you just don't like your own medicine?

  19. I know it's only a dream, but I would like someone to lose their $h!+ and make a stand for equality in the representation of the constituents that are elected by the people, for the truth. Slow down let's find out what really happened instead of pushing what the democratic base wants to hear.

  20. For the life of me I don't understand how the democrats can just make up rules as they go along.  This is absurd….how are they getting away with this.  sickening

  21. welcome to Jerrys world and in his own words at 2;45 "We Are Doing What We Have TO DO" ..yeah we know have wanted to impeach Trump for 3 years, yu need to recuse yourself NOW, you are not fit for the Chair,,….

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