IMPEACHMENT HEARING PART 2: Witnesses Kent, Taylor wrap up testimony

IMPEACHMENT HEARING PART 2: Witnesses Kent, Taylor wrap up testimony


  1. Millions and millions of taxpayers money going to foreign countries to bè stolen by corrupt officials including Americans.
    Where you at Hunter Biden?

  2. Did America somehow become the aid capitol of the world? how is it we owe the Ukraine anything in the first place? Why do we support ANY country? Get off our teet and get your own economy.

  3. 25:28 Corruption in the Ukraine lol. there is plenty right here at home, police, city council, DAs, judges lawyers you name it. pot meet kettle.

  4. there is only one Dem that wants to think that the President did anything wrong but his eyes keep bulging. the rest of the Dems are just following their leader. I think they know better but have to play the fool to keep their jobs

  5. Demonrats are so pitiful and shameful; they are so disgusted and so disgraced for The United State of America. No respect for our Commander In Chief. GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸😍😍😍

  6. SCHIFF IS NOW ANGRY ENOUGH TO  BEGIN A NEW CIVIL WAR – (in the past he was very persistently learning about Civil War and got very inspired in the Hollywood library) SCHIFF IS A MANIAC, AND  LEADS  DEMS TO DESTROY NOT JUST OUR PRESIDENT  BUT OUR WHOLE NATION !!!  And he will open the borders…  PLEASE, PEOPLE,  WAKE UP AND BEWARE! SCHIFF IS NOT JUST A HIGHLY CRIMINAL POLITICAL MANIPULATOR but a new "LEADER" preparing mentally sick, desperately hating democrats and their whining followers for destroying our country and us, American people..  his MADNESS is erupting as a volcanic vomit.  STOP SCHIFF FROM PROVOKING A CIVIL WAR.

  7. Im just curious as to when are all these democrats going to be investigated. Sick to death of this run a round b s. Cant we the people hear some investigations on some real crooked stuff. This Trump investigation crap is old and tired. I bet we could be entertained for a few years if we could watch the Democratic party be picked to the bone. At least we could see some real crimes

  8. I'm dying for a civil war to start so I can exterminate these corrupt rat bastards who are trying to destroy our country. Demonrats are nothing but a cabal of corrupt politicians and need to be hung.

  9. Demonrats are insane and corrupt. That is obviously all they are. Anyone with half a brain can see this. Open your eyes it's right in front of you.

  10. Get ready people. Demonrats have taken over our government. We the people are going to have to take it back. That's the bottom line.

  11. Roger Stone was convicted? When are we going to see Justice? After hundreds of thousands of people die in a civil war?

  12. If this isn't a kangaroo hearing … these (bastard=ambassadors) are hacks for the democratic party … Obamanation gave Russia 20% of our uranium rights unwittingly said on a hot mic "after the elections were over he'd have more leverage to work with you" …in the testimony the (bastard=ambassadors) said , "Obamanation didn't want to provoke the Russians , so his only idea of aid to the Ukrainian government was MRE'S and blankets … but Trump was is a agent for Russia ? I'm not buying it for a skinny minute

  13. What part of Corrupt Ukrainian gov does this fool not get? I could possibly see the point if Trump had actually left Ukraine hanging. It was never close to that so what is this anal retentive idiot's point?

  14. Democrats have no platform and see no way to win 2020. This impeachment inquiry isn't an effort to get support to win 2020 or to actually get Trump out of office. The entire reason they want to impeach the president with zero evidence worthy of impeachment is because they know they're going to lose and want an excuse for losing other than "we didn't have a popular platform". Now they can say "we lost because we shouldn't have called for impeachment". Minutes after it's clear Trump has won, the MSM will make sure we know that's why Democrats lost.

  15. Is Schiff a dual citizen like Chucky Schumer? You know Schumer….the guy who voted to abort U.S. babies, however, voted to outlaw abortions in that other nation?

  16. And another thing, the President does not have the right to a private phone call? Meanwhile Biden on video brags about what he actually DID; and his son getting paid $50,000 a month. It's on youtube – Biden's quid pro quo. Everything the left accuses Trump of, he is NOT guilty of and THEY ARE.

  17. Hussein jihadi Obama and Hillary are behind everything. Hussein did intervened in Israel’s elections against Netanyahu.😡👎💩🧠🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🤮

  18. Can someone please explain to me why we (Americans) are giving Ukraine military aid money? Why are the Demonrats so upset that we withheld funding to Ukraine? This is our taxpayer money going to a foreign country. This is an outrage that needs to be addressed. How corrupt can the DemonRats be just for this very reason. Or, am i missing something?

  19. Castro you never become a President even a nominee for President. You try to make the witness lie but you can't make him lie lol …Trump 2020

  20. President Trump, I hope you get to read this, I don't use any of those social sites at all so besides writing to the White House I have no way to reach you. But I want you to know those of us that supported you in the beginning are still here and will always be here, even to the point of standing with you thru another civil war if necessary, just like the majority of us will do but I would like to know is, why are we not charging these democrats who are deliberately breaking laws, lying, falsifying documents, and covering up for each other. Which I do believe cab be charged as felonies, the whole time they're laughing in our faces while they keep doing it. The more of this crap they pull, the closer they get to seeing the Pit Bull come out in me and then all bets are off, consequences won't matter anymore.
    Then we can take the time to write out some NEW amendments to the Constitution and these will not be fun.

  21. My Fathers brothers sisters son knows the next stores neighbors son who is 10 and the friends sisters who is 18 has a boyfriend has a friend living in New Mexico who use to live in New York for 3 days was living in Canada knows a guy in Maryland that has a brother who was in the military that knows the Drill Sargent's brother who works on cars knows this guy with a 1998 Chevy who has a sister that said she has the crabs from this low life who lives in a trailer park that knows Jill Biden


  23. The Demon Rat politicians are more interested in the money than where it went when it disappeared and Our President was inquiring about an investigation into this disappearance. What kind of bozos are these that try to make something out of nothing, with the hopes of making our President look bad!? They are they only ones who look bad!


  25. You can see the lack of intelligence somewhere in the minds of the people who put the previous President in office in the last 8 years. Brainless is at the top.

  26. They did not know what Rudy Gulioni was or not up to because they had not even been with him. You can’t just guess.
    They know better than that!

  27. Or the money is in an offshore account in Biden’s, Obama’s, and Clinton’s accounts and barrissma is being used as the scapegoat.

  28. Schitthead: "I recognize myself for five minutes".  Beg to differ, dipsschitt.  You didn't acknowledge yourself as being the biggest lying asshole on the planet.

  29. Let us talk about your lies and you not following the Constitution in this whole process Mr Schiff!
    The President did not do what you said he said did, how you said he did it! 🥶😱🤢🤮😈💩

  30. The Republicans should have their own secret, closed-door meetings too. This ambassador was fired and she is so obviously getting even. God bless our president and you guys and thank God for Jim Jordan!

  31. When you have a demonic leader the followers of the leader get that spirit in them they support killing babies in the womb but want people in prison for killing a eagle egg they support the destruction of marriage and the family if left alone the homosexual community would be extinct in 100 yrs and they support lawlessness in their own ranks but it’s the electric chair for their political enemies

  32. Good to see Republicans grilling these Democrat TYRANTS! This WILL Backfire in an Epic Way for The DemocRATS! They ARE Tyrants!
    I Predict Trump WINS in a Major Landslide in 2020! Biggest Ever!

  33. You underestimate the anger and the will of the American people. If lsw enforcement and the military is stupid enough to stand in defiance of the American people, they are stupid enough to die. If the state or Federal Government hatms the hair on the head of a single American that will insure their blood bath. Ee are not going to take no for an answer.
    We are not Britain ,France, or Australia. We are armed and many of us want to kill those Treasonous motherfuckers anyway. We are going to see justice if we have to enforce it ourselves. All I have to say is Try us stupid motherfuckers. We won't leave anu of those Godless Goddamn Tyrants alive. Yahweh's will be done.

  34. First of all Crimea became part of Ukraine in 1954 when Nikita Khrushchev transferred Crimea to Ukraine
    That will say the administration of the state went to Ukraine
    That at that time was a state of the USSR
    Tsarina Catherine the Great annexed it from the Ottoman Empire in 1783.
    It had been Russian /USSR until 1997 for 214 years until the USSR was no more.
    It went to the Ukraine because they were administrating it since 1954
    With Sevastopol as there most important naval base and the prospect of Ukraine despite earlier promises.
    Was on the road to become a member of the EU and as it did with al other former USSR states eventually become a Navo allied this clearly was in the view of the Russians unacceptable
    It would have there biggest Naval base placed in enemy territory.
    The situation with the Crimea is happened thanks to the ever expanding EU .

  35. I was first postop day (back surgery) when the nurses turned on the TV in my room so I could watch this tawdry, undeniable, abuse of power by Schiff, Pelosi & their merry men of corruption, liars, leakers, haters of America & the People there in, etc.

    To make a short story longer…….doctors & nurses walking into my room for the 2 days I was in the hospital were also commenting on these hearings. There was not one self-proclaimed liberal among them. Without being prompted, their comments were derogatory in regard the unethical (& probably illegal) processes being allowed to go continue.

  36. To the reporter at the very start of this video…..
    That was a TERRIBLE, condescending, biased-sounding "lead-in" to these illegimate impeachment hearings. I thought I was listening to a CNN hack, for a minute.
    No one is "STONEWALLING the investigation". GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT. Are you even a TEAL reporter? If Trump's administration, and ultimately, TRUMP, is advising people NOT to attend the hearings, it's because he knows it's a completely illegitimate procedure, without merit, and NOT following the RULES. For example…
    EVERY American has the right to face his accuser…. EXCEPT, in this case, Trump, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA….HE does NOT have that right….just to point out ONE of the many irregularities. Trump has offered his advice to those being called, NOT to entertain the Dems by going BECAUSE it's NOT illegal to NOT comply to an illegitimate ORDER. PERIOD.
    If there's "no there there"….
    we certainly CAN'T expect Trump to happily go along with, YET another bogus accusation and subsequent investigation. I don't know how Trump is keeping his composure……you guys are ALL so ridiculous, in your OBVIOUS contempt for him. As a reporter, TRY to stick to the facts…..
    NOBODY cares about your opinion of Trump. The BLATANTLY unfair treatment of this man is only working to recruit more of us to his base. Moron…

  37. Castro's questions in this hearing are a farce……
    All but two of these House DemoRats should be sanctioned (the two being the two who voted for impeachment) and thrown out of office.

  38. Wow. These democrats are truly following crazy eyes around like dogs. Meanwhile he leads his witnesses and attempts the get them to agree with his theories. So very sad.

  39. This is a stalling tactic. While the Democrats try to hide their filthy lucre the Republicans are freeing non violent criminals. Thus there won't be any legitimate complaints from the Democrats about overcrowding when all off their buddies are put in prison.

  40. The Pres. should be interested that corruption be investigated before aid is dispensed which it happens a political rival, candidate for presidency is involved.
    If it is QPq, It is quid pro quo for the US government .which indirectly may benefit his candidacy. But it is still true that the current administration gave support to Ukraine.

  41. How many putz liars of this level do we have anywhere near govt?.

    When- can I 🤮 because this level of just wasting time by the Democrats must be making people sick 😷 that these people get some of the highest paychecks and cushiest jobs in the world never as we can see having to do real work until likely the last three years so they decide they are too lazy and no one is going to make them work and they just spend all day and night scheming how to fire the boss that makes them earn their paychecks and stop selling out The American people. All of their stammering and nothingness was all rehearsed to fill air space with nothing they should be congratulated as democrats do be speaking for hours never saying anything but nonsense and appearing as open high paid criminals.

  42. Think! Here is our President, "Knowing" that his conversation would be transcribed, selects his words to what he called perfect, the question is why? He knew, and we all now know that there are those that "Leak" what should not be leaked. How would you find out who those leakers were, but to KNOWINGLY say things, knowing that this leaker would leak it out, and doing so would EXPOSE who was doing all the leaking you find going on over the last 3 years. He now knows the leaker, this mole, or what has been called the whistleblower. Our President is proving to be as shrewd as these other shrewd politicians, but better at it knowing the art of this dealings with politics. He learns fast. Even his tweets are done in this light, done to expose what has been hidden for years. Keep doing what you are doing Mr. President, and have it shouted from the rooftops for those with the ability to hear and see what is being done.

  43. The Female FOX reporter who opened this segment made false statements.
    This is what's warped & fake about today's so-called Reporters.
    They're in the Tank for Dems & against Pres Trump, it's nauseating,
    bordering on treason, as they promote lies to remove a legally elected President.
    Sad & Sickening.
    GOD help us if another Democrat takes Presidential office while these wicked Dems
    are still serving in D.C.

  44. All comments below were generated by FAUX news traitor computer not actual people.P.S. Phoenix will run dry by 2030.Climate change is real .

  45. Don't pee in my leg and tell me it's raining. The Ukranian investigation should be about weapon selling to parties like UAE. About people opening up shell companies to launder money for weapon sales. This circus is not being honest with the public on both sides

  46. Go watch Glenn Beck’s video titled ‘The Democrats’ Hydra’. Available on Youtube or Blaze TV. The truth behind all of this and more need the attention of all Americans. This is much more than get Trump.

  47. I do not like Giuliani. He's not my mayor and I am not a New Yorker and never will be. He's a loudmouth purposely, in my opinion, to muddy waters, a fixer. So here he is again. It's a dark mark on Trump to me

  48. When a Boss tells you to sweep the floor, The Boss does not care if you vacuum or sweep, But if you choose not to sweep because you don;t like the color or you think the floor is fine does not matter… When you work for a Boss like them or not you follow policy or you quit or comply or get fired… I don;t like being fired is a problem you created… Or a Boss can fire you for any reason they want… The Left Brain Dead forgot who's Boss….

  49. This Kangaroo Trial is what all Americans have been dealing with for decades! From small towns to D.C.!
    The people have awakened and the truth is our mission!

  50. I wonder why Kent raised his right eyebrow 30 times after douchebag took off his glasses? Then douchebag looked guilty as he was about to take his glasses off again? Signaling?

  51. The only people who have been convicted under hear say are parents in family courts and child support cases, this is the type of court the dems want to switch to. No due process, no equal justice under the law.

  52. I haven't been able to get REO Speedwagon out of my head: "Heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who…heard it from another THAT YOU WANT A BIDEN INVESIGATION B4 AID RELEASED!"

  53. taylor is a snake …shithead schiff should be tossed out on his ass,,, anyone can see the DEMS are bottom feeding scumbags.

  54. Wow!!! These two guys are so corrupt, that anybody need not to be a lawyer, or a politician to know their are lying and covering up a lot of dirt.

  55. That green energy stuff was where Nancy Pelusi jumped in with her son, that probably he also didn't know about neither. They are one hundred percent circling around the real fact and avoiding anything that could bring forward the involvement of the real corrupts

  56. Don't seem like the Trump presidency is the issue but shenanigans of the Democratic political organization or the Obama presidency.


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