Iran threatens US amid nationwide protests over rising fuel prices

Iran threatens US amid nationwide protests over rising fuel prices


  1. Idiots. If they even thought for a second they could beat the US they would have done it already just because they could, based on past behavior and normal ways that they conduct themselves. Not a chance. Never gonna happen. Not unless they want to be obliterated.

  2. I. I agree with You Gen Jack Keane when You said that the best option for Iran is to make a deal with Pr Trump. I hope they'll be more Wise and embrace that. Before, we remain vigilant because they could make wrong decision. II. Recently also I focused on a larger trend regarded to Iran-China-Russia. It seems evident that they'll all blame US for their domestic pb. Unfortunately, it's the best solutions for them. They simply need to understand the context of their action. III. The Social Media Revolution and current Informational age are increasing the importance of MASS COLLECTIVE ACTION. Therefore, regarded to FRUSTRATION-AGGRESSION THEORY, any given frustration, marginalization and exclusion tend to increase the risk of protest (violent or not). The best answer is not repression, top-down leadership, brutality………

  3. IV. We also need to understand the current shift of Iran from the western-centric diplomacy to eastern-centric one. May be Iran wants to increase the risk of nuclear threat in order to intimidate the west (particularly US) regarded to China (the situation in Hong Kong).

  4. If it's the case, the worst needs to come regarded to the commitment of Iran to political terrorism. They can easily use maritime terrorism and destabilize the global trade or accelerate the sectarian shia-sunni divide and destabilize the whole middle east.

  5. Sounds like more white people propaganda

    Never believe the white washing American news= vile war mongering maggots

    The irony or pure stupidity = white people that worship a middle eastern man = Christ and the idiots subscribe to a Middle Eastern religion smh = morons

  6. Are the Iranians as brainwashed as North Koreans? It's hard to believe since they were modern and wealthy so recently.

  7. Next war empty all American prisons. Send all murderers ,rapist, gang members, illegal aliens overseas to fight. Drop them from planes with rifles and tell them their free if they make home alive and then leave them there.

  8. Iran threatens U.S. 😂 yeah try and Challenge the sovereign power of the United States of America and see how that works out for you there buddy.

  9. That's so nuts how much leverage the united states has. Them being the only working first world country after world war 2 really gave them all the advantages

  10. Doesn't the asshat mean them with China and Russia will attempt to do it? He talks might big for such an insignificant little man

  11. Well here we go the black fella who Gave Iran billions in USA public money would of went a long way to help the citizens of America but Obama betrayed every loyal hard working American instead Obama followed his religious belief and swore his alengest to Islam he is and will be remembered as the president who committed Treason he had left America in a mess with no turning back Thank God for Exposing corruption of the Democrats FBI CIA the MediA yep Obama Had Everyone on his payroll God will help TRUMP for a short while to clean the swamp out.


  13. Iran’s fanatical leaders know they can run their mouths because they know the USA is not going to waste the majority of Iran’s people who are decent freedom wanting folks.
    Never give up your weapons.

  14. They have more oil than freshwater but still the corrupt elites support themselves and their foreign friends. The people of Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia have all been screwed over by their leaders, western players have helped but ultimately the blame lies at home.

  15. It's always amusing how these corrupt and wicked aged, Islamic, religious extremists cannot see Allah's punishment for their sins, and blame foreign interference.

  16. The Iranian leadership is all mouth… They can't back up what comes out of there big toilet lips They don't know what real total war is all about!!!

  17. Bottomline… It won't happen again so enjoy that last handout, because times have changed going forward and forever.

  18. $130 Billion US Tax Dollars to Iran. $53 Billion Tax Dollars (per year) for illegal aliens. $621 Billion in NAFTA Trade Deficits during 2018 alone. $50 to $90 Trillion on the Socialist Democrat's "Green New Deal". If this were a private business, the Democrats would be fired. Without politics, they'd be unemployed.

  19. So,the right thing,is for us to keep taking what's theirs,their people's,take more of it,for cheaper,have their country siphened,let their earth crumble,so we can have it all,then,to top it off,not think they have a reason to hate us…as much as it is inconvinient because,I use the commodities brought from the deals made from their country,I can't deny that the reality of it is just plain wrong…I mean,how can we not expect more hatred,more resentment,from their people when,we claim they're so evil,because,they want to raise prices,after all…the cheaper,the more well take…no,it's not easy,it's a tough thing,but the reality is the reality. We're to busy hearing how the rules or the deals are wrong,who did what,who sold what,but we miss the most common logic…so…we take more,we get it cheaper,the cheaper,the more we get,or take,the more we take,because it's cheaper,the more wars nomatter how the words are phrased,there will more more fuel added to the fire…we will be hated even more,the Bible itself says,do you not think those who you've wronged,will not seek out to hunt you down,not in those words,but the same thing…it says,in times when a nations gone so corrupt…the moment it tries to stop,is the moment they will attack,because ,how can a whole country,just decide,in unity,to let go of all that's been done to them…yes,their leaders were hand in hand with ours,but there's their people who didn't sign up for it,and those will retaliate,wether we like it or not…it's not like,one person,talking to another make their peace,and decide,to let by gones be by gones…if only it were that simple…

  20. فیض روح القدس ار باز مدد فرماید….دیگران هم بکنند آنچه مسیحا می کرد.

  21. Bring it on we're waiting Iran. Your country and you will get messed up. Because the people are awakened now so blame anybody

  22. The money was supposed to go towards strengthening and stabilizing thier broken economy but instead went to strengthening thier military. Not hard for the people of Iran to figure that out.

  23. No one wants war with us right now lol trump would release the chains off our military and with nothing holding us back the world would finally see what were capable of

  24. That's what religion does for people… time to wake up and make religion for what it is… Psychosis and insanity…. PATHETIC….

  25. Fox news 😂😂😂 god its so bad they litteraly tell their aidience what to think smh , like how stupid do they think we are its so noticeable this days what a shame

  26. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze that's all we're going to keep doing that's before we launched the military attack and this is coming from the heart you've been asking for it for a long time now you're going to get it.

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