It’s coalition time at the European Parliament after the elections

It’s coalition time at the European Parliament after the elections

The European people have spoken in an election
with one of the highest turnouts in history, with half of the population going to vote,
and as a result, we have one of the most fragmented European Parliaments in history, that now
will have to work together and compromise on a common candidate to be the next president
of the European Commission. For the first time the European People’s Party
and the Socialists and Democrats cannot muster a majority on their own. But the EPP candidate for the European Commission
presidency, Manfred Weber, still believes he in his chances to become the next head
of the EU Executive. When we speak about stability, there is no
stable majority against the EPP that is possible, and having in mind that the EPP is today the
strongest group, we also have a leading function in this. S&D candidate Frans Timmermans called for
a change in Europe, and restated his proposition of a rainbow coalition reaching from the liberals
to the left. Stability means keeping things as they are,
I don’t think that’s what Europe needs. Europe needs to dynamically look towards the
future. So, once again, my offer is on the table,
let’s sit together with progressive forces in this parliament, let’s try and find a programme
for the next 5 years that will prepare Europe for the 30 years to come. I have worked to break up monopolies, this
is basically what I have been doing for 5 years by now, and this is also what voters
have been doing today. The coalition can be built of those who want
to do something. We have been campaigning on climate action,
social justice, and democracy. So those 3 topics will also be at the negotiation
table from a Green perspective. The far right also consolidated its presence
in the European Parliament, even though the results were far from the 1/3 of seats they
expected. The Brexit Party of Nigel Farage, Matteo Salvini’s
League, and Marine Le Pen’s National Rally are now 3 of the largest parties in the chamber. All the new group leaders are hoping for good
cooperation between the parliament and the council in the yeas to come. EU leaders are meeting in Brussels to start
talks on the opening positions coing up at the head of the commission, the council, and
the parliament. Whether or not they will reflect the results
of the election in their choices for the top jobs remains to be seen.


  1. And so the stitch up begins …. Next election cycle the EU is dead. These Pro EU dinosaurs days are numbers …..

  2. Let's hope Zimmermans gets his coalition or we are in for 5 more years of the parliament barely mattering while the council, meaning Macron and Merkel or her hopeless apprentice controlling everything.

  3. Ah, yesssss! ALDE and Verstager working for the break up the monopolies. That's for sure. And the way to break them up is being financed by them (ALDE-rallies in Europe is financed by Bayer-Monsanto, other supporters are Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc.) Moreover, more better to having a seat in their Board of Directors, like his fraction leader, Guy Verhofstadt does, who make 2 million euros pocket money with having 12 seats in these firms.

    How smart they are.

    And how honest!

    Greetings from Hungary.

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