Joe: I’m So Embarrassed For Sen. John Kennedy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: I’m So Embarrassed For Sen. John Kennedy | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Just a little friendly advice, MSNBC; drop the “Quid Pro Quo” narrative and call it what it is: Bribery / Extortion.

  2. It's not just about their name that's going to be stained!.but their children's children's children's!! matter where they go it will follow them !

  3. The problem with Madame Pelosi being that dumb is that she is too dumb to know she is dumb. It is the first time that anybody has stood up to her and she doesn't know what to do.

  4. Sen. Kennedy must have been drunk. Usually he seems just kooky. He sure was showing out for trumpkins. I estimate that Speaker Pelosi is about 100 times smarter than he is so not sure how he can call her dumb. Maybe he is mad bc she wouldnt let him in on her secret denture cream.

  5. President Trump under attack 24/7 while doing his job COURAGEOUSLY, FEARLESSLY, UNWAVERING, from DAY 1, working TIRELESSLY for The American People, NO EXCEPTION. THE LAME STREAM MEDIA and DEMOCRATIC PARTY, aren't.

  6. Stop saying it was a quid pro quo! That is Latin and Americans don't speak Latin. Call it for what it is…it is bribery and extortion by trump and his cronies. He got caught, and I wouldn't be surprised to find out graham and mcconnell are also in Putins' pocket and a whole pile of kompromat.

  7. John Kennedy is on embarrassing to our nation and not only he's worst than trump is a shame to have people like John kennedy working for our country he does not represent our values.

  8. Thank you, I am embarrassed, as a Louisiana resident! I contacted his office, calling out this behavior, awful. Didn't his Mother teach him manners? Where are the gentlemen in this party?

  9. all you demoncraps do is stir the pot,you put out some fake news one after the other does not matter if true or not,just keep things mixed up,they more real on wwf wrestling

  10. Louisiana voter here! Thank you Senator Kennedy, for reverting back to the 3rd grade, when it comes to your political discourse. You're a super role model…. And you just lost a lot of votes, including mine! 🙄

  11. These are the Times that Try Men Souls.. #MSNBC

  12. I just can't understand what is wrong with these Republicans. The spectacle of what Rand Paul and Kennedy from Louisiana did is absolutely disgusting. Lindsay Graham is just as bad. They act like they are being held hostage.

  13. Isn't it strange how so many people follow that man it shows what kind of people live amongst us ,and around us .I can remember a young girl made a comment and she said she couldn't understand it either ,and she said that those people must be of the devil ,they sure are mendacious .

  14. Fancy that insulting poor dotty old Nancy that’s terrible,Trump can take the insults from the Dems on the chin,and give it back in spades,Kennedy is spot on.


  16. Mr Presenter,we don't need you to be a drama queen- you said " they " ( the Russians ) are trying to get a foot hold in the middle east & elsewhere- you basically saying then that ONLY the Americans have got THIS right of having a foot hold over the world?? How many puppet leaders hav'nt America placed in the Arab countries after free & fair elections were done in those countries- look what you guys did to Iraq,Afghanistan,Libya, Venuzula,Syria,Iran & most other countries,with your fake wars ,full of lies & deception,& uprooting so many thousands of innocent lives , while the most terrifying country,Saudi Arabia,you guys SLEEP IN BED WITH,becz of their Oil & becz they play your tune.This whole underhand business has not only started with Pompeo ,Trump & company- this has been going on for decades,the only difference being that Trump OPENLY DECLARES IT TO BE ABOVE BOARD – now that the chickens are coming home to roost ,everybody wants to do a cover up – Is America still functioning as a country with all this American taxpayers monies being spent on the corruption farcade going on in the white house- It's almost like a play of Episodes with huge tabs being paid by the American people- If you guys have so much corruption ,why then interfere & destroy the infra structure & independence of other countries with all your fake wars.

  17. Perhaps people will finally understand how dangerous this man really is and what motivates him. VENGEANCE, he'll get his own back by hook or by crook. As his wives #1 and 3 have said " you do something to him he hits you back ten times harder" that is his sick, distorted mentality. He has proven it time and again with his nasty, derogatory, vengeful tweets and will do whatever it takes to satisfy his thirst for vengeance aided and abetted by his sycophants. Serious mental aberration leading the country, psychologists and psychiatrists have commented on his mental state. BUT Senator John Kennedy takes the cake!!!!!disgraced himself utterly after for so long showing himself to be a man of reason, so what prompted him to jump on his dog cart and what is so much more disgraceful denigrating Nancy Pelosi, doing his dirty work to please him? Thinking back recently when asked about the Ukraine situation, he hesitated saying he had to think about it seriously…..well by this evidence he must have got one heck of a shove onto the tRump band. Cohen said that he won't go quietly, the Ukraine corruption is just a taste of what's to come……….belt up tight.

  18. Infamous hillbilly Kennedy, Trump will DIVULGE what he has on YOU! Trump DEMANDS LOYALTY does NOT RETURN LOYALTY. Whatever Trump has on YOU will NOT remain SILENT so come CLEAN

  19. censortube an official who examines material that is about to be released such as my post hey facetube what about freedom of speech foxtube

  20. Seems the QPQ has failed … did you know the Democrats have tried to impeach every elected Republican President since Eisenhower.

  21. This is so funny… Joe may be right, but he needs a segment called "Joe's Rant" instead of having a guest on and going on. I'm happy he's giving them more than 20 seconds before interupting. More to the point, Kennedy is getting stuck in someone's butt cheeks.

  22. They want the identity so they can hate and create another conspiracy theory. Their base feeds on theories and the well is drying up.

  23. He disgraces a Kennedy off bribe just paid 2 million on crime on campaign fraudulent moneys..yet these are our Red Yanks..yank offs rather. Americans will remember to vote them out

  24. Are some of these Republicans so dumb themselves? To make some of the arguments they are attempting to use it seems so.. They basically are crazy bullies.

  25. Now I have seen everything. I am sorta horrified by Senator Kennedy's bullying. Oh I' not in love with Nancy. I have been yelling for impeachment since the middle of last year. But you have to say she is smart. Oh Nancy is crafty and smart. And Joe Kennedy isn't. He just dropped his drawers in public and I can't look.

  26. Joe, you are such a tool. What's really embarrassing is that pathetic song you wrote. You apparently think yourself like that poor man standing in front that Chinese tank when you're more like the driver. That's embarrassing. You and your wife, who got a job there only because of who her dad was. Man, is she dumb.

  27. This is the time that our country needs us to defend it from a group of traitors who want to undermine
    our democracy and values as citizens make worthless our constitution and laws
    that govern us and give value to our country in the world speak up if you know
    something if you love our country and you know you put your life on a risk
    and we must defend it with our lives if necessary

  28. Well the more Trump gets trapped the nastier he gets, so don't be surprised if it gets worse. Totally expected for a sociopath! It looks like we a performing an excercism! Please Lord let the devil come to light in a concise sweeping fashion! Amen

  29. John Kennedy is screaming guilty that's what they are all of them and the people to listen to them alone life very much low life

  30. Did Kennedy go back home to his wife and what did she say to him? Was he able to look her in the eye? What a terrible shame.

  31. They're just scared that they will lose control of any grounds they made which is none.I honestly believe they should all be voted out for going against our I repeat our constitution.

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