Joe: Senators Aren’t Rushing To Attack Mitt Romney | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: Senators Aren’t Rushing To Attack Mitt Romney | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. pence has been an Enabler for this treasonous, corrupt and inept presidency..supporting trump by lying for him continuously..along with barr and Pompeo..all should be impeached. pence's actions are disgraceful for a Christian. SHAME

  2. These 2 treasonous media weasels are causing more damage to the US than Trump ever could. None of these bums has learned a single lesson from 3 years ago when they got Trump elected by giving him a BILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF FREE media coverage. STOP BROADCASTING LIES AND PROPAGANDA ….. Donald Trump has never earned 5 billion dollars in his entire life let alone in the last 3 years. yet they continue to play that clip over and over and over, and anyone with half a brain knows that if you repeat a lie enough times and these 2 insist on doing that … that it WILL BE BELIEVED.. You can ask these 2 when Trump wins in 2020 if the blood money they got for selling out America was worth it.

  3. its not their jobs to protect him, they are the legislative branch where he is the executive branch. all the republicans who protect trump should face the same charges as trump, when we find out all hes done and stolen.

  4. Not long ago, Trump criticised the Democrats for their divisions.
    Now he’s trumpeting on about the Democrats loyalty to each other.

  5. Trump can't run a business and his voters thought he could run the country 😂😂you guys look kind of dumb right now

  6. Republicans don't stick together? Talk about extreme projection. Only recently has support risen to the level among democrats to ensure passing an impeachment in the House they have control of, going on a year now.

  7. There's that tired old conservative trope of Huey P Long as a true populist..

  8. Enjoy voting for Hillary everyone. I hear her slogan is going to be "I'm with corruption". What's sad is you are all going to do just that.

  9. How can Trump's kleptocratic regime discard the law/Constitution/democratic process & still claim to be a legitimate govt.? It's a shame Trump is suffering such financial losses, Congress should help Trump out of this dilemma, impeach.

  10. I said it 3 years ago, Trump is a stupid con-artist and isn't fit to be dog catcher anywhere in America. Well, Trump supporters I hope you're happy with the mess your guy has created!

  11. Joe and Mika lift me up in the morning and Stephen Colbert tucks me into bed every night. Without them I would be moving to Canada.

  12. Mitt Romney is a jerk, and his son just like bidens son has ties in the Ukraines gas/oil companies. All of them should be charged. Then we have this democrat, dispite photographic evidence, democrat Katie Hill still denies all her affairs and the left is quiet, because this behavior is A-okay as long as it is a democrat and the Republicans are to worthless to look into anything.

  13. I think DJT IS MORE than Swamp Man, he is the Swamp King, he is The King of the Swamp. He does count on ‘’em…🤢 His whole presidency is a bad joke on the world, and Mr. P is his staff writer, haha. This is just sick! Not my president! I would vote for the Gecko from Geico at this point! Lock them up! Please? I call Mercy! He is horrible! I don’t understand why everyone can’t see that the empower has no clothes! Come on ya’ll, let’s drain the Swamp already. This is not funny anymore, AT ALL! People’s lIVES are at STAKE.😬😕🙄

  14. I think DJT IS MORE than Swamp Man, he is the Swamp King, he is The King of the Swamp. He does count on ‘’em…🤢 His whole presidency is a bad joke on the world, and Mr. P is his staff writer, haha. This is just sick! Not my president! I would vote for the Gecko from Geico at this point! Lock them up! Please? I call Mercy! He is horrible! I don’t understand why everyone can’t see that the emporer has no clothes! Come on ya’ll!

  15. I think Trump should be forced to take a drug test, cause what ever he is taken makes him sound like a cuckoo bird.

  16. 2:53 — C'mon Joe!!! Don't be whispering to your sweetie while someone else is talking! Your mama would tell you that isn't polite, young man.

  17. Meacham brilliantly sums up the Trump presidency: "He represents the Russian worldview with far more clarity and consistency than he represents the American worldview."

  18. It is interesting that the 2nd amendment folks all up in arms about having bazookas but when constitution is being attacked in other ways….their patriotism vanishes with their ethics and it’s ""

  19. Trump is an illiterate criminal. It is glaringly clear he does not know civics. "F" student at best, no wonder he sued to hide his grades from the public. And now he is his own demise digging his grave with his illiteracy. HE is the "phoney."

  20. what the heck are they copying, from each other's pads? are they taking notes for a research paper? critical thinking, I'm sure. Don't they really just read their questions off a prompter? Maybe they are so good at spinning, that they are like the writers behind the scenes up front; and the network lets them do it. Yes, just like FOX. And, I don't think they have enough pens? lol. How many is that? Ten markers in a cup? They don't say anything more insightful, than the average guy on the street about this circus; and how much are they paid?

  21. Both Reagan and Trump are traitors to the Constitution. They both took a sacred oath to uphold it and they chose to trash it.

  22. Mr Trump has to realize that he was never worth defending! The rest of his party at some point has to know that they now to smell of dung from being in bed with him!

  23. Wow, he just added a whole pac k of lies to his total. Democrats don't want open borders, or anything he said. Plus to say they stick together is not only a lie, but its nuts

  24. It's too late for the traitors to go back to solid conservatism. The crimes have been committed. The price must be paid.

  25. At 1:37, Joe starts quoting facts. If Republicans wanted facts, they'd vote for someone besides Trump. Preaching to the choir, Bro.

  26. Jon Meacham, so on point and reflective of the collective agreement each and every American alive inherits at birth.


  28. "Democrats dont care about drugs, borders" etc….but Democrats care that a slime ball, self dealing crime boss is destroying America! FLUSH THIS TURD NOW!!!!

  29. Dotard tRump is upset that some of the GOP object to his criminal activity. Darn phony constitution has ruined all of Don the Con's criminal plans. Maybe the founding fathers saw this coming.

  30. They want to talk about policy instead of Donald Trump looting the Federal Treasury. Lol! Joe's straight talk and sense of humor is one of the main reasons I love this show.

  31. We all know that trump is a phony president! He doesn't act like a real president! He doesn't talk like a real president! He isn't even a good businessman! Why is any American supporting this unindicted criminal president? Why???

  32. I am so glad the Democrats took over Congress. If it was the Republicans on charge in the Congress, the House, the country would have been in unrepairable damage with Trump because Trump is manipulative and Congress of his party, would have done more damages to please him.
    Thanks to God!!!


  34. If Donald is still president in 2020, and if he runs for re-election, I would really look forward to that campaign. It would be great if the Democratic candidates would use the same kind of lies that Trump creates while attacking him. They could not be sued for libel and slander. They could then call Donald out for what he is-a stupid, disloyal liar and cheater (both with taxes and business deals), a neo-Fascist admirer of dictators who is trying to create a dictatorship in America, a racist admirer with an equivalent high school education. They could point out that he has already broken many U.S. laws and constantly ignored the Constitution.
    Unfortunately, the media are helping him even while attacking him. They publicize him every day, and put his name at the top of every newscast. As Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn often said, even bad publicity is better than no publicity. Wouldn't it be nice if nobody carried any of Trumps' tweets? Trump uses tweets because he can say anything he wants with nobody around to contradict him or tell the truth. He does not have to answer questions or give any facts. Trump is afraid to hold press conferences, because he knows nothing and realizes that he could never answer any press questions without lying. He just cannot think fast enough to survive even a single press conference! And this is the president of the United States?

  35. If Americans have any shame, they will not elect a republican president again. (Edit) The last two republican president were George W Bush and now Trump. I rest my case.

  36. I,m. An Australian……And we have some terrible prime minister…But I just can’t understand how your President isn’t kicked out by now ……I pray for you all 🙏🙏🙏❤️

  37. Woooo the Great Savior of America, Donald Trump, can u believe that the great army,military in the world had NO BULLETS- zero-non and that great man who has cheated on his taxes every year, went out and bought bullets with his own money and supplyed the American Troops. Can any American truely believe any statement that comes out of his mouth on a daily basics. I am a Canadian and we up here are laughing and how dumb 41% of the American are.

  38. Oh, you mean this is not CNN (Clinton News Network)??? Aren't all of you like CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, and MSNBC owned by the 1 percent of the most filthiest richest American's who share common goals with the MIC – Military Industrial Complex? I can understand why all the Democrats and the Deep State are trying to IMPEACH Trump! Did Trump hit you in the pocketbook where it hurts? Oh, yeah, that's right TRUMP runs real estate while the dirty DEMOCRATS along with the GOP makes billions off the death and destruction business! And what do they call it? Follow the money! Run with the loot! That is not what government service is about rather it is the public servant to service the American citizen! Oh, did everyone forget what Kennedy said before he died under the watch of the Democrats! President J.F.K. said: "My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." But if you follow President J.F.K.'s great American ideology for which the Democrats and the Deep State have figured out there is no money found or to be made using President's J.F.K.'s great American idea!! So now we're down to greed and corruption and the final stage of DESTRUCTION which is the final nail in the coffin! Wonder if that coffin you'd buy got farmed out to other global countries cause the labor was cheap!! But TRUMP inherited a corrupted Democratic state of being and a corrupted Deep State for which that would be the Bureaucrats!! (BUREAUCRAPS)!!!

  39. lets make this a landslide vote to impeach and remove from office, THIS needs to be done for the betterment of us all. i am a Republican, i Vote YES

  40. Anyone who can compose a two-word sentence knows that the Democratic Party is ABSOLUTELY NOT the unified group that our stupid "Incident" self-pityingly claims they are. A simple glance at the over-populated Democratic debate stage should have confirmed that for the Moron-In-Chief, but the creature is beyond helping. TRULY. (And WAY beyond CONSCIONABLE! TRULY!!!)

  41. The GOP congress needs to rid themselves of Trump to get  back any semblance of humanity. The Republican Party has "one big foot an a banana peel, and the other in a grave."  …… I'm a moderate.

  42. Why does this man thinks the “Republican Party” is his gang??? Granted they followed him like good little disciples for a good part of his Administration, but this man fails to understand that there are three parts of government to this Republic, each checks the others. He and his followers need to sit in on a middle school civics class. Oh, this is tiring. I really dislike you Mr. Trump.

  43. NFL players: taking a knee
    Trump: they shouldn't be out of this country
    White republicans: cheering
    Trump: American constitution is phony
    White republicans: crickets

  44. This guy . This so called president talking about a fake emolument clause. Well I guess if that's fake then so is your presidency trump. His answers to questions are so embarrassing to the executive office.

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