John Dickerson: Senators Can’t Use Phones Or Talk To Each Other During Impeachment Trial

John Dickerson: Senators Can’t Use Phones Or Talk To Each Other During Impeachment Trial


  1. I was watching the news yesterday-canโ€™t remember which show-anyway one of the contributors said 58 Ukrainians died in August and September and doesnโ€™t this add another terrible consequence to the list of repercussions caused by this heinous act committed by our tyrant of a president?

  2. Donnie is a narcissist on the order of French king Louis XIV: "Letat, c'est moi." In his mind, everything that benefits him is 'for the good of the state' (for the planet, for the universe.)


  4. The US needs to consider repealing and replacing its republic with a parliamentary system of government…or any better "mentary " system that reduces the power of one moron ruling by one overworked, index finger.

  5. Check out the Halloween edition of the Political Gabfest podcast. Mr Dickerson is nailing the very core of the impeachment argument there.


  7. I seem to recall a few decades back a woman being jailed for trying, unsuccessfully, to hire someone to murder her husband. So, if there is intent of a crime, and an attempt to pay (through money or goods) an accomplice, that should be enough to convict. You shouldn't be off the hook just because you can't drag someone down to your rotten level. That makes no sense.

  8. If I understand it correctly Clinton lied about one major thing (distasteful as it was) and he was impeached. Trump has lied about tens of thousands of things major things, and committed crimes against the country. Of course he deserves to be impeached!

  9. Just wrote and sent off my Christmas wish list for Santa. Just one wish: Dear Santa, please have FUD = Fatty Unfitty Dilettanty aka Donald Trump be impeached and leave the White House before Christmas Eve. I have already ordered two exta bottles of Sherry and Port Wine which I will place of the mantelpiece of our fireplace for you to take. So excited. Thank you, Yours truely. Jimmy. PS: Please find attached the wish list of my wife too: She would love to have 2 T-shirts for ourselves, 7 for the kids and 16 for our grandkids. I suggested an addional one for our dog too. Slogan on the shirt: Lock Donny up! Thinking about it: Wouldnยดt mind an additional red baseball cap for myself. Slogan: Make America Great BRITAIN again. Britain coloured as a British Union Jack.

  10. What a joke, the Republican party says yes we see the evidence but it's not impeachable, ok now ask the country and see what we say!!

  11. When asked about the condition of the country Dickerson replies that we've been through a whole lot worse, really? We haven't seen this kind of worse since the Cuban missile crisis.

  12. call it what it is. It isn't about lies on whether it's impeachable or not. Donald Trump specifically went against the Constitution. Are you for the Constitution or not that is what it's about.

  13. The House of Representatives have the sole power of impeachment. Senators cannot revoke or reverse an impeachment against the President. Trump will have been and always, will thereafter be, impeached. The Senate will then take that as a prosecution, try that prosecution in the Senate, and vote on removing the President from office, and from holding any future office.

    We vote for Senators and Representatives to represent us under this constitution. That they feel so compelled to exercise their power is not undemocratic. We, as the people, give them that authority by our implicit consent.

  14. The worst part of Trump presidency is people who had practically no credibility (John Bolton, Steven Miller and more) , we have to watch them appearing on TV 24×7.

  15. Let me explain it to you, John. Kushner gave The Saudi Crown Prince, Mr Bone Saw, the go ahead to kill Our reporter, Khashogi. The Turkish President has tapes of this conversation, & used those tapes to extort The Trump Card into ABONDONING OUR FRIENDS, The Kurds. Ukraine is just another distraction, like The Muller Report. Get it???๐ŸฆโœŒ

  16. Nothing sits sexier on a man than intelligence and a liberal dallop of wit. Washboard abs are so passe. Love both Stephen and John Dickerson .

  17. The Ukraine call is simply the solid steel hook by which you finally catch and throw out this stinking rotten fish of a presidency. If that call was the only corrupt thing Trump did in his entire presidency, you might argue he should not be impeached for that. But that is far from the case.

  18. Talk about a kangaroo court! Moscow Mitch has already stated there's no way Trump's going to be convicted and removed. So what's the point? He's made that statement, Graham has vowed not to read the transcripts or rather anything to do post-Mueller, yet he's on the judicial committee? I wish to hell the Repukes would put COUNTRY before PARTY, just once!

    The head of the FEC stated simply soliciting foreign assistance in an election campaign is impeachable, whether such assistance was provided or not.

  19. No sorry, but your Republic is NOT going to be ok unless you make it ok! The US has dropped 8 points on freedom ratings in 8 years, last year a further drop was avoided by protests & mass voting, but even more action will be needed to make it rise again to where it should be. Now is not the time to say "it will be ok" it's the time to act to MAKE it ok! That's a US based organisation & they're saying 52 countries have more freedom & less corruption than the US does. Don't stick your head in the sand, get out there & fix it!

  20. The problem is, when you present all these irrefutable facts to a Trump supporter, they say "What about the dirty dossier?". Their constant deflection makes them impervious to truth.

  21. I'm not a lawyer, so I might not know what I'm talking about…

    But how is Bolton's refusal not contempt? They aren't just obstructing justice. If unchecked, they will unravel it. If they insist on demanding transparency, we should transparently arrest those reasonably suspected of helping Trump commit the (alleged) offense.

    But I'm just a simple, country chicken.

  22. John Dickerson: "Its okay to use statecraft, but it has to be for the state."
    I have been wondering, since this whole thing came out, why Trump and his ambassadors are not claiming that the entire thing, including quid pro quo, is part of a foreign policy in eastern europe to reduce Russia's sphere of influence. Have Ukraine out a bunch of mobsters or pro-Russian gangs as well as their financiers in exchange for military aid. It's at least believable. Even if it isn't, this kind of plan is a secret matter, so it would only be discussed in private chambers and the american public opinion couldn't be weaponized against the major parties during the 2020 election.

  23. Also, the proper answer to "How goes the Republic?" is "If we can keep it."
    Or "From time to time the tree of liberty must be refreshed."

  24. The conduct of the president that is being investigated, IS WAY MORE THAN ONE PHONE CALL. He tried to bribe someone to help his political campaign. We know this. Nancy Pelosi would not have begun this investigation without reason. This smart man can talk around a lot of loops without saying anything. That's called gaslighting.

  25. John Dickerson: You are a reporter. But here you are sharing all kinds of personal opinions with the public. That's not good.

  26. @how goes the countyr – We 're fine! Well, Becos you, me, TV content and majority of audience, … Are after all The privileged pigment of America , specially under JaredWifeDoer reign

  27. Yeah, whoโ€™d want the trial of sitting thru the trial. Itโ€™s like everyone in there, beholden to the process will feel like they themselves are on trial, unjustly

  28. Although I would love to see Trump impeached …It most likely will not happen because of the corrupt Republicans ..So all we can do is VOTE BLUE IN 2020

  29. Correction: Dem Senators won't use cell phones or talk to each other. GOP will meet regularly with each other, FOX, and the white house on a daily basis to coordinate messaging because in their opinion laws only apply to other people.

  30. Very insightful reporter but I think the Republic is not fine and the divide this fool of a president has wrought is quite possibly irreparable

  31. I never wondered how "durable" the US is until Trump. Now I seriously wonder. The US was born on July 4, 1776, and that was not so very long ago. We really have not had enough time to know.

  32. Are you kidding me, it is impeachable, he tried to bribe to get what he wanted! No, it will never be ok, this is not a good foreign policy, Americans want JUSTICE and respect the Constitution!!!

  33. ๐Ÿ„ cannot be reelected.
    Let's ignore the radio communications warning of iceburgs in the water. The lookouts in the top mast don't need binoculars. There isn't enough life boats for everyone. Full steam ahead!!!

  34. John Dickerson, there is either he did it, or he didn't….not whether it is OK. Would a person who attempted murder, and did murder…and the one who attempted it failed..but it's OK. Or Trump shot someone on 5th Avenue, it's OK.

  35. It amazes me that most people on these threads are against Trump and his puppets (rightly so), but he still has people defending him. I know the senate is only defending him to try and save their jobs and that is disgusting because their job is protecting their country, not themselves or their corrupt president. But so many average Americans are still ignoring all the BS Trump and his weird family have done long before the election and every day since!!!

  36. The Republic is "fine" and "durable"? By what standard are you measuring? That it nominally exists? Then, yes, I suppose you're right. That it is functioning? Then, no, it's anything but fine and it's only going to get worse, with or without Trump.

  37. John Dickerson is a man full of grace, intelligence, and fairness. His presence is a blessing and his insight is extremely valuable. Way more honorable than the current occupant of the White House.

  38. Oh sure! We're fiiiine. No corruption. No obstruction! Bolton should be in jail! For christ's sakes! And the Republic isn't doing great! Imagine what happens when the NEXT fascist gets in the white house, with all the doors tRump has opened for them?! And imagine they're even two brain cells heavier than tRump! There goes democracy! Sit down Dickerson, you don't know what you're talking about!

  39. Law is the LAW regardless of politics. As A Democracy we VOTE for what we want or don't want. Focus on who broke the LAW!

  40. John Dickerson impresses as someone extremely intelligent, articulate, perceptive and insightful. HE's the kind of person you'd want in a position of leadership and authority

  41. No, we are NOT fine.
    We have never experienced this level of amoral, pathological, narcissistic corruption before. This man holds the nuclear codes, can declare war, give secrets to our enemies.
    He is backed by a compromised party, a manipulative foreign government, and ignorant supporters. This is a perfect storm for regime change. Don't be surprised when Putin is our leader.

  42. Even when mushroom dinky donny does tweet it's hard to make any sense of anything he's written. Even harder to make any sense of anything he says.

  43. Answer this one you Orange Shitgibbon. How is the mess you and your fellow bunch of cowderly idiots going to be cleaned up.

  44. Those poor Russ-publi-KKKant Senators… actually having to sit and listen to facts, evidence, witnesses, and documentation? Have you no mercy?

    Those poor Russ-publi-KKKant cultists… actually having to sit and listen to facts, evidence, witnesses, and documentation? Like the Faux news crowd would know the truth if it was destroying their lives, ruining their political party, and dragging their country into the world of criminal behaviors.

    Bill had an affair with an adult… Impeach him!

    Cadet Bone-Spurs… extorted Ukraine for false information on a political rival, endangered millions of Ukrainians lives by withholding military aid already approved by Congress, sold out our country to Russia, Lied about business with Putin, paid off women he had affairs with and is filling his pockets at every turn. Not to mention what and why he sold out the Kurds…


    โ˜”๐Ÿ’ฆ๐ŸŒŠ2๏ธโƒฃ0๏ธโƒฃ2๏ธโƒฃ0๏ธโƒฃ๐ŸŒŠ โ˜ฎโ˜ฏ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™Œ

  45. I am imagining the environment around the dinner table on Thanksgiving 2019 will be saturated with things ugly about Trump for those law abiding and those honest Americans.

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