John McCain, senator and former presidential candidate, dies at 81

John McCain, senator and former presidential candidate, dies at 81


  1. McCaine and Ted Kennedy both died of the same disease and both on August 25, nine years to the day.  Fate or poetic justice?

  2. McCain couldn’t comb his hair. Oh my heart bleeds. No it bleeds for the hundreds of thousands of civilians he promoted the murdering of. Piece of shit, rot in hell.

  3. He left his 1st wife after she was in bad car accident with 3 kids and married cindy. Nixon gave him a pardon because he killed 134 men on a ship my dad was there. I say good reddens to bad rubbish . His name is Songbird.

  4. God: OK little children this is the time for you to practice your freedom of speech and freedom of expression, so feel FREE to say all you want to this dead evil man now that he is gone. All Narcissist must come down they are flying too high for me. I am jealous to see them as your "HERO".

  5. Mccain: Warmonger and general asshole, responsable for millions dead, a balding piece of sheit… The world is a better place now. If this c*nt is the third version of whatever, then the first two can hardly be any good either.
    CNN is generally fake news but in this instance even the stench is hard to deny and fake.

  6. McCain died in pain and public disgrace. Brain cancer, diverticulitis of bowels… It's God's retribution.

    National holiday in Vietnam and Russia!
    McCain threw bombs with Agent Orange, toxic substance, on Vietnamese. 3 million Vietnamese today have congenital malformations because of it. Millions died of cancer caused by Agent Orange. McCain tortured millions of people in Iraq, Lybia, Serbia, Syria… creating, sponsoring artificial revolutions there in order to get oil, gas, pipelines of these countries…
    He's disgusting and stupid rat, brother of Hitler.
    Not a drop of wisdom
    … …

  7. Christ sakes, DO NOT DISPARAGE THE DEAD. I am as far to the left as I can responsibly be and I'm no zealotry. Don't make the mistake of using their own behaviors against them, it's like trying to run vs the Lakers. You can't concentrate on Trump if you are busy hating McCain. C'mon people, WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT! Let's get our foot on Trump's neck and take back the Country.

  8. Think of it in a business sense folks! It will let some of the emotional content seep out of your day. Sure, we will be relieved and they will get the justice they so richly deserve, but if it brings great joy spitting on a grave, then wait until the work is done. You know that hate sounds like a Trump rally, not a Democratic meeting of the minds. When they go low, hit them in the middle of the face. When in crisis, be a part of the solution, not a boggy Marsh in the swamp. Don't play to his hand

  9. Can't wait to find out where this piece of Trash goes6' under so I can go to his Grave & PISS ON HIS GRAVE, Our history shows what kind of Man Songbird Johnny was, he MURDERED 130+ Seamen play pilot in another jet he would Fuck up, in the same Screw up Songbird injured more than 160+ Seamen he was WARNED NOT TO RUN THE RPM'S UP WHILE STILL ON DECK JUST BECAUSE OF SOMETHING LIKE WHAT HAPPENED, BUT SONGBIRD WALKED AWAY GRANDADDY AND DADDY COVERED IT UP ALONG WITH THE BIGGEST ASSHOLES IN DC. THEN comes Songbirds name CAME FROM The POW's who were really POW'S IN THAT CAMP WHILE SONGBIRD SANG LIKE A ROBIN. Then came home to his wife waiting over 6 years for this LOSER, what's he do kicks her to the curb for a two timing bitch that daddy own beer distributors, scammers. Then SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING & ANYTHING TO GET ALL OUR AMERICANS BACK FROM VIETNAM, & SONGBIRD AND HIS LOSER KERRY CAME OUT & SHUT IT DOWN, KNOWING SOME OF OUR

  10. Yes he was a Giant ! A GIANT shit ! I am sorry for his passing. He was a shit from day one ?! Not going to talk about ,pow , to many statements, I know what I need to know , new wife ,dump old one , can anyone see thru this !! I'm sorry to take this position! But have been there! Glad he is gone not dead just gone ! A true turncoat!

  11. Amazing to see the left wing CNN MSNBC crowd turning McCain's death into another Trump issue. They could have cared less about the guy, many thought of him as a warmonger anyway, now suddenly he's a saint and Trump is guilty of not demonstrating enough sorrow. Pure hypocrisy and political correctness.

  12. So is nobody going to address the fact that we let a guy who was suffering from brain cancer, to the point where it affected his speech and comprehension, vote on important stuff? That's some scary stuff

  13. Killing so many people destroying so many places so many people house making a lot of money at the end what did you take with you now how are you going to answer the Lord of the world

  14. How long will this McCain worship carry on??? You would think he was a sitting POTUS, instead of a 2 time loser and a war lover…..and dumped his wife for a 24 YO,,,.

  15. wow!
    people really hate this guy.

    If it's true what they say, God will judge him, hebrews 4:12.

    & 2 all u other politicians , read the wisdom of solomon chapter 6 & REPENT!

  16. Sorry Mccain got tortured in a hole, but how come this guy ge
    the whole country's attention when he was a asshole in politics?

    Few flew their flags half mast when my dear friends brother died a few years
    after he was discharged from the Navi for developing Leukemia a while ago.
    One Scottish flag flew when my grandfather passed; he served the
    Scottish military in WW2 at age 16 (lied about age) because he brother
    was murdered by Nazis, just to see his friends slaughtered, while his
    family in England were going through hell.

    I knew both
    these amazing people, they would give the shirt off their back to help
    people in need, and they just wanted to enjoy their lives in this
    beautiful country. They didn't go around bashing people, using people
    out of selfishness, and refusing invitations to their funeral.

  17. @CNN When John McCain was running against Obama didn’t you guys have hosts who called McCain literally a Nazi, white fascist, racist, war monger who just wanted to conduct a 100 year war oh ya and transphobic… I guess in the media’s eyes the only good Republican is it dead Republican….

  18. Good riddance of bio garbage who killed innocent people all over the world. I hope u have fun in hell now war criminal

  19. Baha'is may vote but are not involved in party politics, But it can be appreciated that John McCain spoke of the ongoing persecution of the Baha'i Faith in Iran. He said, "How anyone could believe that people of the Baha'i Faith could pose a threat to anybody given the tenants of their faith is something that I have never been able to comprehend." For that, may he be glorified in his journey above.

  20. John McCain … In the immortal words of the folk philosopher Buggs Bunny "Glory glory hallelujah ,,, you gotta admit you had it commin to yahh"

  21. To bad the Scum bag NWO Puppet had to die in order to get out of office. We need term limits in Senate and Congress. MCcain was used by the NWO to put Obama in office so that they can force Body insurance on the Slave whore Taxpayer?

  22. Hey, CNN, how much money did you pay the McCains to make John willingly quit his treatment and die, all so you could divert our attention from everything else going on? It's weird how you worship him all of a sudden after hating him in the past…

  23. John was nothing less than a low life scum bag who was never tortured!, Left behind 1205 Americans in Vietnam, was abuseive to POW families, was hot tempted, a war neo con, had affairs, sold out america to companies, advicated invading countries, never did anything unless he was gaining something himself. Thank God the piece of shit is dead!!! Fuck him!

  24. That's a very good news. For sure he was a human being, or maybe not. The fact is that he made many people suffer for nothing so it's nice not to see his ugly face anymore on the news. Say hi to Lucifer for me crackhead.

  25. A war criminal and defense contractors pig ….. i find it funny that they consider him war hero just because he went to Vietnam to slaughter civilians .

  26. John Mccain….as crooked as can be….what a stain on America's history….the devil should.have taken his right hand man.long ago…

  27. Thank you McCain for helping destroy Honduras.


  28. NOT SOON ENOUGH!!    ROT IN HELL!!!    ….NoName McTraitor was a treasonous bastard!!   Memorial day will NEVER be for him!!    Google:  USS Forrestal Incident….These are the TRUE MEN that died that day while McTraitor hid below deck after starting a fire with his hot shot antics that cost the lives of ALL flight deck crew.   McTraitor is an ASSHOLE!!    When shot down because ONCE AGAIN being a HotShot Asshole flew below designated air space and was captured..  But unlike all other POW's Mctraitor COLLUDED with the ENEMY and gave them info that caused more US casualties.   NoName also participated in Hanoi Jane type PROPAGANDA that denounced the USA!!!    JOHN MCCAIN WAS/IS A TRAITOR and a LOW LIFE PIECE OF SHIT!!    ROT IN HELL!!!

  29. MCCAIN: ya see, the thing about swallowing Vietnamese sperm is, that no matter how many gallons you guzzle , an hour later, your hungry again!

  30. A true American. Treated
    People with respect.
    Understood the rule
    Of law. Dedicated his life
    In service to our Nation.
    He is missed dearly.

  31. If there's a hell, I hope the traitorous John McCain is there burning in agony for eternity. His brain tumor deserves the Medal of Honor for taking out one of America's worst enemies corrupting the country within its borders. I hope his pig daughter follows him to the grave soon.

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