Journey of the Angels – Tobias of the Crimson Council and Amir Yakobi

And so it was, beyond time and space, that there was this thing called Spirit. There was One-ness. There was Is-ness. There was Completeness. This Was-ness, in a moment of sheer brilliance
and passion and love, asked Itself, “Who am I?” And what happened after that
is the history of All-That-Was and All-That-Is. When Spirit, the Oneness,
when Love and Completeness asked that single question, “Who Am I,” Its energy burst forth in an incredible brilliance of self-love, of self-wonderment. When Spirit, when the Original, the Eternal One, said, “Who am I,” it instantly created a mirror of Itself, so that It could see who It was,
so that It could answer Its own question. And in that mirror the Oneness
gazed into Its own heart and instantly fell in love, fell so deeply in love with Itself that It manifested… Its expression. It created Its own expression,
and today we call that the King and the Queen, the Mother-Father God. And through this miraculous process of loving
each other, and ultimately loving themselves, they created… the Children of God. So it was that we were created. – without law, without rules, without need, but simply
from the love and the expression of Spirit. And so it was that a new day came. You went and gave a kiss to the Queen and to the King,
to your spiritual parents. And as you walked out of the chamber of the King and the Queen you took one look back – back to see their smiles,
to feel their love and encouragement – but an unusual thing happened… first time ever. When you looked back at the King and the Queen, you saw a tear in their eye. You felt, for the very first time,
something called sadness. There was a skip or a dance in your step, but there was something
that seemed to follow you. And so it was that you left
the Kingdom for the last time. Little did you know that at this very moment
the King and the Queen, bidding you goodbye,
were breathing life into you. You wandered into parts of the Kingdom
that you had never gone before. It was a grand and glorious day, and you’d soon forgotten about the tear of Spirit
that you thought you had seen earlier, because you were so captivated
by the crystalline energies of pure consciousness of Spirit. You had gone as far as you had ever gone before,
and now it seemed that everything ended. And you suddenly came to the end of land,
to where there was a beach, and beyond the beach
it appeared to be an eternal ocean. And that’s what it felt like to you
right now in the Kingdom. You were on the very edge,
and it was amazing. You had never felt or seen
anything like this before – an endless sea of blue,
shimmering, crystalline energy, Suddenly a little boat appeared out of nowhere. As the boat drifted right up to you, magically, drifting right up onto the shore,
and you crawled into this boat, and you felt such a sense of freedom, such a sense of discovery.
And your own heart and its desires now started
leading you out onto the sea. You could hear beautiful music
playing all around, a humming, a resonance that you had never heard before
coming from the ocean itself. This caused you to get sleepier and sleepier. As you were laying there
in the bottom of the boat on this grand day, you surrendered yourself to this state of sleep, as you gently went further
and further out onto the ocean. But now you found yourself in nothing. Darkness. Cold. Absolutely alone. Nothing. It was empty. Nothing left. Any part of an identity of yourself was gone. So empty, it wasn’t even dark anymore. It was nothing. You were dying. Nothing left. You were gone. No longer did you exist. And in this experience in the Wall of Fire, which seemed eternal, never-ending and hopeless, you also experienced and felt every potential of every lifetime you were going to live. As you were being torn
into these billions and billions of pieces, every piece represented a potential. You felt that life force energy rush from within you,
and now when you took a breath, you felt yourself. You didn’t know who you were,
why you were, but you knew that you were. And in this moment you had hope. You felt a freedom, a liberation. It was difficult to try to define it,
but you felt this sudden sense to want to experience anything. You felt a sudden desire to want to express,
to call out from your soul, to call out and say,
“I have awoken. I am here.” Even if nothing or nobody or anything
could hear you or feel you, at least your soul could rejoice.
“I Am! I exist!” And, dear friends, now you experienced
one of the most beautiful, joyful, consciousnesses that you will ever experience. In this place that used to be the Void,
creation has blossomed. It has given form and meaning and structure to what used to be nothing. All of this time, dear friends, in the Star Wars, in the Void,
no matter where you have been, you are growing your own soul,
preparing yourself for your sovereignty. You are God-in-training. The Orders, the spiritual families, were created The Order of Mikael, Archangel Michael. The Order of Amael. The Order of Metatron,
now known as Yoham. The Order of Gabriel, and many others, the Order of Uriel,
and the names go on and on. And each one of you have come
from one of those Orders. So it was that when
all of the energies of creation began to slow down to a point of crisis, the leaders of the spiritual families
and all of creation [said,] “We need to join together our energies
for the common good, or potentially face common extinction.” And it was that all of these spiritual families
sent representatives to a grand gathering. All agreed to join together in the first common union of all beings, the Order of the Arc. And so it was, that the energies of the Order of Gaia
went to this small rock in some far-off distant place
in the physical universe, and began to breathe life into it. It is said that in human measurement
terms that this Big Bang occurred approximately nine billion years ago. And perhaps, just perhaps the Big Bang is when you
went through the Wall of Fire. And so it was that Gaia breathed
all of these beautiful energies into Earth and agreed to stay very closely associated
with the living essence of Earth for a long, long time, until the humans
began to take responsibility for their own journey on Earth. When the energies of earth were balanced, when the energies of Earth were ready
to support the angelic beings, the call went out once again,
alerting all of those – all of you – who had agreed to come here,
that the time was right. You took that last breath
in the Order of the Arc, and you allowed yourself
to plunge into the tunnel, into that pathway that had been
created by the energy of Gaia. You let go, you surrendered,
and you allowed yourself to start descending down into this place called Earth. It was amazing!
You were in absolute awe of what Gaia had created for you, a kingdom. This was your new playground. This was a spectacular… expression of physical reality. And you allowed yourself now,
through taking the deep breaths, to descend your energy
closer and closer to Earth. There is no better place in all of creation, where you can learn to love yourself, where you can allow yourself
to love yourself, How do you trust your humanness to invite your divine here to Earth?
And that’s what it takes. That is the ascension. We’re coming back to remind you
of the absolute joy of life, of being here on Earth. We’re here to remind you that
there is so much beauty in life. You, Master, fell in love with yourself, and allowed yourself to feel
and hear every voice, every fear, every potential, every emotion. What if you allowed yourself
to be here on Earth as a fully conscious,
trusting and aware angel.

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