Korea’s political parties send well wishes for successful Sewol-ho ferry salvage operation

Korea’s political parties have sent their
best wishes for a successful salvage operation. Some vowed to spearhead a comprehensive probe
once the ferry is raised… others called for national unity. Ji Myung-kil reports. “It’s been nearly three years since the disaster…
and Korea’s political parties are hoping to resolve the still unanswered questions surrounding
the tragic accident, while also working on ways to make Korea a safer place to live.” The main opposition Democratic Party of Korea
said Thursday that it would launch a parliamentary committee investigation once the Sewol-ho
ferry is lifted out of the water. “The special committee will investigate the
cause the of the accident by examining the hull and will also work to devise safety measures. The panel will be composed of five members
of parliament and three members of the victims’ families.” The minor opposition People’s Party joined
the call for a thorough investigation, saying this is only the beginning. “The government must be scrutinized on whether
they handled the accident properly. The truth must be revealed in order to prevent
a recurrence.” The Liberty Korea and Bareun Parties stressed
the need for unbridled cooperation among all the parties. “The people’s safety and security must be
the first priority for all politicians. We urge full bipartisan cooperation.” “The raising of the Sewol-ho ferry signals
the start of Korea’s unity. There cannot be any separation along party
lines over the construction of a safer Korea.” All four parties expressed their hope for
the safe return of the nine bodies that are still missing. Ji Myung-kil, Arirang News.

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