Laurence Tribe: ‘Amazed’ If GOP Senators Vote Against Calling Witnesses | The Last Word | MSNBC

Laurence Tribe: ‘Amazed’ If GOP Senators Vote Against Calling Witnesses | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. Of course there should be public presentation of the evidence and witnesses in the senate for the trial to be credible. And it might be, that many fox "news" -viewers have never heard or seen any of the evidence before this.

  2. The GOP complain that during the inquiry no witnesses were called (which isn't true) then they refuse to have witnesses called for the Senate trial.

  3. Firsthand witnesses and evidence have all been blocked by Trump. Ask yourself why a so-called innocent person would do something like that?

  4. The same idiots who always say" if you have nothing to hide, why not just give your ID to the police officer" are the same one saying Trump and his gang shouldn't comply with the law. . You really can't fix stupid. Read their pathetic excuses below …

  5. I am not interested in hearing from anyone, Senate should just throw this rubbish away. Over to you McConnell. Trump 2020.

  6. Guys, stop answering this guy. He just wants to upset people. Of course we already said what got him impeached.

    He is just one more of those republican idiots that thinks he is smart but deep down lacks morals and values.

    Guys, leave Macky to continue to be pathetic on his own! He puts on a good show too!

  7. Pelosi presses pause, perturbed and provoked into power play to pressure Republican Senate and SCOTUS.  Fair trial in Senate with relevant, central witnesses; and courts making timely rulings forcing Trump administration to release evidence and witnesses to honor Congressional subpoenas during valid Constitutional exercise of House sole impeachment authority.  You go, girl, get these God-awful goofy goons galloping gone!

  8. Most idiotic thing about the Mueller Report and testimony?  Republicans.
    Most idiotic thing about the House Intelligence Ukraine Report?  Republicans.
    Most idiotic thing about Trump impeachment?  Republicans.
    Can you sense a pattern?

  9. The best indicator of future behavior is past and current behavior.  Given Trump’s ongoing corrupt behavior, before and after he was elected, he will continue to engage in unprofessional and corrupt behavior. Our Government will bear the “Stains of Shame” of Trump for decades.  This is not about being a Democratic or Republican.  We need a president with honor and integrity that will protect our Constitution and unite our country.

  10. This is what Republicans get for claiming that the witnesses would prove Trump's innocence. How can you then stop them from testifying?

  11. That sounds to me like a mistake,
    Revealing your hand before you even start the game,
    This does not bode well for democrats.
    I really hope they have more tricks up their sleeves or the criminal in cheif will stay in power.

  12. Nah, the Republicans won't support it cause deep down they know it won't be good for Trump and the Republican voters won't support it either cause deep down they know it will cause them to reconsider their support for Trump. And then they'll go off complaining how the process in the Republican controlled Senate is unfair and that there needs to be evidence when they're blocking any attempt for people to get it.

  13. .001% of the population is running the show here. The rest of us are going to have to grass-roots connect, design solutions and build the future if we're going to HAVE one.
    meet the neighbors, keep talking online and not just yelling your viewpoints. take the chance that someone else has some good ideas.
    this is a team effort.
    no one person has all the answers. Definitely NOT the fat orange asswipe in the oval office.
    this is 'get along' time to create support and reach out.

  14. American Republicans should never be forgotten for their simply extraordinary stance against the Constitution in favor of corruption and bigotry (fear and greed (fear)). They'll go full Nazi if we let them. #DeportMeToo #BanMeToo #BuildBridgesNotWalls

  15. maga 2020

  16. Trump will never testify under oath. So he is guilty of the charges of bribery and abuse of Congress for which he has been impeached! No one who supports and defends trump will testify under oath either! Think about that!!

  17. Pelosi is not only up against a rogue president with whom “all roads lead to Putin” but a rogue GOP senate leader as well who is deliberately acting as as if he's both judge and jury in the upcoming senate trial already stating what's going to happen before it actually happens running a sham trial in collusion with the WH. He essentially admits the whole thing is rigged and he is the rigger. Thanks largely to 'enabler' Moscow Mitch the United States is now on the fast track to being a corrupt banana republic. A shift to a truly authoritative regime in the WH is in the making, no question.

  18. This idea of Pelosi not handing off the articles unless and until McConnell agrees to calling witnesses, production of subpoenaed documents was first advocated by Tribe in an editorial a week or two ago. I wonder if he speaks to it at all in his most recent edition of his book on impeachment.

  19. I want to hear the witnesses and see all the documents released. I want to see the complete truth and the rest of America to see the complete truth.

  20. Hypocrisy is the most powerful of corrupting forces.
    Anyone who has betrayed the trust given to them is a hypocrite.
    Worse than liars, hypocrites make a mockery of society itself.
    The Republican party under Trump is the single most blatantly hypocritical group to have ever held real power in human history.

  21. Is this irony or hypocrisy ?
    Pelosi : we must impeach swiftly, Trump is a threat to national security !
    Also Pelosi: I'm taking my ball and going home !
    It doesn't matter that he's a threat to national security! We are going to leave him in office while we go on vacation !

  22. Dems could have gone to the courts to make the witnesses testify, but they did not. Now they need the republicans to provide them with some evidence, as they have none. They did not have one first hand witness, not one. Disgusting. Hope they all go to jail.

  23. LMAO

  24. HATE. NAME CALLING , SMEARING. This is what LIBS / DEMS do when confronted with FACTS. You liberals revert to this because you cannot DEBATE in a civil manner.
    Here is a LIST OF TRUMPS ACCOMPLISHMENTS IN ONLY 20 MONTHS That is less than two years. HERE IS YOUR LIST but we know you will stick your heads in the sand and refuse to to acknowledge. This is what FACTS do to LIBS / DEMS.

  25. trump compares well to Charles 1

  26. No investigation was done by the Ukrainians and yet the aid was given. The Ukrainian president said he felt no pressure. This "bribery" case would be thrown out of every court in America. There was no crime! BTW – I want Hunter and Joe to be investigated if Joe has a chance to be President. We have to know what kind of person we're voting for!

  27. Democrats are pulling a "shell game" on the American people. President Trump has not been convicted. It has to go to the senate. This guarantees President Trump will win in 2020.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  28. Funny how he has the Democrat Senators on board already. They haven't heard all the evidence !!! The Democrats are lying, scheming low life human scum !!!

  29. Moscow-Mitch knows that if allow all aids to testify in Congress impeachable trial. Traitor trumpanzee crimes will explode to public. Moscow Mitch himself can't cover up Russia assets crimes. public will Force him, GOP to impeach trumpanzee and Remove him from office

  30. Anti-Semitic Rep. Ilhan Omar was slammed as an adulteress in a Washington, DC, divorce court on Thursday as her political consultant/ lover formally split from his wife
    ✡ Long Live Zion ✡

  31. Just thought I'd pop in and see how the adult children of Holden Caufield are doing.

    Everything seems like and outrage. Carry on.

    Good to see you have ol' Knuckles McPaddyIrish on the case.

  32. Did someone say fillibuster? Yeah, Schumer could tie up the Senate in debate for a week calling one witness at a time.

  33. the pub voters aren't interested in facts or truth…. they are only interested in what trump tells them, lies and all..

  34. Well in that case, prepare to be amazed. The GOP is a spineless, corrupt, bunch of racist old men (with a couple of syncophant women thrown in) owned by the Russians.


  36. How can the lying hypocrite Republicans refuse to hear from witnesses? The American deserve to hear from Mulvaney , Bolton and Sleazy Mike Pompeo.

  37. Should of thought about that when Schiff and Nadler were swinging the gavel like crazy on the Republicans. What goes around comes around. You limited everything for Republicans now you want full cooperation for a partisan inquiry. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 tough.

  38. oh look… another quack "Harvard professor"…. I bet CNN and MSNBC pays them under the table, in addition to the tenure they already receive, to relay their talking points. Always in lock step with one another.

  39. Democraps started this! We will be drafting our own articles of impeachment for whoever the next democraps president ends up being! If they ever do!! Trump Train

  40. Not allowing witnesses to testify by the Senate would set the stage for a landslide victory by the Democrats in the 2020 elections. It doesn't take a rocket Scientist to figure that out. That would be too much for voters to stomach.

    Let's face it, the Senate hands are tied and those who can't understand this simple premise are suffering from major denial.

    The Senate is playing a losing game or chicken and I sense that the members of the house can sense this.

  41. Any republican that votes against the witnesses or documents may as well kiss their election away. They will never be able to justify it to the voters. The American public has the right to know "What they know"

  42. TRUMP 2020. PROMISES MADE PROMISES KEPT. Let the liberals and Democrats know. The people did not vote for a pastor or a preacher. The people voted for a man who gets things done. See for yourself.

  43. president impeached is Terrified of a trial where Mulvany and the rest turn on him to save their skin
    And a sham trial means a Big Blue Freaking wave in 2020

  44. The Republican Fascist Party does not want Republican witnesses, because they have only one goal and that is: "To protect their Fuehrer".

  45. He’s still not impeached. Their own judiciary committee witness, Noah Feldman said today this very thing. A law professor and scholar and the Dems OWN witness. He went on to say that the process is not complete without sending the articles to the Senate. They’re party is extremely ignorant and foolish with the American people’s money and time. It’s in a Bloomberg Op-ed.

  46. I think Pelosi should just leave it it in limbo UNTIL AND UNLESS the Senate agrees to producing ALL THE RELEVANT WITNESSES AND THE DOCUMENTS THAT THE HOUSE DEMANDS RELATED TO THIS PARTICULAR CASE. He wants to
    brag that he was "100 % cleared"… HE SHOULD NOT HAVE THAT.. Period.

  47. I think Pelosi should just leave it it in limbo UNTIL AND UNLESS the Senate agrees to producing ALL THE RELEVANT WITNESSES AND THE DOCUMENTS THAT THE HOUSE DEMANDS RELATED TO THIS PARTICULAR CASE. He wants to
    brag that he was "100 % cleared"… HE SHOULD NOT HAVE THAT.. Period.

  48. IT IS DEFINITELY NOT TRAITOR-TRUMP's CALL AND ABSOLUTELY NOT McCONNELL'sCALL — AND NOT THE SENATE"s CALL AT ALL!! IT IS PELOSI's CALL ONLY!! Traitor-trump cannot be allowed to escape accountability for many many other crimes…. So…, go for more.

    Delay, delay, delay… and re-start the PUBLIC Intel-Committee hearings and have the Courts expedite the rulings that will force the FACT witnesses held back ILLEGALLY (OBSTRUCTED) by traitor-trump (McGhan, Pompeo, Perry, Pence, Barr, Mulvany, Mnuchin, Bolton, Nunes, and many others who would come forward — and force the turn-over of all the subpoenaed documents, and all those illegally "hidden" files, recordings, etc. on that "secret server" — and watch traitor-trump RESIGN or run off to Moscow, and the Congressional GOP with him… The amount of DAMNING evidence of traitor-trump's treason and lawlessness would make it impossible to continue with that traitor-trump madman in office.. IMPEACH THEM ALL, AND IMPEACH TRAITOR-TRUMP A SECOND TIME BEFORE SUMMER-2020 JUST DO IT!!! BLUE TSUNAMI 2020!!.

  49. Democrats are going to lose this on procedural grounds, and, on the selection of charges.

    A. The mere CONCEPT of habeas corpus behoves Pelosi to either deliver the charges or drop them, immediately. It may not be a Congressional requirement, but, you have to admit that it IS what principle is told to the public to be 'fair' and, therefore, universally applicable. You can't just 'hold' people without charge.

    B. If the charges had been, for example, 'Embezzlement' (of congressional funds by not passing them on until a condition was met) and 'Obstruction of Congress', the first charge would legitimise the second.

    However, 'Abuse of Power' is literally any and all possible crimes! It's everything and nothing at the same time. Any crime is 'Abuse of Power.' So which one is being charged here? 'Bribery'? Treason'? 'Extortion'? 'Embezzlement'?

    So, to hinge whether or not the articles will be passed up on whether or not 'witnesses' will be called begs the question "Witnesses to what?" There is no specific crime other than 'Obstruction' to an investigation, but, to an investigation of what? A catch-all charge?

    C. Pelosi's move effectively make her a 51st Senator. She is, in effect, attempting to set the ground rules of a government body to which she herself does not belong and which also ranks above her own. Perhaps that is merely a reporting error, and journalists should describe this as Schumer DEFERRING to Pelosi, in which case at least one Senator could be viewed as the stipulator here, rather than the Speaker of the House.

  50. The President stated that he wants to be fully exonerated, why not allow witnesses in the Senate trial to take an Oath and Testify on his behalf of his innocence, this way the Democrats will not have a leg to stand on, but the Republicans know that he violated the Constitution of the United States so this would be an impossibility. The Republicans have dishonor their oath to uphold the Constitution. A dark time in the history of the Divided States.

  51. The Republican Senators DO NOT want to the president to obstruct the Senate, by claiming “Absolute Immunity” and blocking documents and witnesses… what then. They don’t seem to mind much when it’s Congress… but wait until their power is challenged… GOP with hair on fire 🔥!

  52. This clown doesn't even know the rules. It doesn't have 51% of senate it take 2/3 vote. He is going to need more then 4 republican senators to flip. He is unqualified to be a Senate leader.

  53. The witnesses comrade schumer wants is the same hand picked witnesses that comrade schff picked. Not the same people, just as biased and anti-Trump as the next one. After three months, comrade shcumer has them well briefed.

  54. Anyone who's watched a single episode of Law & Order knows that a trial is where witnesses and physical evidence are presented to a jury. That's how the American system of justice works. The Chief Justice will be presiding over the Senate Trial. The Administration should be compelled to produce witnesses and documents pertinent to the allegations contained in the articles of impeachment.

  55. I don't care what filthy lying Liberals say. Donald Trump is God's choice to be America's king of kings, and God's messenger on Earth.

    Donald Trump is a fulfillment of 2,000 years of biblical prophecy.

    Donald Trump is literally Christ Reborn and when he speaks he speaks with the voice of God.

    Donald Trump Today.
    Donald Trump Tomorrow.
    Donald Trump Forever.

  56. House Republicans: "This is our witness list."
    House Democrats: " Don't even think about it."

    Senate Democrats: "This is our witness list."
    Senate Republicans: 🤣…"Seriously!?

  57. If Cory Gardner doesn't vote for witnesses, he is so canned. Coloradoans (Like me) will NOT put up with it. Let's have the truth , not obstruction of republicans.

  58. They should use the exact same "fair" system of picking witnesses as Schiff did . Allow the Dem's to pick a list of witnesses and only allow them if the republicans want too !!! Seems fair !


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