Lawrence: How Donald Trump Finally Went Too Far, Even For GOP Senators | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lawrence: How Donald Trump Finally Went Too Far, Even For GOP Senators | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. So you say that Mr Trump is "clearly impaired, gravely deficient somewhere at the intersection of reason and judgment and conscience and self-control".

    I say, give that man an arsenal of nuclear weapons!

  2. Of course, conservatives are all too happy to have VP Pence replacing the stupid man they have elected. But if the Russian collusion allegations come out to be true, wouldn't the electoral process be contaminated and, with it, the VP's tenure itself? He was brought to be the VP on Trump's ticket and if said ticket is to be shown as fraudulent, everything that is dependent on it is also fraudulent, since accessio cedit principali.

  3. Session knew who Trump was & he invited him in. Just like the story, Trump told about the lady & the snake.

    Trump supporters will suffer the same fate as Session when their time comes. They were warned, they didn't care & they will get whatever they deserve.

    Trump was quite generous. He warned them ahead time in many different ways. They chose to ignore the warning. It was totally their choice.

  4. The GOP are just as corrupt as the rabid turnip. Sessions is corrupt, all of them are. We will have to count on the investigations being done by the states attorney general to cut them off at the knees.

  5. Secret Service should just refuse to protect this clown, and let the people do a Kadafy on him in the streets.

  6. Sessions is no prize. If loyalty is the only thing the Republicans can respect then they need to be voted out. Their loyalty should be to the people they are suppose to represent.

  7. I watch MSNBC but Lawrence can not seem to help giving himself kudos it seems – this happens often enough that Lawrence gives himself kudos… and Joe can not seem to let Mika speak without interrupting her…  it is a bit much after a while; that aside- let's hope Americans will get it together for the 2018 midterms

  8. I think you should bring Keith Olbermann on your show as he has all the answers to the Russian collusion story and proof to back it up. At least he says he does.

  9. Yes MSNBC an Insanely stupid exercise shut this garbage down and dont believe a word your tv set PROGRAMMING has to say EVER EVER… YOUR FIRED MSNBC YA CRACKHEADS

  10. Nnaaaaaaaa….Republican Senators won't do anything if it's good for the country, They've been bought and paid for.

  11. Here's a juicy quote that some critics of Trump seem to forget:

    "The other thing with the terrorists is you have to take out their families, when you get these terrorists, you have to take out their families. They care about their lives, don't kid yourself. When they say they don't care about their lives, you have to take out their families."

    I don't recall many Republicans criticizing this or at least asking for clarity. Did they accept this or did I miss something?

  12. Bad mouthing Republicans serves no purpose. Calling for American unity is important. Not all Republicans are immoral, not all Democrats are moral.

  13. i hope if trump gets impeached . they wipe his name from ever being president and name someone else as the 45 th president.

  14. President Donald "Joffrey" Trump will meet the end of the line, at a certain point; that moment will be amazing, great….

  15. Oh Larry, when will you learn? Thank you for your entertainment. I've watched your rant numerous times about how the president wasn't serious about running after he made his announcement. Your creepy little face and flared nostrils have provided hours of hilarious satisfaction. Please, don't stop…

  16. Sessions deserves everything he gets from Trump. He is a "hard right" conservative and should not be the head of the DOJ. These two should both "flame out" for the betterment of America. Shed no tears for Sessions.

  17. As a Canadian I really hope that Americans come out in record numbers to vote in 2018 and 2020. Remove these toxic people. They aren't just a danger to your democracy, they are a danger to the world.

  18. forget the senate. we should all sit in silence and contemplate the fact that half of the nation wants DJT to be president and act precisely the way he does

  19. Republicans have taken a long time to criticize DT and vote for legislation rather than only the party platform. I agree with O'Donnell's summary and facts. However, the way he said the word "Republican" sounded condescending. It was difficult to absorb the meaning of the clip because O'Donnell's voice and manner were irritating. Rather, O'Donnell should commend Republicans who realized some legislation presented to them was ill conceived and insufficient, and voted against them. There was good information in the this clip but it was difficult listening because of how it was presented.

  20. Hmmm. So republicans considered everything Trump said or did before his attack on Sessions to be just fine and dandy. That would have therefore included Trump's statement about being able to shoot somebody dead in broad daylight and suffer no consequences. Okay. So what if he shot a republican voter? No? Not good enough? Right then. What if he shot a republican senator? Aah. Now we're getting somewhere.

  21. I still don't trust Jeff Sessions… he's still one of them… Hillary was right… DEPLORABLES… All of them.😈

  22. Republicans accepted EVERYTHING Trump × The Democrats just laying down during nothing just wishing for a Prayer to come true politics is SAD all around.

  23. WTF !!!! Trump didn't know about it till you said it? YOU ARROGANT POS !!! And "he's so transparent"? Yeah you say that like it's a bad thing or a weakness. Lets get the muslim communist back. Now there's transparency right? To the tune of 20 TRILLION dollars, with a capital T. Three 20 million dollar estate mansions on 400,000 a year? There's transparency for ya.
    These journalists (TV actors) have no idea about our presidents knowledge or education in Constitutionality. They also have no desire to report important matters and truth.

    I'm in hopes that our president brings back liberties, and makes this country better. These traitor propagandists want the country to become a banana republic for ratings. Remember this you bunch of I-dots. When it becomes a complete oligarchy ruled nation, there won't be jobs, or money to have consumers, to pay the sponsors, that pay your wage. And if it becomes bad enough (the direction YOU people are urging), I wonder who the people that elected our president will blame. Obviously they have enough intelligence to know more than you all think. There's still educated people in this country. Common core hasn't caught up quite yet.

  24. Not a fan of MSNBC, but Lawrence O'Donnell has consistently provided excellent political commentary and analysis.

  25. Make no mistake, Donald J. Trump watches O'Donnell.  Why?  Because he's a beautiful, steely eyed white man with a voice like velvet butter.  But more importantly he cut's right to the core of D.J.T. telling him exactly what he doesn't want to hear.  After all, when you spend all day having people tell you only what you want to hear you have to fill the void and hear someone tell you what you don't want to hear.  Many pundits do this daily, but only O'Donnell is the right recipe to get past D.J.T.'s taste buds and into his belly.  I'll bet Trump and anyone on his team hadn't thought of a recess appointment until O'Donnell brought it up.  It's going to get nasty in the republican party.

  26. Trump has never been successful at anything! He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and has failed at every business he's ever attempted until Russian money laundering came his way! He's the worst excuse for a president in American history. Period!

  27. Comments are hilarious. Little boys/girls and public-school educated adults, who never fully read the US constitution, who are sure that Trump's impeachment is imminent.
    Do you know why the republicans control the white house, and both houses of congress, and the US supreme court? because leftists are out-of-touch with reality. How do you expect to succeed in life when you believe in wishful thinking?

  28. I think the greatest legacy Trump will have is that 100 years from now, kids will think Ted Cruz's dad killed JFK. LOL

  29. Trump is not just a bad president.

    Trump is the stupidest president… ever.

    He is the meanest president… ever.

    He is the least knowledgeable president… ever.

    He is the weakest president… ever.

    He is the most delusional president… ever.

    He is the most emotionally unstable president… ever.

    He is the most incompetent president… ever.

    And also… he sucks donkey balls.

    He's the worst president… ever.

  30. While the abysmal behavior of the Republican senators is crucial to President Trump's ability to continue to harm the U.S., concerning the poisonous fallout of this GOP presidency their disgusting maneuvering is just like the proverbial tip of the iceberg. The whole world is watching as the whole of the United States is diminished more and more every day. Or, as Jonathan Freedland wrote in The Guardian yesterday: the U.S. "cannot set a lead on human rights or a free press or an independent judiciary while Trump tramples on every one of those norms. The moral distance between the US and the world’s authoritarian, non-democratic regimes – the Erdoğans and Putins, to whom Trump offers only praise – shrinks daily."

  31. Something is seriously wrong with the republicans. Their president is valgur,embarrassing in his ignorance,insincere in his claims of loyalty,beyond innappropiate when he speaks publicly, dangerous in the way he has devided this country. He has a better chance of winning the Nobel Prize for Literacy then he has for making America great.OUR international reputation is at its lowest. in short, he has disgraced our nation, and the people who continue to defend him have dis graced themselves . How long do we have to endure this great American travesty?

  32. By firing people and replacing them, Trump thinks that things will be better. The only person he needs to fire is Himself.

  33. I'm wondering if all the attacks on Sessions are smoke and mirrors to get all the Senators to say Sessions can't be fired. Then, when more information comes out about Sessions talks with the Russians, the Senators will have painted themselves into a corner.

  34. GOP owns Trump. Everything he is and has done. There's no way getting around it. They could have stopped him if they wanted.

  35. So what are the Republicans, Democrats, the Judiciary, the American people doing about this lunatic??? Guess it's just NATO : No Action, Talk Only. Let the circus play on……. Good luck America, the world is watching and laughing.

  36. what their doing is preserving themselves as they see trump is a threat to them, i think that they should vote to impeach and get this twit out of office as soon as possible i don't like the vp but any one is better than this mad man

  37. type >> GOOGLE search : FAKE NEWS: all propaganda BS
    People do your home work, please get the real stuff check check and double check your stuff and other ways stay out of it
    It will ruin you and your fam,…………..their claws are so sharp and long.

  38. Oh………and the "views "are baloney not even 10% of it is true,………..c'mon all BS
    CnN very fake very alone very down going very low IQ very creepy people…….and no goal in life just getting ginger "bread". by telling those lies

  39. This segment should be made available to HS and college American history/political sci classes for discussion and be broadcast by all networks during prime time "news".

  40. This only goes to show that people are willing to sell their souls for a senate seat or congress seat or whatever. That in most cases, their loyalty is to self and not the people and country they represent.

  41. The Senators don't have backbone to impeach Truman. They don't want to lose their healthcare and their job's?

  42. If the Republicans and Democrats are against Trump replacing sessions then Trump should replace him. Sessions probably sold out if even Democrats are protecting him . Get him out

  43. FAKE NEWS ALERT FAKE NEWS ALERT . Democrats accept all of the dead former DNC workers. Dems accept Clinton Foundation . Benghazzi Fast and furious . Unlawful spying on Americans . Every democrat is a mu;tri millionaire. How come MaxineWaters has a 9 million dollar home CORRUPTION

  44. Sessions please resign and go home. You are a good man and clearly Trump is not. The Trump train is imploding, get off.

  45. America needs to get back to its kinder gentler roots. We, as a nation, need to recover our humanity again. Trump has been a most deceptive, divisive, and hence destructive, force in the history of this proud nation. Not unless we learn to value that which is truly valuable in us—our humanity—will we ultimately find our way out of this mess again.

  46. It was discussed on The Five on Fox as well, where they suggested Trump would transfer Sessions to Homeland Security, and then replace him with a new AG who could fire Mueller. Something tells me Trump doesn't watch Lawrence O'Donnell.

  47. If you believe this Man you're crazy just like him.
    CBS CNN false news network media and love to Brain Wash you.
    They are apart of the New world order Government and Religion. They are puppets to the Deep State Government and Globalist Elites Criminals Corruption controlling your minds if they repeat the same old BS.
    They feel you will believe it and it works , as long you don't research for yourself.
    Why don't you research and find out for yourself ? and stop letting a bunch of liar's deceive you. As long you deaf, dumb , blind they will control you. We have seen the Corruption of the Democrats Politicians Liar's the Lawlessness, Muslim's Deceiver Dictator Traitor check what's going on in Europe. Look at Venaselua and what the Lefties Liberals Politicians done to them and the Dictatorship who are destroying the people. Look at what the Muslim's are doing at Lions Gate Israel and Jews. Research for yourself.
    It's all current news and on the Internet look it up.
    And you will see this evil man is a Criminal Liar.

  48. MSNBC keeps trying , hate news without any result , going nowhere . what's the goal ? more hate in your club ? you guys are pathetic

  49. I keep wondering what all the Republicans are afraid of. Why do so few have any backbones at all? I cannot see one Republican with the courage to stand up and say what we are all thinking. This man is one sick puppy and needs to be impeached and then jailed. Check out the list of things Trump has removed and/or ruined.

  50. Trump attacks with deadly tweets the likes of which nobody has ever seen. He fires off tweets like no one has ever read before. Don't mess with trump or he'll tweet you. Beware of the presidents tweets.

  51. Well Lawrence the Republican senators were hatched not born. Dinosaurs are reptiles but supposedly extinct. But they obviously are still roaming the earth.

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