Leaving Office, Sen. Claire McCaskill Weighs In On President Trump And 2020 | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Leaving Office, Sen. Claire McCaskill Weighs In On President Trump And 2020 | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. McCaskill takes a huge amount of money from the donors who do not want the citizens to have anything. McCaskill willingly voted for tax breaks for the rich, that is why these criminals allow our tax dollars prop up the rich.

  2. Gov shutdown during the holidays, tho… Imagine the love people WON'T have for the GOP if they do this over a stupid border wall that helps no one in the northern states where immigrants come by plane. Packages not arriving, travel slowed to a halt, gov employees not getting paid… 2020 would be an election year like none other if they do this. Trump could just leave and be arrested right outside the gate.

  3. Let's all remember it's the democrats that used the law so full grown men can use the same showers & bathrooms as our young daughters use.

  4. Sen. Claire McCaskill should have raised the BS Flag with the farmers and Kavanaugh, to rally the Democratic vote. Farmers are going to lose on the Trump fake Tariffs and Kavanaugh was not a Dem fight, but a fight for justice!

  5. If America only wants the truth, our security, our freedom back, our country back, our children well off, drugs gone, money to be spent in an intelligent matter that makes sense to the ppl to keep us safe. Why would it be so difficult to get these same, average Joe, to the richest person in the state, to whomever (doesn’t matter) to come together on every aspect in these states? If you do for the American ppl what it is that you say you’re going to do it may be difficult at times to agree, of course, it’s life, but take the time to hear each other out instead of only seeing it from one perspective or what party it may benefit. Go back to Americas fundamentals that made it the greatest nation it once was (not with racism, violence..) This is an opportunity that may only come once, and it could potentially be the solution that could solve a lot of problems we face as a country, nation.. (whichever you prefer)

  6. It was always a burden to travel from Michigan through Gary, Indiana in order to get to Chicago. We used to hold our noses for the entire time we were driving through. Later in life, I found out that Indiana was sending people north into Michigan in order to take advantage of our Social Services. Now, for a Hitler wannabe guess where he's going to want to put some of his stinky new crematoriums. Why, Trump's beloved, anything for a buck, Indiana of course! I have no first hand knowledge of what Missouri's problem is. Maybe the only women they like are young Russian spys who work to manipulate the men in the NRA. If I were an American woman voting in Missouri, you can be sure that I wouldn't want to be a man's hunting dog, favorite or not. Men can provide and protect, but never own. Today's women are educated, pragmatic, skilled and get things done. When enough of them vote in every election, the State will move forward.

  7. McCaskill is a hardcore centrist democrat who was kicked OUT of her seat in the U.S senate by voters in her home state lolol what makes her think she has the magic answer to democrats winning the presidency….. when she can't even keep her own seat.

  8. RapePublicKKKlans are enemies of Republicans, Democrats, Indies and Green. The only party representing "liberty and justice for ALL" is the current Democratic Party.

  9. The RICHpubliCONS committed political suicide by going with the ORANGE NINCOMPOOP as their "leader". They'll need many many years to recoup. Thanks to him for exposing the CORRUPTION going on in government/RichpubliCONS.

  10. No, the problem is that you had nothing to offer. Who in their right mind would be excited about voting for this lady?

  11. Thanks for your service. But please retire and let us not hear from you again until it's time to campaign on behalf of the Democratic candidate. There's already a crowded field.

  12. Men of Missouri: Senator McCaskill said that your State was energized by the Kavanaugh hearings. I was blessed to have a grandfather willing to run through the Wisconsin cornfields with a shotgun in hand in order to frighten off a sexual predator. They do exist. Sometimes obvious, usually subtle. Kavanaugh professed his love for his wife and yet did not show her the respect to allow her to speak for herself. Most mature women recognize that move. You can construe it as protection. However, an adult woman in a stable relationship will recognize it as possession. You can own a dog, but not a woman. The private schools in Maryland, where Kavanaugh had the problems, are still currently having problems with their students considering sexual misconduct an accepted "tradition". Their money and morals end up turning them into people that America cannot afford as leaders. Now, McConnell is pleased that he was able to shortchange the renewed FBI investigation. Personally, I would love to see men stand up straight again.

  13. Her idea of how you affect change is astounding… she's saying that the excitement on the left that brought about a giant blue wave isn't the answer? So, what we should do is go for Joe Biden, and harken back to EVERYTHING that pushed voters to Donald Trump in the first place?? Yeah, ok. That worked out for her, eh? Those establishment Democrats CAN'T get anything done, and they're nearly as bad as the GOP. Free College, Medicare for All, $15 minimum wage, taking on corporate greed and lobbying, removing corrupt politicians, commonsense gun reform, all the things energetic candidates on the left are talking about are doing so well with voters because THOSE ARE THE THINGS WE WANT. She is basically saying "ignore what voters want, and give them a candidate no one will vote for- on the left or the right." Just astonishing…

  14. you can't get much more end of the spectrum than donald trump. i have admired Sen. McCaskell in past instances, but I think she's way off base on most of what she's saying here.

  15. Democrats won 24 Senate seats, Republicans won 11. That's a pretty good job of defending a 26 to 9 map. Democrats also gained 7 Governors' mansions to make it close to even at 23 to 27. They also overcame gerrymandering in many states to gain about 40 seats in the House. Democrats won an historical majority of total votes for Congress and more importantly, won a lot of state legislator seats to improve the maps they will be running in next decade. Look at it this way, Democrats held most of their Senatorial gains from 6 years ago, won House seats in places they haven't won since Democrats were the more socially conservative party (i.e. racist and sexist) in those places, and put themselves in position to improve the maps for the '20s decade. That's a Blue Wave, baby.

  16. McCaskill seems to ignore the extreme partisan gerrymandering that all but guaranteed TOP victories in some of the state's she listed. Democrats had 8 points leads and still couldn't win fair representation. There is progressive momentum, the problem is that the majority of the Democratic party still favors corporations and lobbyists. That can tank their momentum. The way ahead will be led by those who refuse corporate PAC money.

  17. Bernie gets things done. He advocates for $15 min. wage, puts out the Stop Bezos act and shames Amazon and gets Bezos to change the wages without even passing the bill.

  18. Missouri is a sister to my home state of Oklahoma, who voted for Bernie over both HRC and Cruz in the 2016 primaries. Bernie could win Missouri.

  19. The Senate is pure Affirmative Action for the GOP. The distribution of the population does not even vaguely follow State boundaries.

  20. They are selling corporate dems like cupcakes. They will try again with a Hillary kind to protect mmMoney and set up loss.
    Progressives as of Bernie, Ocasio, Warren or newly minted prog Gillibrand or risk Trumpublic.

  21. That sounds like a big fat "NO" to the ideas of Bernie Sanders, if the opposite ends of the spectrum won't create a unified middle. However, there are many of the up-and-coming younger generation who may not settle for that middle when Bernie Sanders sounds so much more sane than the status quote of US political culture and capitalism.

  22. She voted with the Republicans over half the time. Why would a voter cast a ballot for "Republican lite" when they can just vote Republican? She should have gone more progressive, but that would have upset her donors. I'm sure she'll have a nice cushy job with one of her big donors.

  23. The democrats need to stop the violence they propagate before they regret it. They are luck conservative Americans have resolve and act grown up or these violent leftists would be dust in the wind.

  24. Barnacle When is hearsay adjectives news? Just to call names! You really come across unAmerican. One thing you said that's correct were decent Americans and we voted Donald Trump to be the next president. And you and all your associates do is (Total Disrespect of all the people that voted ) him in. You Know better than everybody else? What drives all of you? Joe, YOU could not hold up to the scrutiny of running for president and you throw stones. Can you say, intern? Joe?

  25. I love these interviews. They remind me how childish democrats and leftists are, crying like children when they don't get what the want. Cant wait to laugh at all those loser lefty's still rocking their Clinton & Sanders bumper stickers after they all end up in jail.

  26. Do any of the Democratic Socialist Claire McCaskill haters on here understand that the polarization that she has been speaking about is exactly what Trump counted on to retain the Senate? If not, then let me tell ya, congratulations, you bought it, and we'll all be even worse off than we are now. 👍😂

  27. Claire Mcaskil calling anyone weak is laughable. She has done nothing to make this country better. Thank god she's gone soon. Hopefully a lot more will follow.

  28. missouri & indiana are such truly miserably racist states. just as backwards as any confederate flag waving slave state in the south

  29. no, democrats cant win in Missouri or anywhere else, not on platform. because there is no difference between the corrupt corporate republicans and the corrupt corporate democrats. mccaskill is the perfect example of this. next round of votes, or rather, lack of voters, will testify to the fact that only BIG Money determines every situation. example: recent appointment of joe manchin

  30. Just like everyone else, she's completely wrong about who can get elected. The people who ran a very progressive campaign usually won. This country is a liberal and according to The Founding Fathers, that's what it always should be. It's supposed Democrats like her that run to the center, or even right of center that are losing in this country.

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  32. This woman still hasn't learnt that progressive policies do win every where.
    The progressive ballot measures in your state passed ma'am yet you lost.
    What does that say about you?

    What a silly politician

  33. Susan Page *LMFTFY*: "are you concerned that the *Republican Party is not going to learn the old lesson about appealing to… the middle?"

  34. Michael Cohen sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for following the orders of his crime boss when he was a presidential candidate. Along with him committing tax evasion, tax fraud, etc. The same tax crimes trump
    Committed with impunity over the decades.

  35. Centrist corporate Wall Street globalist democrats running like republicans got smoked in the 2018 elections in places like Missouri, Indiana, and North Dakota.

  36. A right wing evangelical Christian white male federal judge in Texas ( appointed by George w Bush) just ruled in favor of taking health care coverage away from tens of millions of men, women, and children last night.

  37. @8:40 No, change happens when we the people fight for it and that is what the supposed "far left" is doing. You lost, Cortez, Bernie etc won. Neoliberalism/Corporate Democrats/Limousine Liberals got us into this mess.

  38. Oh God…..why does that slime of a women (Clair McCaskill) get to be on
    MSNBC? She is an egocentric moron whose viewpoint on politics is
    exactly what is killing the democratic party and put Trump in office.
    People like her need LESS airtime, not more. The country is growing
    MORE progressive, wants radical change to the status qou—not
    incremental change–and you win elections by energizing progressives and
    turning non-voters into voters—-not by winning over republicans.
    TYT.com Wolf-pac.org Lets get money and corrupt politicians like
    McCaskill out of politics!!

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