Levin: Democrats are ‘very good’ at destroying the Constitution

Levin: Democrats are ‘very good’ at destroying the Constitution


  1. God bless Levin. Sir continue PLEASE calling out this crazy Democrat socialist party and their farce ideology agenda. It's only serves to unto OUR CONSTITUTION. And people who have any common sense and a mind of THEIR OWN have got to conclude that if we listen and appease to their narrative THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA will be another VENEZUELA. People need to wake up and we parents need to teach our children this AMAZING COUNTRY'S HISTORY which has been replaced with false indoctrination which has poisoned our youth. TRUMP 2020. He will win by a landslide.

  2. I have an idea. Government jobs for everyone for two years. It's called the military. I think that'll wake up a lot of snowflakes to the real world.

  3. Levin is simply The Best Conservative voice in America. Period.. Shame he lowers himself appearing on Rino phony hannity though. Guess none of us are perfect

  4. Can someone please help me? There are nine portraits in the background of the Life, Liberty, and Levin Set. I know 8 of them, but I don’t know who one of the portraits is.
    Top row: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine.
    Middle row: ???, John Locke, James Madison.
    Bottom row: Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, George Washington.
    I can’t figure out the 1st portrait in the middle row (middle row, left side). Help!

  5. I believe that the Democrats are just pretending to be insane and if it were to come down to a vote they would not vote for these crazy ideas.

  6. I like the way Mark starts out slow and soft, and then builds up into a full-fledged screaming rant. It's kind of therapeutic to hear someone verbalize the insanity in Washington.

  7. the great one?..this shrill nutjob whacko is the great one?…Hannity is a journalist?…Fox is a joke…you have the be stupid or delusional not to understand that…I call it Fox lies…

  8. I live in Australia.. And I agree with Everything that was said here.
    How can these Dem People be SO DUMB.. This is Grade 8 Stuff..
    America is in SERIOUS TROUBLE. These Nutters will start a World War.

  9. I believe president Trump is a god sent, born to be an American President..why?.. cuz I can't imagine how he tackled pressure, fake news and cruel attacked by the Dems, Dems people just love to hate the president for doing great in this country!. Can't understand that..so simple!

  10. And what’s with all their narrative? What’s with the hand motion during speeches??? The action does not match the natural flow of intent. Body language is important and they are all bad actors

  11. Extremely well presented definition of purpose of electoral college.
    These Dems do not share the basic fundamentals of been in public office! Desperate and failing!

  12. Aren' t these Democrats in Congress supposed to be working for The People and The Country???? Not wasting costly valuable time just trying to bury POTUS. Fukkin sick of this wack BS

  13. Sean and Mark age absolutely right. The US’s biggest enemy is not Russia or China, It’s the leftist, liberal loons like ugly Pelosi. Guess what? I’ll be first in line to go to war!!

  14. mark Levin used to scream and scream on his stupid radio show…hoping he had an aneurism before he spread his lies..figures the fake news at Fox hired this con artist fraud

  15. Hannity the liar calls this fraud the great one?…Fox lies fools the naïve and goads the dishonest to more extremism

  16. Really now so what about you an your Wannabe Dictator big Frenz yuh ave a problem with Demacrat you is Bombowclaat .

  17. The president should concentrate all his actions against cummings and nadler, not pelosi who has recently shown to have mellowed from attacking the president for whatever reason we don't know. Its cummings and nadler that need whiplashes. Imagine issuing subpoenas to compel the presidentnto produce tax documents relating to his business when he was yet the pres.! "inflating his assets to benefit his business" is just part of any businessman's finance strategy and they have no business digging "private donald's" business strategy. They're all nuts. They should be cracked to powder!!!!

  18. I strongly support Pelosi's approach of doing more investigations, finding more crimes, and undermining GOP support of Trump before voting on impeachment. This is the approach that will actually work. You don't want the proceedings dismissed as partisan noise. Mr. Levin and Mr. Hannity you need to quit lying to your audience and start telling the truth! The Republicans are the ones who are undermining the constitution and defending heinous crimes!!!

  19. This is why foreign countries receive our tax money. Because we are a Socialist country. Funny how socialism is the bad word on the internet yet it is practiced every single day on American politics. You idiot's are brain dead.

  20. First you
    stupify youth with baaaaaad education, than let them vote at 16. ( Get them
    while they're young, up to abortion point…)

    That is actually a good idea! Succes guaranteed for the dems! Pets should vote

    How? Well, whenever they don't understand the process (or what's it all about)
    the vote automatically goes to the dems. Brilliant!

    Than you raise taxes, make everything "free", get everyone on the
    dole or at $15,00 minimum wage (I'll hope they try that!)

    and citizens can pay off the ever growing depts by giving up a young child for
    party purposes…. Paradizzle!

    All kicked in gear by Obama the Golden One, who wasn't ever born anywhere, and
    his sidekick Hillary Cleanhands Clinton.

    Ah, good times are a comin' with Pocahontas, Nancy Penozi, Burning Flanders,
    AOC Mini me, Cameltoe Harris, Say it ain't so Joe,

    and a whole further circus of ghouls that currently still have one foot in
    Pandorra's Box but are soon totally free to plague society

    with gender bender programs, bound speech, ghetto worshipping, food stamp
    inflation running rampant (how can this be !…)

    And last but not least the cutting away of all men's balls which is better than
    abortion for so many reasons…

    Brainpower is overrated anyway. Honk Honk !

  21. People who live in rural areas don't want to be told how to live by people who live in big cities who have absolutely no clue about real life outside their very limited life in the giant mess of the big cities.
    We who live in "fly over country" will not be dictated to by city dwellers who are so clueless they think people like the Clintons and their criminal cohorts might actually be something good.
    At the same time, people who choose to live whatever kind of life they live in a big city do not want people who live in rural areas to tell them how to live.
    Therefore, we have the electoral college… To make it fair.

  22. Levin is EPIC, and I hope he keeps calling out the Lunatic Left DEMONrats on their unending B.S.!!

  23. I believe they are not wory about constitution or country they are about taxpayers money ,millions ….


  25. I just watched a god awful video by CNN earlier and some guy basically called a book titled A president like no other a joke basically despite their own party rams countries into the ground. What a bunch of dumb fags!

  26. Sorry, Dems are stacking the Supreme Court? Not up on current events I see. The Electoral College is bogus for today. Do paper ballots, cross check them for legal/alive citizens and popular vote wins. Dems are actually trying to unite the US instead of dividing the US. R's are all "I'm super christian and all but keep those brown people out of "my" country." News for you, those "brown" people/immigrants are all God's children and you are all hypocrites if that is your stance.

    This is your boy Mark Levin in 2016…"I'm not voting for Donald Trump. Period. … These bully, dirty tricks, Nixonian tactics, they're only going to backfire. So, count me as never Trump," Levin said Friday.

    Mark Levin can get bent. He is a hypocrite.

  27. What if there were 4 justices selected by democrats and 4 justices selected by republicans, then another 4 justices selected independently of the first 8 justices selected? We'd have a supreme court that was evenly balanced for once. 9 isn't even, it's an odd number and it's also not balanced.

  28. It's time Levin and Fox start calling the left what they are, Marxists. Time to expose them for what they are. Quit pulling punches.

  29. How about nothing but Democrats and we can run through the homeless camps dung and needles ..we be equal in poverty.

  30. Its time Americans ridded America of these anti American tratiors once and for all. Rise Americans and take back our country from these destroyers of our Constitution and nation permanently . Civil war is very close be prepared to fight.. we have the right in our Constitution to defend our nation foreign and DOMESTIC…

  31. We are letting all the immigrants know what the democrats said. The reason your coming here is because of Trump. Vote Trump.

  32. So only a few States would actually have a word in the election that would not be right Electoral College must stay…
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  33. 16vuear olds voting jesus christ imagine that and play it through imagine a million 16-21 yr olds carrying on when they don't get there elect in office we think it's bad watching adults lose nothing compared to what kids would do

  34. Damm these democrats socialism.
    A banana republic and third world economy based on there policies, they are dangerous.
    We must not allow China to much power.

  35. The people that take an OATH to Defend and Protect the Constitution of the USA are trying to abolish it.. It is gonna get ugly. Maybe in our lifetimes..

  36. Trump is destroying the constitution, you mealy mouthed little queer. Putting you on notice, Levin, putting you on notice.,

  37. I see plain as day what the democrat plan is.Its to impeach President Trump and then say Hillary's the real president and put her in office. She hasn't been crying three years for nothing. And after that our election process is finished when they open up America to everybody from anywhere.

  38. They want to get rid of the electoral college but please don't be naive- they won't wait for 13 states to vote NO. They'll do it the way they did it in Bolshevik Russia. With force.

  39. These people are the tyrants the founding fathers spoke of ! Unconstitutional democrats ! They are a bunch of nasty globalists!


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