Lindsey Graham’s Senate Seat Is In Danger As His Challenger Catches Up To Him

The latest round of polling has some really
bad news to offer Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who has held his current seat in the
Senate for 16 years and is up for reelection in 2020 but according to the latest poll,
Lindsey Graham only has 47% of the likely voters. His democratic challenger, Jamie Harrison
has 45% that’s only a two point difference between Lindsey Graham and the Democrat running
against him in South Carolina. And to make things better, this poll has a
margin of error of 3% which not only means it’s reliable, but also plus or minus 3% for
either of those candidates flips the race. That’s the important thing that we need to
remember folks. Lindsey Graham right now is in a statistical
tie with his democratic opponent. Even though Graham is a 16 coming up on 17
year veteran in the United States Senate representing the state of South Carolina and he’s in a
tie. What needs to happen at this point is that
Democrats, the DNC, you know, whatever other democratic organizations are out there, start
pumping money into South Carolina. We can beat Lindsay Graham. We absolutely can beat Lindsey Graham, but
we can’t do it without some national attention on this race. Lindsey Graham out outside, outside of the
state of the South Carolina is universally hated, much like Ted Cruz was. That’s why Ted Cruz’s Senate race against
Beto O’Rourke was so expensive and why everybody in this country knew who was running against
Ted Cruz. Everybody hates Ted Cruz and that’s why they
gave so much money to his opponent who almost pulled it off in Texas, Texas, a little bit
redder than South Carolina right now, or at the time, not maybe any more, but South Carolina
is also shifting. So lots of things are different. There is no such thing as a state that refuses
to vote for the other party anymore. We’re seeing that across this country. South Carolina can be the next example, but
we can’t get there if Jamie Harrison doesn’t start getting some money from the establishment
of the democratic party, and I hate to promote the establishment or tell them, Hey, let’s,
we need your help, but we need your help. Everybody can chip in. All of us, a dollar, $5 $10 we can do what
we can because this is not just about maybe letting the Democrats take back a majority
in the Senate. It’s about sending home forever. One of the worst people to sit in the US Senate
in my lifetime. Let’s make this happen folks.

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