Louisiana’s Senator Kennedy makes headlines with humor

Louisiana’s Senator Kennedy makes headlines with humor


  1. He is the same kind of man President Trump is always trying to be. Honest, and unafraid to tell the TRUTH…even if it makes you laugh. Reality actually is Funny. Look at Nancy Pelosi, and Chucky Cheese Schumer…smiling at Maxine Waters, and Rep. Johnson of GUAM flipping fame.

  2. He has to dumb things down for his constituents, Louisiana ranks number 50th in education, any words with more than two syllables just confuses them.

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  4. I just saw him interrogating Mnuchin on C-SPAM. It was hilarious!!!! "We are going to have to change you title from Secretary of the TREASURY to Sec. of the DEBT!!

  5. Sen. J. Kennedy, I like you, the only thing is that you don't want to accept that trump has not really solved anything with North Korea, and trump openly in his own words has bent his ways to Russia, he has himself said he admires Putin. Please be truthful.. We are in this world for a short time, and this is the only world we can live… How or what do you expect your memory be left behind, what will you leave your grandchildrem? Maria

  6. Thanks for your exemplary service in this Kavanaugh debacle. I like you a honest man. Kennerdy is the same kind of man President Trump is always trying to be good to American people! Vote out Democrats Socialist! Any Republican not vote for Kavanaugh need to vote these scumbag corruption out!

  7. Kennedy has already made a name for himself. I'd much rather have him for my senator than DiFi and KaHa. Unfortunately I don't happen to want to move to Louisiana.

  8. Sen. Kennedy’s best line came today. After watching Nancy Pelosi pontificating to a crowd about Judge Kavanaugh Kennedy was asked by the Fox interviewer
    Interviewing him what he thought of Nancy and her opinions about Brett Kavanaugh. He hesitated and the said, “I really shouldn’t say this…billy-goat brain, mockingjay mouth.”

  9. I have family in Louisiana and I don’t always agree and that’s what communication is about but I do like what you said today today straight to the point I liberal moderately

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