Margaret Brennan, Moderator Of “Face the Nation,” On Trump Presidency

Margaret Brennan, Moderator Of “Face the Nation,” On Trump Presidency

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  1. I need that Donald Trump STOP the radio-hypnosis of the alcoholism, in Miami, because of the Green Cards checking during 20 years is the DOUBLE JEOPARDISING ABUSE on the background checking and it is the harassment of the USA Constitution violation of the Bill of Rights.
    The other thing is the corruption to my health by the radio-hypnosis castration of the SEXUAL TEXTs of the OBSCENE CONTENT of their broadcasting.
    I need stop it as well. There is the other violation of the DISCRIMINATION by the unemployment abuse to search in my belongings without the reason because of social services needs on my unemployment low income – which is the next repression of the USA outlaw created by the GOVERNMENT BUDGET EMBEZZLEMENT ofvthd immigration perversions, which were designed to rob me and send back to Russia without money for the new money for the USA black market dealers I the document forgery and larceny from my personal suitcases.

    The TRAFFICKING of the sex became the result issued from the constant harassment of the immigration psychiatrist and his political party of the crazy polypartisans….
    If it is not possible to leave here, why they were blocked me during 1997-2019 to prevent leave for the normal social life in the different state.
    I think that the military fort abuse should be fixed out of the Civil Rights and the Human Rights properties even it is the profits to torture somebody on the virtual CIA jail and selling such slave for the criminal justice MALPRACTICING – to extort as possible as creedy need of their curiosity and paranoidal salarising earnings on the gaped jobs which have been absent during those 1997-2019 years.

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