Mari Meets Rae | Empowering Girls in STEM | Ad Council

Mari Meets Rae | Empowering Girls in STEM | Ad Council

Rae: So that is the bear’s hibernation den
right there. So I only had to pull it halfway out. Mari: What’s a carnivore ecologist? Rae: A carnivore ecologist is a scientist
who studies meat-eating animals and how they interact with their environment. Mari: That’s really cool. Rae: Carnivores can also be in the water,
like sharks and some types of— Mari: Whales!? Rae: Whales, exactly! Mari: What’s the coolest part of your work? Rae: Well, the coolest thing I do is go to
the field. I love to be out in nature and sometimes we
even get to climb into the trees, like I’m doing here. All the way up into the canopy, because the
canopy of the trees has a whole different ecosystem. Mari: What advice will you give to other young
girls like me that want to do science? Rae: Always believe in your passion more than
your performance. Even if you get a bad grade in science, it
doesn’t mean you’re not meant to be a scientist. Mari: Why is it important for girls like me
to be in STEM? Rae: Scientists are trying to answer questions
that can even save the planet, and the only way we can get the right answers to those
questions is if we have everybody working on them. We need people from all kinds of backgrounds,
from all different parts of the world, and especially from all different identities to
be a part of figuring out all of the scientific questions that still need to be answered. Mari: Wow! Rae: She Can STEM. So Can You. Learn more @SheCanSTEM.

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  1. Most women don’t like STEM. It is clear that when given a choice many chose other fields. Trying to force them to go into stem through propaganda is moronic and goes against your supposed vision of giving women choices.

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