Mark & Carrie – Carrie On Regardless

Mark & Carrie – Carrie On Regardless


  1. Listening to this podcast is like you guys watching marvel movies — it is the only thing worth doing in this day and age.

  2. Mark why not come by Sweden bruv? Nothing beats Swedish summer, except rain. Well it used to be rain. Been droughts and forest fires lately…

  3. I have now subscribed to everything, just to make sure. While I'm as dumb as a rock, I had a similar inclination to Mark's, but could not articulate it, concerning Brexit, and a bit of Trump. Despite the obvious being stated, most, if not all, of my contacts still maintain that a No Deal Brexit, and/ or Trump Is Good, is the best thing ever. I take Mark's point that there is a possible hope for British workers, to be leveraged from Brexit, but I just don't see it. Maybe it's the Conservatives, maybe it's me, but I cannot see the rich buggers letting us get that far.

  4. Progressive types like me struggle to comprehend how it is possible for anyone to support Donald Trump, but I think Mark Blyth has nailed it for me. No Donald Trump supporter I've encountered likes him. But. He'a a result getter. That's why they support him. He's getting it done. Wages are up. Unemployment is down. Donald Trump is perceived as this uber super duper results getter, but here is the filter one has to install first: One's bandwidth has to fall off a cliff beyond 6 months from the present. All one has to do to have this outlook is forget the world outside of six months from now and one can see how tax cuts for the rich are a brilliant results getter. Trillion dollar budget deficits don't exist. Coastal cities under water from greenhouse gas emissions don't exist. Public education doesn't exist. Public health doesn't exist. The environment doesn't exist. Long term consequences don't exist. There is the basis of Donald Trump's success as a shyster: Get in, make a killing, be long gone when the consequences arrive. It's all about instant gratification and stiffing the marks for the consequences. And there you have it, not only Donald Trump but today's Republican Party USA.

  5. I live in the same small city as Mark. I would very much enjoy having a beer with him. Hope to run into him someday.

  6. While I usually enjoy these chats, I think that you were our of your league with several of these stories. Alabama is about the Wahaabi Christianists putting women in their place. They want to take this to the Supreme Court which has been hijacked by Skull & Bones Frat Boys and associated dregs. And the vote in Alabama won't count since there will be millions of black voters kicked off the rolls or their votes won't be counted.

    The Climate got all of 10 and a third seconds when we are heading into some serious times. While Archangel was 81°F or 29°C, western Greenland was over 16°C or 60°F for several days this month, and it has barely gotten below freezing at nights. In fact this night it was 13°C or about 56°F. Do you know what Ice Tsunami means? You will, and maybe by this summer.

    Iran is part of a bigger picture which has been unveiled over 20 years age and it is playing out exactly as planned. I have seen the Swiss role in it, and it is linked with the Venezuela crisis. You made no mention of the VZ embassy being invaded, at the same time as the Swiss President was visiting for 40 minutes. This wasn't Trump welcoming Ueli Maurer to the White House, this was the Puppet Master telling the puppet what he needs to do when his strings are pulled.
    If you guys cared about the climate, you would limit your traveling.

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but it's most often not invasive surgery! It's usually just a pill and a followup, as procedures go. Plus paperwork and whatever misery is heaped on, on top of the difficult decision making involved for the only person that ought to have any say in the matter. The old conservatives just refuse to learn the first thing about physiology or medicine before legislating and they probably believe their own propaganda.

  8. I've heard so much horseshit. If the murder of sixty-five million plus babies since ROEvWADE is defensible then you'll agree that Hitler's killing spree was just childs play and therefore completely acceptable. Go figure.

  9. He "looked" like he was deprived of hygiene supplies for 6 months so he could be 'perp walked'.

  10. It will be fun to try and get evidence that a rich women got an abortion and use it to blackmail them for $100k's of dollars.

  11. Rape Charge? Consensual sex without a condom. She got mad because she got an STI blamed Assange then after Assange was tested the charges were dropped. Now the puppet master rather mafia boss America with their military bases for fear factors wants the Swedes to get him and dis him so they can grab him and kill him.

  12. Alabama better make expectoration a ‘jailable’ offence, because every time you spit on the sidewalk you're killing hundreds of potential humans. Sure, these cells can't survive by themselves, but nor can a 2 week old fetus. You see the cells of your buccal mucosa, if placed in the right environment, like Dolly the cloned sheep, or a fetus in the womb, can now be turned into new and, just like identical twins, different humans. In fact the 'twinning' blastocyst doesn't split until around day 10, so obviously God can stick in a soul in well after conception, and therefore there's no reason he/she can't similarly stick a soul into a mature buccal cell. Yep, that's it, spit on the sidewalk and it's off to jail for 99 years.

  13. Oops? I think Mark made a mind switch between Tulsi and Warren. Warren actually blasted Fox and said she would not appear there and, in so doing, contributed to the continuing polarization of the American electorate. Warren keeps making the wrong decision.

  14. These EU elections are different this time and will have significant impacts on Europe.Mark is wrong on that one…the old guard are leaving anyway…watch out for who replaces them and the inter-government tensions which will then feed into national elections.

  15. Imagine if there were still a German Kaiser and his extended family and there were a public spectacle covered obsessively by the world press every day as hordes of Germans and teutonophiles from all over the world genuflected in front of the royal palaces in Berlin? If the 'popular' and even the 'respectable' press focused on little else? Little creepy? Friedrich der Grosse?

  16. Would like to hear economic analysis of the feasibility of Medicare For All.
    Can pricing models be sorted out so doctors, nurses and hospitals are happy and people get all the health care they need?
    What would be a doable way to transition such a large system to a new way of doing things?

  17. Talk of the prospects of the US making war on yet another country n no mention of the word imperialism, hehe

  18. Mark keeps taking Trump's strategy way too seriously. They guy is a moron, he doesn't think anything through. You'd think he's proven that by now?

  19. was not rape, it was a 3sum where one girl complained about a condom coming off after she wrote glowing reports of that night on social media, interesting it's become a fake "rape" charge that you repeat.

  20. Terribly boring. It sounds like he has no energy or knowledge to discuss such important topics. Waste of time.

  21. Warren refused to go on Fox. She was on CNN- which is the same thing except the audiences on CNN are hand picked and the questions are planted

  22. Look, Carrie, you should DUMP this Mealey Mouthed blatherin idiot Mark, He speech is illiterate illiogogogoal unbearabley intellicualley NOT and his Ideads are CORPORATE SODOMY. Typical BRITISH TYPES. Sodomy and BIRCH CANES across you rump.

  23. Two words: Tulsi Gabbard. And WTF did you not mention her and instead focus on Warren? Oh… she's from New England; sorry.

  24. Assange is a message to the free press. Warren refused to go on Fox. The Supreme Court is Republican so Roe vs. Wade is done. The US is dumb enough to engage Iran (much to Israel and Saudi Arabia's delight), but let's try to dodge that. Meanwhile the world burns… Good job guys!

  25. Starting at 13:21
    The problem with the 'Martingale Strategy' is (with Huawei, for example) Trump is betting with other peoples money. US corporations will lose billions in business under the ban. So, if China plays the long – long game and waits out Trump (who may not be POTUS much longer) or until American businesses and workers cry 'chicken', then…

  26. we don't want Liz Warren's "green military" and opportunism. give her the cabinet, but we don't trust her to take it all the way – too much struggle for incremental change.

  27. Warren is a fake Progressive; she’s pro war and barely anti climate collapse, which is why the mainstream media promote her over a real Progressive like Tulsi Gabbard.

  28. 5:24 Nice reading on Jeremy Corbyn & Brexit
    13:16 Funny nightingale analogy to the current trade war with China. That makes an awful lot of sense.

  29. Heard melodies are sweet, Yet those unheard are sweeter still

    Assange was heard, yet his silence will speak louder than words.

  30. How can this guy be so right yet seem so uninvolved at the same time? What he has predicted is busy happening an the "intellectuals" on BBC are still discussing it wondering how it all happened and what next, f…ing scary. He should the PM of UK.

  31. Mark Blyth said in this video that Trump somehow will put pressure on Germany, and it is happening, forcing (unsuccessfully) Germany to pay 2% into NATO budget to start with else US troops are moved to Poland and Germany slowly but surely starts facing tariffs/sanctions not only for lack of investment in NATO but also for NS2, not purchasing American LNG and weapons, lack of action against Huawei & 5G, Iran sanctions or rather lack thereof on part of Germany, it is uncanny how accurate M.Blyth is.

  32. Re: Bullying the Germans into submission. The E.U could just return fire…

    US leverage amounts to nothing more than a trade deficit. Playing this card has limits. Europe could just walk away, or worse; contest reserve currency status.

  33. loved the episode! FYI the gamble-doubling idea is a "martingale" (not "nightingale") strategy, assuming i'm hearing the accent correctly

  34. Women's football simply does not attract the same crowds or money as men's. The difference must be a fairly substantial power of ten. The difference in pay reflects this. The world's best women are no match for 16 year old boys and what do they get paid? Nada; they pay to play.

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