Mark Zuckerberg Tries To Convince Senate That He Needs To Track Your Location At All Times

Mark Zuckerberg Tries To Convince Senate That He Needs To Track Your Location At All Times

Last month, Republican Senator, Josh Hawley
and democratic Senator Chris Coons sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook and
in that letter they said, Hey, Mark, or they didn’t start it that way. But anyway, yeah. Hey, Mark. Uh, could you tell us why Facebook is tracking
users’ data? Even when people say, Facebook, you’re not
allowed to track my data. You know, we just want to clear things up
and find out why you’re invading these people’s privacy when they’ve explicitly told you to
not do it. Well, Mark Zuckerberg finally wrote back to
Congress, dear senators, I need that data and we don’t really track them through Facebook
anyway. When they tell us not to, what we do is we
check their phones, IP address, we look at where they’re checking in on other social
media apps, and then we use that because we’re good people to make sure people aren’t fraudulent
logging in to your account. We’re also selling it to advertisers to give
you better targeted ads. Let me read, let me read this from CNBC. This is phenomenal. Facebook said that even when location tracking
is turned off, it can deduce users, general locations from context clues like locations,
they tag in photos as well as their devices IP addresses. While this data is not as precise as Facebook
would collect with location tracking enabled, the company said it uses the info for several
purposes, including alerting users when their accounts had been accessed in an unusual place
and clamping down on the spread of false information. How, how, how honorable. Facebook acknowledged that it also targets
ads based on the limited location information it receives when users turn off or limit tracking. Facebook doesn’t allow users to turn off location-based
ads, although it does allow users to block Facebook from collecting their precise location. The company wrote, so here’s the thing. Zuckerberg says, Hey, listen, I need that. I need that data. I’m trying to protect people and I’m also
trying to make a fuck ton of money, but they’ve got your IP address, which means Facebook
is in your system, it’s in your phone’s settings. If that doesn’t terrify you, then, then there’s
no, there’s a hope for you folks. Facebook can track you whether you tell them
they can or not, your IP address, I mean that’s your ID, that’s where you are, that’s who
you are. They know this and they’re in your system
settings and if they can pull your IP, they can literally pull anything else from your
phone. That’s terrifying. That is absolutely terrifying. And the problem is then you know, you had
Holly and you had Koons say, could you explain this to us? And so now they’re, they’re both like, okay,
well you know, we, we wish you would give, give users a little more control over this. That’s it. That’s it. Throw Mark Zuckerberg in jail folks. That’s where we’re at. This man is stealing. He is stealing your private data for his profit. Mark Zuckerberg belongs in jail. There is no way around it. That is what is happening. And that is what they’re admitting to. Yeah, we’re stealing your data even though
you told us not to. Guess what? If somebody comes and knocks on your front
door and they say, can I come in your house? And you say, no, you may not. And they push past you and come in your house
anyway. That is a crime. That is a crime called trespassing and you
can have them arrested for that. Why can’t we do the same thing with our cell
phones? Because that is Mark Zuckerberg knocking on
your door and even though you’re telling him no, he is shoving you down, walking into your
house, selling your goods because he wants the money. It’s no different than a common criminal.


  1. Horseshit. C'mon dude.. let's stop the scaremongering. IP addresses are NOT "who you are". I realize that tech isn't your field, but seriously.
    Farcebork is a pile of crap, but let's keep things real, ok?

  2. He is not a common criminal, he is a corporate criminal. Morally just a bad, but without most of the nasty legal repercussions. Facebook will probably pay a fine as the cost of doing business. When poor people commit crimes, fines can devastate their lives. For corporations though, since there is no truly proportionate response, it is just a tiny percentage of the profits made from the crime. Like I said, the cost of doing business.

  3. Wal-Mart wants to do the same thing in their stores. If you have bluetooth phones turned on, they'll know what you pause at, what gets put in your cart, what you finally pay for…..

  4. Eventually, like in Singapore, our every move will be known at every moment of the day. Like a 1950's sci-fi story, targeted ads will follow us even into the bathroom. Buy! Buy! Buy Now!


  6. Hehe, Farron, I want to warn you that you said a demonitization no-no word around #2:00 but it doesn't bother me. You're spot on to warn about Facebook… They are far more evil than you can properly explain, as they are probably the worst company of the many I have monitored in my 30 years online by reading (top notch public advocacy organization). Your description of the technical details are a little cringeworthy, because your verbiage reflects the alarmist attitudes about cookies or IP tracking around 2000, but the dangers of reckless corporatism are going, and I would be happy to to educate you about the Internet concerns of the upcoming decade.

  7. I love your stupidity. Anybody can get your IP address from traceroute, simple program available to everyone. It doesn't give you access to anything else on your phone or devices. So, get your facts straight before releasing bullshit out your blow hole, PLEASE.

  8. the second you log on to Facebook they have your IP no need to get in system. If you do not want to be tracked use and IP masking site or use a vpn.

  9. Agaian nancys back problims and failures of telling the people about the problems of eating from the applel really has problems

  10. I don't even have a Facebook account but I can not uninstall it from my phone. Why do I have to keep an app on my phone I will never use.

  11. Every person that had a Account with Facebook should get Million dollars.facebook needs to be shut down and investigated. Criminals file a warrant out for they're ass

  12. Zuckerberg got his finances from Putin controlled Russians .face book is a asset of Russian intelligence agencies .proved by how they used face book to hack our elections . dismantle face book or lose our democracy to Russian war of aggression on our elections .gabbard is also Putin puppet .

  13. Zuckerberg is a money making robot. why would he understand anything to be illegal unless you sue, fine, or throw him in jail?

  14. Exactly you're right they can track you when you buy a phone nine times out of 10 that Facebook logo is on there I went into my phone internally and removed it

  15. "Put Mark Zuckerberg in jail."
    Wait a minute …. BEFORE you do just that, they need to be FINED to the tune of, say, around $10-20 BILLION and put into the coffers of cities for their improvements — infrastructure, at the very least, and maybe help the homeless? They being the combination of Zuckerberg and Facebook.

  16. This is why I had Facebook for a very short time as most media sites are garbage and people flock to them as most just cannot live without them…yikes I feel sorry for people who are using sites like Facebook every day…zuckerberg is nothing but a corrupt individual..and needs to be held accountable for his actions.

  17. Sociopaths always operate under the assumption that their victims have inferior intelligence. They also harbor complete and total malice toward any and every one they are dependent on.

  18. His excuse is, I need to be able to track people so I can send them ads! Doesn't matter that we don't want to see the freaking ads! Mark Zuckerberg needs to be behind bars that man is a danger to the United States, no to the whole planet!

  19. I’m so glad I deleted Facebook and not long ago Instagram because I truly believe Zuckerburg is evil but I still have the feeling there’s a lot more I should be doing to cleanse every trace off my devices.

  20. Ip addresses are how the Internet works.. Computers and phones etc communicate using them. Try sending a letter in the post with no address on it. The fact Facebook track and store Ip addresses is the issue, not the fact that they have access to it to begin with. Having your Ip does not directly grant them access to your settings. A vpn will solve that issue if you are worried about it.

  21. What gives him the right to track anyone. Oh wait cause hes selling it to corprations President Trump Amazon as well as to anyone to the highest bidder.

  22. Zuckerberg is the DEVIL. This is why I'm off the grid. People have no idea how little respect Facebook has for its users or how much money they make on selling data.

  23. This bastard bitch mark, doesn't want anyone tracking his hypothetical ASS!!! HIS SNEAKY MEETING WITH TRUMP, AS DESCRIBED BY MARK WAS PRIVATE!!! PEOPLE GET RID OF MARKS FACEBOOK!!!!

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