Meet The Retired Fighter Pilot Who Will Take On Sen. Mitch McConnell | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Meet The Retired Fighter Pilot Who Will Take On Sen. Mitch McConnell | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. For the good people of Kentucky … why have you allowed McConnell to "represent" you for so long? In a democracy, we get what we vote for … and YOU voted for McConnell!

  2. The only way to fix healthcare IS to upend the current system. It does not work, however much it's tweaked! It has to be Medicare for all.

  3. the things kentuckians voting for Trump was, white people hate black people. stop trying to make it into anything that is not it's about white people hating black people. If you can't get that point at least understand that point then you don't know what's going on. REALTALK

  4. I hope she is ready for the John Birch Koch brothers to pump over 30 million into Kentucky the last 4 weeks of the election to get their number one puppet McConnell reelected.  If he fails to win the Koch brothers are already grooming Pat Toomey of Pa., who used to be the president of their Club for Growth foundation, to take his place.

  5. She's already told you that she will not be part of the solution to our most pressing problems. She is a loser. Even if she flies jets.

  6. I don't live in Kentucky but I too want Mitch gone. I donated to Amy's campaign through ActBlue. You can donate as much as you feel comfortable doing. It's time for Mitch to go.

  7. I'm a veteran whose always happy to see us do well; but relying on Trump voters may be a BIT ambitious, if not reckless. I doubt Trump would make it easy for her since he seems to be in love w/Mitch. Also, I don't see what REAL differences she brings to the table re: current political issues. That could be her downfall w/the everyday voters who've recently grown "policy" savvy!

  8. Here I Am the my name is going to be up on it I don't care let me tell you what I'm afraid of there are a lot of things I'm afraid of what I am afraid of is that sooner or later someone's going to buy you off pay you up give you so much freaking money and you decide that you are willing to change your own values live with that do you want to tell me different it keep doing and saying what you have just said in this video I don't necessarily know that I can believe that that can happen.

  9. I was all for her based on her military record BUT then she starts talking her policy and her support for trump and the republican agenda! Now I must say She sure seems republican to me Voters beware check her policy maybe someone else should replace Moscow Mitch and represent the democratic party in the senate. Vote Bernie Sanders 2020 for President though.

  10. Another quasi corporate Republican-Democrat, who has no chance. And disingenuous about why Kentuckians voted for Trump. They truth is that they voted as a backlash to Obama, Kentucky is just another Southern racist state who voted for a racist candidate.

  11. The economy has had FAKE news. Company earnings are in the red. Just like republicans. The companies are preparing for bankruptcy as was in 2008. Trump is draining the economy and feeding the swamp!

  12. WOW, GREAT CAMPAIGN VIDEO. but she's still talks like a moderate republican, so how can she call herself a democrat? well, i guess she has to appeal to a bunch of dumb kentucky voters who were taken-in by trump's bs, but it doesn't differentiate herself enough from mcconnel.

  13. Amy Mcgrath ,Make Kentucky Proud show Kentucky they still have people who will be there for the people. Kentuckian"s get corrupt people out of government. I'm donating for her also.

  14. Jobs are not the most important issue, Amy, and neither are the other issues; it is the weather engineering harm and its effect on the environment that we need for the survival of all.

  15. Does anyone really like their insurance company or do they just love the coverage? Because I'm pretty sure it's the coverage and their doctor. Why fight about plans when you can just have coverage that covers everything and let's you go to any doctor or hospital. No more in network, out of network. It just does not make logical sense unless your misunderstanding what private insurance does. All it is is paperwork and fees for the privilege of being covered. Otherwise I like her. #Bernie2020

  16. She’s such a weak candidate. I wish almost anyone else decided to run. She’s going to lose. She couldn’t even win in one of the most blue districts in 2018. She ain’t winning across the entire state. 💀

    Also, her STUPID pro-Trump pivot is pathetic and isn’t going to win over Republicans and will only depress any enthusiasm to support her.

  17. Ok Kentucky….there ya go…Vote Amy 2020 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊 🌊🌊

  18. Thank God we finally have a true American patriot. Amy we have been waiting for you, when you win we can sweep the trash out of Congress. MOSCOW MITCH is the biggest problem in our government, this man has abused his position. He has disgraced and interfered with our democracy. Thank you for running Amy. We need your honesty, your know how, your dedication to America.

  19. Mosco Mitch will call his president Putin for help to defeat her. Moscow Mitch will do whatever it takes on order to stay in power, that’s why his has been killing all the bill that have come to the senate that are related to election intervention by foreign governments,transparency of dark money,election protection, and voter suppression. He is the one that has created Washington red tape .

  20. People who voted for Trump do not have a political idea on what they want. Amy might be naive, but I salute her bravery. I hope Kentucky makes the right choice, but hope is the first step to disappointment.

  21. Ok Kentucky, I see and hear your anguish over "Turtle neck" but one of the things I often see is we protest in mass, but that un-vocal majority group will still vote him back into office. Keep the grass roots growing and dump Moscow Mitch.

  22. You are just another politician. Same old talking points written by your handlers. Get someone that can smell the winds of change. Not this dime a dozen want to be.

  23. The problem with Congress is the fact that they do not have to even run they just need to be on the ballot to win. What we really need is term limits for Congresspeople and so far no candidates have even broached the problem. Because it requires an amendment to the constitution passed by 38 States.

  24. Ask mitch about special subcommittee involvement with Nevada blm and forcing multi-generational cattle ranchers out of business. Charging ranchers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for grazing access.

    When media darlings ask mitch about the Cliven Bundy situation he mischaracterized the Bundy family's attempts to inform the American People as somehow criminal. Of course, media darlings expanded upon oil-can mitch' lies.

    Today, oil and gas fracking has converted many acres of Nevada blm grazing land to land used by oil and gas fracking companies. In fact trump plans to lease/sell 900,000 acres to oil and gas fracking and drilling companies – – some land presently used as a buffer to National Parks and Public Land Trusts etc. mitch along with trump are selling off our National Heritage…, land we will never recover in the pristine condition we've enjoyed until this day

    Is Kentucky next? Well actually Kentucky started oil and gas exploration in the 1950's and today there over 15,000 oil and gas fracking sites spread across Kentucky with very little Federal regulation/oversight. Yeah, mitch runs the show from his many subcommittees chairs and senior standing.

    When oil-can mitch retires, were do you suppose he will retire to?

  25. 34 years of representing Kentucky, and never did a dam thing, it’s time for him to go, and if anything this one election that should be monitored and paid close attention to.

  26. You are so correct Amy we have got to win this .our country is better than this and these old guys with all of they corrupt ideas has to go they have decayed from the inside out and they do not care about American people anymore. I believe you are a winner🏆

  27. She may be a great person, but using Trump's tactics to get elected? Another "moderate Democrat"? YUCK! Just what this country DOESN'T need… Another Shillary Clinton. No wonder M$NBC is fawning over her! Just another status-quo corporate Democrat. No thanks! We need progressive changes now… And as long as these politicians are getting fat off the corporate money trough and are deaf to average citizens, they don't deserve to be in public office. #Bernie2020

  28. McConnell has funneled a lot of money and business to himself and his buddies including his wealthy wife….. good luck ….. I'd vote for Amy…. but how do you compete with a man who has been bought and paid for by Special Interest.

  29. I bet if Amy looked more like Tomi Lahren the GOP would push her into office faster than you can say "Hooters Hostess"

  30. So let me get this straight: she opposed McConnel because he hasn't moved Trump's agenda forward enough? And she's pro tobacco and pro coal? This is what the Democrats think is a candidate to get behind?!?

  31. Retired fighter pilot Amy McGrath vs. Moscow Mitch McConnell in 2020. American hero vs. Russian asset. Just say Nyet to Moscow Mitch in 2020! Vote the commie out of office!

  32. You do know that she says she supports President Trump. Mitch McConnell is a Never Trumper. Mitch saw to it last year that the Border Wall would not be funded.Mitch McConnell is losing money from the Tariffs.

  33. …Mrs. Amy McGrath, your story, not your add, touched my most deeply feelings cuz of the message. You got my vote, knock on wood.

  34. Ditch Mitch is on a billboard. But now we have Amy McGrath for Senator of Kentucky. Vote for her, send money if you can. She is a military woman, Air Force Pilot, loves the State of Kentucky, with all its flaws, mainly poverty, she will go to the valleys, where she will find wild (not rabid) dogs, and real wildcats, and probably home-made whisky.

  35. Tell the people she feels the pain, the 20 years of disappointment and will fight for them. To bring back Kentucky's pride and to show America she's not a tell and show person she's a show and tell. That in the military showed her how Action"s speaks louder than words.

  36. It would be more damning to re-elect Moscow Mitch McConnell than to re-elect Trump.
    Nothing any new POTUS will try to pass will even be heard by the Senate if Mitch McConnell remains, because he can block anything he wants to without any reason or excuse.
    America’s fate has been left solely up to Kentucky.

  37. Did she actually say she wants to revive the tobacco industry ?  Very Trumpian. So is her position that everyone loves their health insurance. I 'd like to know how much that lobby has given her. I'd like to see McConnell gone but why not primary him ? She's obviously a republican, and there's enough of them in the democratic party as it is..

  38. I’m not an American, let alone a Kentuckian, but if I were to vote, I’d vote for a toilet over Mitch McConnell or Donald Trump

  39. Wish you the best of luck, its a sure gain, its time for new blood, new drive, and mostly high integrity.
    Mr. Mconnell is past due for retirement, maybe take a break his mind seems to be retireing allready.
    Have a wonderful holliday season with your loved ones.

  40. Sorry, but she’s an awful candidate. Kentucky Democrat, but she’s miserable. She’s been running for months and has yet to promote a single policy idea nor does she have a policy page on her campaign site. 💀

  41. This time it is different in that Mitch McConnell told America that he does not support our beloved U.S. Constitution which he swore to uphold and defend as a U.S. senator. He has become Trump's girl and does not deserve to be a senator any longer. McGrath is a fighter and has proved her love for America by serving her country's military whilst McConnell serves himself!

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