Meet your Senator: Patrick Joyce

I was raised on a family farm, also raised in a family with growing up in politics. My district is very diversified,
urban, rural, suburban. My priorities are the Kankakee River, conservation, and education funding. My hobbies are golf, when I have time, and/or snowmobiling. I’ve been
married for 35 years to my wife, Rita, and had three kids. I lost one child to
leukemia about eight years ago. We’re very passionate about Leukemia Lymphoma Society. My wife’s lasagna. This was day one,
yesterday for me, so the whole activity level is a big surprise. Being able to
help my constituents in the district. Healthcare, advocacy, and also protecting
healthcare preexisting conditions. My favorite part about Illinois is the
history of Abraham Lincoln. People can get endless amounts of information on the 16th president.

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