MEPs elect David Sassoli as President of the European Parliament

MEPs elect David Sassoli as President of the European Parliament

The sitting will now resume. I shall inform you of the outcome of the
second ballot. There were 704 votes cast. There are 37 spoiled
or blank votes. There were 667 valid votes cast. The absolute majority
required to become President was 334 The candidates obtained the following
votes: Miss Keller 119 mr. Rago 43. Mr. Sassori obtained 345 votes. And Mr. Zahradil obtained 160 votes. Mr. Sassoli has obtained the absolute
majority of its cast. Mr. Sassoli is the new president of the European Parliament I extend my congratulations to him on his election and wish him every success in
the course of his office and I now invite him to take over the presidency
of the European Parliament Citizens of the European Union honorable members of parliament,
colleagues, friends, representatives of the institutions of governments the women and men in the administration. You
will all understand how moved I feel on taking over the presidency of the
European part and having been elected by you to represent the institution which
more than any other has a direct link with our citizens. It is my duty to
represent it and defend it. relies on the justice and solidarity we are able to
develop it has often been said. Allow me to compliment the outgoing President
Antonio Tajani for the work he’s done, his great commitments, and his dedication to this institution I would like also to welcome the members who have been confirmed With women making up 40% of
the membership of the European Parliament now that’s a good result but
we want even more. At this moment, following an intensive election campaign we’re making a start to a parliamentary term where events place a great
responsibility on our shoulders. Since no one can take the exact situation
for granted the voting has shown this and the makeup of this house too. We are seeing epoch-making changes a
foot – youth employment, migration, climate change, digital developments, new balances
on the world stage are some of the major issues before us. If we’re to manage all
these processes, we need new thinking we need to be bold enough to bring together
great wisdom with humility. We need to return to the spirit of the founding
fathers. those who put aside the Those who put aside the hostility of warfare and the damage caused by nationalism in order to build up a project that could bring together
peace, democracy, the rule of law development and equality. Too many people in recent months have
been stressing the way that this project has been in decline.
They’ve been fermenting development and conflict, what we thought were just a
sorry memory in our past but our citizens on the contrary have shown that
they still believe in this wonderful project. It’s the only one which is in
any position to rise to global challenges that we face. We need to be
strong enough to relaunch our process of integration, changing our union and making it able to come forward with a stronger response to
the needs of our citizens. We need to come up with real responses to their
palpable problems. Defending and promoting our founding values of freedom, that solidarity is a task we must pursue every day. Both within and beyond the
European Union. Colleagues, let us think more often about the world it’s our duty to be part of and the freedoms we enjoy. Looking to the east and the west and the
south, others seem to find it hard to recognize that there may be things that
make us different, not for better or worse but just different and we in
Europe are proud of our diversity. Let’s repeat that fact. Let it be clear to
everyone that in Europe, no government can rule the roost. That is no mean feat.
The value of the human individual, individual human dignity are the
benchmark against which we can gauge our political efforts. No one in Europe
can put down the opposition. Our institutions are the fruit of democracy,
of free choice made in free elections. Nobody can be condemned for holding a
particular political or religious or philosophical persuasio. Young people
are able to travel and study and fall in love without any restrictions. We mustn’t allow any European to be humiliated or squeezed out of society because of their
sexual orientation. Within Europe in one way or another
social cover is part of our identity. Our economic model, our social market economy
needs to have fresh life breathed into it. Our economic rules must bring together
growth with social protection and respect to the environment. We need appropriate instruments to fight poverty and hold out prospects for our young
people. We need to to relaunch sustainable investments so as to
strengthen the process of convergence amongst our regions and territories. The digital revolution is bringing about a sea change to our lifestyles. The way we produce and consume. We need rules. They must reconcile technological progress to
businesses, protection of individuals. Climate change exposes us to huge risks which are now clear. What we need
to do is invest in clean technologies to respond to the thousands of young people
who’ve been out on the streets demonstrating and have come here also to
remind us that there is no planet B. We need to work on ever stronger gender
equality too – there has to be an ever more prominent role for women in politics the
economic and social spheres. Ladies and gentlemen this is our visit card in a
world without rules with which needs rules. We can help establish those rules. But all this is no chance occurrence. The
European Union isn’t just a blip in history. My father fought other Europeans. My mother, 20 years ago had to leave home
and find refuge with others and I know this is a story that so many of
your families also share. I also know that if we were to share our history and
sit around a table with a beer and tell one another our stories, we would find out that
we’re all children or grandchildren of people who’ve gone through historical
events. Our history is full of pain, the blood of young Britons shared on the
shores of Normandy in the desire for freedom. The desire for justice, the heroic Warsaw Ghetto they the Spring movements put down by tanks in Eastern
European countries, the desire for brotherhood. At every juncture we have a
moral duty not to renounce our humanity. Obedience cannot be seen as a virtue. We
are not a blip in history, we are the children and grandchildren of those
who’ve managed to find the antidote to this nationalist
degeneration of Europe poisoned our history. We are Europeans and because we
all love our own countries, that also makes us European but nationalism
turned into an ideology, adultery leads us inevitably into destructive conflict. Colleagues, politics must overcome division. We need
European political parties who will increasingly be able to provide a
structure for our work together. We need to strengthen our capacity in this
parliamentary term we need stronger procedures to make sure that the
European Parliament’s can play a leading role in a fully fledged – European
democracy. But, we’re not starting from square one.
We’re not building everything up from the ground. Europe is based on its institutions, imperfect though they are, even though
they require reform they have upheld our freedoms and independence Our institutions will allow us to respond to all those who are determined to divide
us and we’ll say to them today at the beginning of this parliamentary term
that the European Parliament will guarantee the independence of European
citizens. Only they are entitled to determine their own history. No one can
take their place, no one can usurp our position. In this
house, together with all our colleagues with their great wealth of experience,
there was a very large number of new members here I’d like to welcome them
into our midst. I’ve read many of their CVs and I feel certain that we have a
very positive representation here. 63 percent of the membership of this
Parliament is made up of first term members. Many of them are committed to
social work. They have great skills and professionalism. Very many of them are
also involved in protecting people and that’s an area that Europe needs to
improve its performance on because there are a new phenomenon that that we will
have to be able to manage on migration. Increasingly whenever something goes
wrong, when governments are unprepared and we– we start again from scratch. I would say to the members of the European Council this Parliament feels that the time has
come to discuss the reform of the the
Dublin convention. The vast majority of
this house proposed this in the previous
parliamentary term. The vast majority
endorsed that proposal. This is something we owed to European citizens who were calling for more solidarity amongst the Member States. And we also owe this to
the poor people and the way we’ve dealt with them has made us big in the eyes of
the world and say to the members of the council this. lies in your hands. You can’t continue to kick this down the road. We need to show the responsibility
and restore faith in our institutions. We don’t want the citizens asking where’s
Europe every time an emergency happens. There’s a test bench here where we can
shake people out of their indolence and move away from selfish reflexes. The council and the Commission must feel this needs to respond more bravely to
the requests of our young people who tell us we need to wake up, open our eyes
and save the planet. And I’ll turn to them and say in regards to this Parliament
which is starting work today as your reference point, help us, help us to–to be
bolder in rising to the challenge of climate change. I want to assure the council and its rotating passage of officers that we
will cooperate with it fully and the same applies to the Commission and its
president. The European institutions needs to take a fresh look at the way they are structured. They must not pose any obstacle to the
building of a united Europe. Than the president of the council I I want to pay homage to the heads of state and governments. 28 countries make the European Union
great. We’re talking about 28 states from the largest to the smallest. They have a unique heritage in the world
to protect. They’ve all come a long way. The cultures, languages, art, landscapes, poetry are all unique. These are our great heritage which deserves everyone’s
respect that’s why when I visit them on your behalf, I will always be focuse. When I hit the hymns and look at their
flags I will not forget those who don’t do the same in this house. Lastly, I want to pay homage to British MEP s whatever their views on Brexit may be. For us,
imagining Paris, Madrid, Berlin, and Rome being far from London is something
painful yes, be aware of that. With all due respect for the choices made by
British citizens, as far as we Europeans are concerned this is a political
transition which has to be pursued in a regional, a reasonable way in the spirit
of dialogue but with constant respect of the rules and the prerogatives on both
side. I’d also like to welcome the representatives of governments
who have applied for membership of the European Union. The European path reflects their free choice. We all know how desirable it is to be a member of the European Union. The accession process continues. The European Parliament has
expressed its satisfaction on a number of occasions regarding the results that
have been achieved and good luck lastly to the whole administration and
everybody who works in this Parliament. We’ve set an objective for ourselves in
the last Parliamentary term. We stated that we wanted the European Parliament to be the home of European democracy. That’s why we need to reform transparency, innovation. A lot has already been achieved particularly in the budget but in
this new parliamentary term we need to redouble our efforts. In pursuit of that we need greater dialogue between members and administration and it will be my job
to over see that. Colleagues, Europe still has a lot to say if if we speak out
together. If we explain the reasons for our political struggle to serve our
citizens, if we listen to their fears even their anger, but above all, their
needs. I feel certain that all of you will prove you are in a position to make your fullest contribution to improving Europe so that’s together if we apply ourselves
to this we can make a success of this and be ambitious thank you.


  1. Well done David. I think this has something to do with China, Italy relations. The EU wants to keep Italy. Ben fatto David. Penso che questo abbia qualcosa a che fare con le relazioni tra Cina e Italia. L'UE vuole mantenere l'Italia.

  2. Oh my, shock and surprise, I got the job!!! For someone who has just been told that he has just got the presidents job, that a hell of an un-prepared impromptu speech the trotted out. Just saying!

  3. Dopo le elezioni europee in cui vince la destra, a capo dellla UE ci mettono uno di sinistra. Il voto degli italiani vale quanto la carta igienica. 👎

  4. What a bullshit organisation – all these overpaid bastards spending our money like water on bullshit projects all the while congratulating themselves and claiming billions in expenses.. Liars, charlatans, con-men, thieves and self-regarding verbal diarrhoea-spouting good for nothing elitist globalist mouthpieces for the devil.

  5. He mentions the real need of the eu and the flaws that afflict the grow of the euro.
    This will be an effective parliament

  6. A man I've never heard of was placed in an election (?) with NO other candidates that I was aware of and without my vote has been elected as 'my' EU President for the next 5 years!!

    PLEASE GOD… get the UK OUT of this rotten institution on 31st October….


  8. Comisia Europeană va fi adunarea generală a președinților Europeni adică președintele României, Italiei, Spaniei, Germaniei etc Belgia….
    Un singur președinte al Europei trebuie să fie adică Jean Claude Van…..???? 😁 😎 dacă NU vreți atunci NU va fi niciunul președinte….e uniune pt anumite drepturi și fiecare țară cu legile ei…..având în vedere că președintele României Iohannis nu are bani să_ mi dea pt acuzații țaraa îmi aparține 😀☺uniunea NU a făcut nimic împotriva lui și a parlamentului deci vinovați incompetenți…..îl aleg regele Europei JEAN CLAUDE Van….. Și aștept hârtia cu semnul crucii pt apărare și drepturile legale până LA cip impusă de Dumnezeu semnat semnul crucii România

  9. He wants a Europe that listens to the anxieties of its individual people’s. If they had listened in 2016 when Cameron was making his representations , maybe there would be no Brexit . (But maybe there will be no Brexit because it is the practice to ignore referendums on EU matters) . The EU is the new Rome and the Brexiteers are heretics, to be burnt at the stake.

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