Milo: Forbidden Conversation

Milo: Forbidden Conversation


  1. Great interview. Thanks Milo for being so open, honest and courageous. Your a star (but you already knew that) 🌟💖

  2. Strangely it’s been one of the saddest things I’ve ever watched.
    After watching it when Dr. Peterson’s face faded to black in the last second, I was in tears for 5 minutes.
    I haven’t had same tragedies in my 30 years of life as he has. But I saw my old self in Milo.
    I am not like this anymore and truly wish one day he will genuinely be in peace too.

  3. I have missted Milo so much! And my God the brain on him! He never showed it like this before. Well I knew he wasn't stupid. But he is on the lvl with Petersson. A younger version at least haha.

  4. Milo was taken out of the public light by the Clintons, the only reason they didn't suicide him is that he's gay.
    Furthermore… Oh wait there's someone at the door.

  5. Jordan is a clinical psychologist, yet he doesn't broach the subject that seems so obvious: gay men are generally men with father/mother issues. It's a psychological disorder.

  6. I look forward to seeing your new venue. I'm part of the Trump movement and I appreciate what you added to the movement. I love that you would leave social media. Let us know where you are landing. Not all the base is awful; some of us are quite OK.

  7. Milo tries to analyse JP, but fails because he is so wrapped up in himself. His addiction to communicating his own thoughts and inability to listen without interrupting makes him unable to understand other people. This is annoying but he is still worth listening to.

  8. What disturbs me about this, is that when Milo is asked what being abused by an older Priest might have ‘done to him’, the only dimension he seems capable of viewing this from is whether it made him gay or not.

    It makes me wonder why? Particularly when he claims he now understands the event differently, picturing his similarly aged stepson in the same position. Based upon what he’s saying later, though, the main effect of his stepson being targeted by a paedophile is that it might contribute to making him gay, but probably not.

    I find it very interesting. Is this a case of denial? Is he so committed to taking a provocative position of abuse being ‘not that bad’ that he can’t explore the potential consequences of abuse, even when the victim is himself? For me, I noted his referral to ‘power’ troughout the interview. He said he likes to look for where power is. He also says his power is that he doesn’t care about anything (or claims not to care). It occurs to me that perhaps the way he dealt with his experiences of betrayal by parents and authority figures, including the abuse, was to create a false sense of power by showing that nobody can do anything that could hurt him, because nothing they do could ever matter to him. He appears to have created an identity based on this early survival mechanism – his entire career is based upon proving he ‘doesnt care’. He can’t explore the possibility that abuse might have had any negative effect, as that would imply that he cares, and that would be losing power (in his mind). It would not only mean exploring that he might be a victim (something he would find detestable, as the ‘victims’ are those he so much loves to mock), but he would be contradicting a fundamental aspect of his core identity.

    If you ask me, seeing how he speaks about this issue, and knowing how he turned out to manifest himself in the world…… that event (and his unsupportive parents) didn’t just do something to him, it did everything to him

  9. Milo is right. He is a national treasure that is sorely missed. He is also right about the conservatives being cowardly and ungrateful. It’s not only their loss, but ours as well. I wish Milo all the success, because he deserves it. We love you Milo, come back to us soon, we love and miss you!

  10. Yes, all of the religious priests, I mean all religions have that problem of pedophiles, I was one, at 12 years old for 2 years by 3 of them.
    But I fill just like Milo, it wasn't that bad because I didn't know any better, and it didn't change my life.

  11. Laughing at the insanity of this world helps to keep it from consuming you.
    The universe is full of contrary things.

  12. Milo is delluded if if thinks he is not under the prestige economy. His league just allows his style. In the YouTube age no person that wants to be heared by the public gets shutdown completly. There are many platforms than can do the trick. Also personal websites are having a slow but sure comeback.

  13. It’s like older men with their younger wives. Hugh Hefner is the perfect example. It just in Gay communities. It’s everywhere.

  14. Being from SE Texas these type people are pretty much alien, I find them both intriguing/refreshing, I also respect/appreciate the amount of courage they have to do what they do and to shine while doing it. These last few months I’ve been somewhat researching their work and I feel Americans should pay attention, these men are from other countries yet they recognize what’s at stake here. Them Focusing on the US and its values Says a lot about how great our country is folks. Thank you Dr Peterson and Milo for fighting the good fight!

  15. I just love Milo! I think it would be great if u contacted Beckett Cook.(He was also interviewed by Eric McTaxis) You would find it very interesting!!

  16. I don't think that Milo has effectively dealt with the horrible situations that happened to him. His mechanism for his pain, in my opinion, is being on the offense and "he doesn't care" is a wall of protection from his pain. I'm glad that Dr. Peterson is trying to get to the core. Forgiveness will help start to set a person free. Milo said "he's fine" but he's not.

  17. Isn't this how a pedophile picks a child? Bad home life, divorced parents, mother remarries a man who doesn't want him around, a father who wouldn't remove him from an abusive environment…and a pedophile who pretends to care and stand behind them.

  18. Some of those who took him out WERE on the Left. They're looked at as the right, but behind the scenes, they're pushing a Democratic nominee into 2020. I think perhaps Milo was hoodwinked…bc they are NOT on the right. They criticize the right constantly, but like Milo, lots think they were on the right.

  19. Na! Sorry I don’t get him/ this interview! I was physically and emotionally abused by my mother, apparently from 3months old. That WAS the worst thing that has ever happened to me!
    Not solely because of the abuse but the knock on effect on my future life (I’m now 57) and the choices I’ve made! Destroyed by the primary caregiver! I’m not done with living yet but I consider this to be the catalyst for my wrong paths. Thanks to JBP now live my life free from unearned guilt and “addition by subtraction “! I am a survivor, not a victim!

  20. I hope Milo mentions Bishop Viganò, other bishops and the brave Catholic laity who aren't meek about the sex scandals. This discussion gives outsiders an impression that we Catholics are cowards and weak. Peoppe should watch Michael Voris and his team in CHURCH MILITANT, a channel that discusses things from Catholic liturgy, apologetics, tradition to sex offending priests.

  21. "That's why gay men become preists because they want to be fathers and shepherds." Why that opened my eyes to some things.

  22. This was lovely to hear between two favorites. Thank you for sharing with us Milo! Thank You Mr. Peterson for having and sharing the conversation I've waited to hear with us!! I will be waiting for your show Milo!

  23. You’ve lost your laugh, Milo, and that was all you really had. YOUR transition has been from Court Jester to insufferable boor.

  24. All the people I've met who were subject to pedophilia were completely marked by the experience. Sure they get on with their lives, afterall we have no choice and for many it does define them.

  25. The reason candace owens didnt get taken down by the hitler comment was because she didn't apologize for it. Milo apologized, he admitted he said something he shouldn't have said.

  26. I'd disagree with Milo, Jordan Peterson is very funny, he has the timing of a stand-up comedian. I laugh more when watching Peterson than when watching Milo.

  27. I am so glad that Jordan is involved here to get to the bottom of too many people's wrong and VERY unfair response to Milo's situation.

  28. One of the fundamental differences between these two; despite opposing opinions etc, JP tries to bring harmony between individuals whereas Milo tries to bring disharmony. JP's intention is to encourage meaningful action out of love whereas Milo is playing the game of power.

  29. Milo the English Puffs was got a black boyfriend but he never talks about white genocide in South African Jordan Peterson does he ever talk about white genocide I notice 2.2 million viewers on your platform this is September 10th 2019 harvesting organs in America Andis puffs who wants to come to America but he's got a criminal record I don't think he's able to come to America flamboyant gay gay rights but not White's getting a rights now and then is going to be taken over by the black communist and Muslims but then again if Boris Johnson can pull off the brexit get rid of it they might have a chance better really doubtful Peter Johnson Jordan Peterson hasn't talked about white genocide in South Africa white people making money off white people's misery

  30. It is upsetting that Milo has been labeled as a hate speech speaker and has seen his voice cut through various online sources like twitter and facebook. Free Speech is truly being infringed upon when we look to private entities like Facebook and Twitter to decide what is PC or not PC, and what should be labeled as hate speech and removed for such reasons. This is not free speech. Does Milo not have his own active website or podcast?

  31. Fascinating! Thank you for this intervieiw, Jordan. I don't know much about Milo, other than what I've "heard." He clears up or at the very least, provides me perspectives on Gay Men, the Catholic Church, and human behavior that I hadn't known. Your questions were deep and probing, for which I'm also grateful. You poked just enough and Milo was courageous and honest enough to answer to the best of his ability. I will never view him in quite the same way.

  32. I love how both men are so respectful, open and willing to look at each others points of view. The world is all the better for having them in it, shining their lights on all the bullshit.

  33. Left Right is deception. Liberal and conservative labels attempt identify biases all humans suffer. Most are blind or dead spiritually. Individuals who think and speak in an effort to learn and grow a better world is what this helps achieve. Hallelujah!!!

  34. Any alt righter or even just pro american in general (especially if white or latino who wants the real america back, not the corporation) who supports ann coulter milo or gavin are idiots. All three of these idiots are pro blacks and j3ws. Gavin has admitted on multiple occasions that he doesn't understand anything about economics or politics. Down with these fake patriots (which 2 out of the 3 aren't even americans) .

  35. Does Milo know who Steven Crowder is? I like Milo but he's not quite as unique as he thinks he is. Crowder is far funnier.

  36. Milo, this has been one of best insights on behavior and being real that I have heard. You have found your greater purpose. Thank you to you both.

  37. Milo feels betrayed. Throw verbal hand grenades at him all day long and he'll bat them away without thinking, but the way he was abandoned by his "side" is what really cuts him. The world needs more people like Milo and I personally wish him the very best.

  38. Was an interesting conversation. I don't agree with him where he predicts Peterson's downfall though. He sort of says it just because it happened to him so it will happen to everyone, not much evidence for it though. Peterson has had life changing impact on at least thousands of people around the world and he has a lot more people who would back him up if he was attacked by the public sphere for something he says.

  39. It is dissasociation … This happens especially when someone is under extreme trauma as a child or a baby… Which is clearly what happened with Milo… Hollywood actually looks out for people who are able to do this easily… Dissociation

  40. I see death all around me sometimes, in our animals, in nature, in my mom, in my mom n law.. In people who are sick.. In poverty all around us…hidden by big banks, federal reserve… I have been training my brain to try to "dissosociate" myself from the trauma in my life. But, I see that doing nothing for my character… Nothing for the "meaning" we are all searching for… In other words the world is sad… Life as beautiful as it is… Comes to the same sad demise… And it is this that I cannot get over…There must be more to us than to witness these horrific things..

  41. PC and Identity Politics ruins societies on purpose! Are the Globalist elites to blame for they’re snobbery and double standard?

  42. I don’t think Milo is an oddball he’s an extremely gifted individual and his feelings and self recognition as being human is greatly enhanced! !

  43. Jordan is to good for Higher Education, he’s genuine and genius in his field and is mature enough to understand difficult positions.

  44. But Milo, YOU and the others SHOULD stick together and fight back! Forgot about YOUR hurt feelings and others too, and BAND TOGETHER to FIGHT! I’m a Republican and I still thought you were awesome! This is very sad!

  45. Great conversation although I do find that Milo is quite interuptive in these one on ones. I feel that if he was a little more patient the conversation would be even greater.

  46. That’s right Milo just leave Twitter traitors!!! Good luck too Milo I’ll be watching! ❤️👍🏼🙏🏼🤞🏼👏🏼

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