Mitch McConnell Knows Better, Says Senator | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Mitch McConnell Knows Better, Says Senator | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. After him saying that he has already made of his (little) mind how can he ever participate in the hearing. If any US citizen would say this to a judge during jury selection you would be dismissed and disqualified from the proceedings so why should he be allowed oversight and participation in this trial????
    With a statement like Moscow Mitch's how can he even be aloud to continue in US Government in any capacity?????

  2. Cincinnati native here. Can confirm that the culture here has shifted to a more liberal demographic in the last 15 years and its for the better

  3. What is "Apparent Winner"? Does the loser has to concede for the winner to be a winner? Anything is possible in the US of A. Imbeciles galore.

  4. Turkish president had something on trump, so trump abandoned Kurds. Also Putin has something on trump. Reality, I kept saying trump and the Republicans didn't win cause the Russians interfered in our 2016 election. He's trying to sell out our country to Putin. A Russian building in a company in Kentucky. They canceled sanction to build in Kentucky.

  5. Go Joe, go! Mitch McConnell’s got to go. What a mockery of justice. He’s a sellout to America. Great job, Joe! ✊💪🏾

  6. too much power has been given to an individual who prizes party over country. Majority leaders shouldn't have sway over the rest. It's like having your crazy uncle Mitch telling you who to vote for.

  7. Mitch mcConnell is old now he's become a chicken with bad heart now No one care about the old stupid man like Mitch McConnell..because he is a dog for Mr Cheater Trump hahahahahhah God bless M M Conell

  8. Mister Brown has been in Washington too long. No one except Trump's base will listen to anything Trump says about Health care he lied said he would cover every one then tried to repeal the ACA. Remember No one knew health care was so expensive. How much campaign money does Mr. Brown get from the insurance companies and big Pharma?
    Contributor Total Individuals PACs

    Ohio State University $225,632 $225,632 $0

    League of Conservation Voters $199,624 $189,625 $9,999

    JStreetPAC $178,372 $168,666 $9,706

    Votesane PAC $117,526 $117,526 $0

    Cleveland Clinic $101,224 $101,224 $0

    Top Industries, 2015 – 2020

    Industry Total Individuals PACs

    Retired $2,864,071 $2,864,071 $0

    Lawyers/Law Firms $2,141,211 $1,976,261 $164,950

    Education $1,178,158 $1,178,158 $0

    Health Professionals $892,544 $655,444 $237,100

    Real Estate $815,378 $717,878 $97,500 there is a bit of evidence here that he works for the insurance industry doctors and clinics. working for power not the voters of Ohio. But he did promote the MSNBC Agenda good on ya!

  9. McConnell is mistaken,. Since when do we decide any jury trial ahead of time. Remove Mitch from these proceedings, The Dems need to make a huge deal about these comments. No, I am afraid, Moscow Mitch is not better than this. The Grim Reaper speaks and it is grim indeed.

  10. As said before, USA has turned into a DICTATORSHIP. Rotten to the core indeed. Moscow Mitch has been corrupt al his life

  11. Moscow Mitch will not be running the trial. At least get the process correct. John Roberts chief justice from the supreme court will be running the trial. I am a Bernie supporter and still understand this much. BERNIE 2020!

  12. It is stunning the people are not prepared to see the facts before they make such ridiculous objections. The insults to men of such honor and treating the trump as some deity. Watching the display of his christian staffer?? is sacrilegious and such blasphemy it is staggering these acts alone are allowed in the white house. Who do these people like Mcconnell and Graham and those other twits really come from and work for. . Or what are they hiding? So afraid of the investigation enough to lie and make such fools of themselves. Amazing… Waiting to see who is the first rat to bite and jump ship as it sinks.

  13. It's the Sabbatean Frankist in work-in plain sight. research to this world changing government taking over… plain sight. We're at the end of the world as we know it. It will turn out in a Global dictatorship prison. Read this and reflect, remember this warning

  14. I agree with Marky E Mitch is a traitor and a greedy rubal grubbing coward!.. He's a stupid, corrupt liar and swine who sells out at the drop of a $.

  15. Personally, as a senior, I would like to see Medicare upgrade it's plan. I paid into it for 50 years, I believe Medicare should cover 100% of medical, vision, dental, and prescriptions (we get none of the last 3). Why, because we seniors do, and have, paid into it. I now pay $400/mo. ($134 taken out of my Social Security for Medicare) for a supplemental plan, Medicare only covers 80%, I'm responsible for the other 20%. I pay for prescription insurance which has been raised two years running along with the cost of prescriptions. Heaven help us for vision and dental. Seniors on fixed incomes are also having a hard time, and I think people, as well as government, has forgotten that. One more thing, maybe if the government had to pay for prescriptions in the Medicare plan they wouldn't cater to these pharmaceutical companies, or at least be able to get prescription drugs cheaper. Most countries take care of their seniors.

  16. Since Moscow Mitch has failed to even allow one vote on any of the bills that have been sent to the Senate from the House of Representatives, he has obviously lost his mind! Why are taxpayers funding his paychecks when he hasn't been doing his job? Why do Mitch & his wife still have jobs after the way they have been playing fast and loose with the funds for infrastructure for the whole nation by spending only in their home state of Kentucky, and pocketing the rest? They both should have been brought up on charges and been relieved of their positions months ago. Not to mention that Mitch is also preventing all of the Senators from doing their jobs as well. Anyone who votes for Donald Trump, Mitch, or any other Trump worshiper might as well flush their tax money down the toilet instead of sending it to Washington, for all the good it's doing once it gets there. I think we should stop payment on every Republican's paycheck until they get their heads screwed on straight and start doing the jobs they were elected to do!

  17. Vote all them crooks out office….we have to make them pay some kinda way…wake up America's I Kno you all can't be so blind to this madness

  18. This Morning Joe program and it s panelists are so fixated on saving private health insurance companies that it makes you wonder if they are on the take. The original "Americans love their private health insurance" claim came from a study bought and paid for by the Kaiser Family Foundation, the same family that once founded the medical conglomerate that became Kaiser Permanente. The "study" involved calling up about 1,000 random Americans at dinnertime and asking them "Are you satisfied with your health insurance?" If I get a cold call at dinnertime from someone who sounds like they want to sell me health insurance, I would say yes too. Now anyone who stops and thinks about their actual interactions with their health insurance company can recall outrageous delays in getting drugs and procedures approved, delays in getting bills paid, big deductibles and co-pays and drug prices, and/or surprise out-of-network fees. Are these people really satisfied with their health insurance? Have they ever experienced a national health care system like that in Canada or Japan (where I live) where NONE of these things happen, where you get treated no questions asked and don't go bankrupt trying to pay the bill? If they had, they would have given that Kaiser Family Foundation survey taker a piece of their mind. Morning Joe will keep riding that trope, though, that Americans love their insurance and M4A will just be a disaster for the Dems. Senator Sherrod Brown is a "progressive?" That's news to me.

  19. Mitch McConnell is out of touch with the American people and his constituents. How did he ever get in WDC? He talks like an old man with dementia.

  20. I guess Mitch is happy that the country is being run by a pouty 8 year old. Sorry America, you have an egocentric, narcissistic child running your country – and it scares the rest of the world.

  21. The Republicans are sad party, so it going to take the American people to take back American from this corrupt President and corrupt Republicans.

  22. So one of the most progressive senators in Congress who has one as a democrat in a red state is advocating for building on the ACA. Candidates should heed his advice.

  23. keep in mind mcconnell said "if it was today": we all know today is just the start of the public phase. mitch is just playing politics and testing the waters, but after the gop lose he should have learned something, and i hope it is that he better vote to remove or he himself will be voted out

  24. Moscow Mitch has a Russian guillotine poised over his head…he had no say over his own life…for a long, long time! Moscow Mitch took money from the Russians…THEY OWN HIM…

  25. Wake up kiddies you know this will never lead to removal. There is no way that there will be 75 Senators vote for removal. There has not been any hearings yet. Nothing that has happened behind closed doors should and will have any thing to t do with this. Once the hearings began we will see what happens.

  26. The Repugnants Republicans Were the Party of NO…NO…NO..So I don't UnderStand Why the People Are So Surprised!!…If a Group of People Can Stick Together against Policies that Actually are Good for the Country..Because They want to Prove WithOut Help from This Side the First Black President Will Fail…and Literally Sold And Kept Repeating Obama's Not Intelligent or Smart and Should be Impeached Because of Failure to Lead ..Remember I Guess Not..Why Wouldn't those Same People Freeze the American Justice System Out Also…You can't Tell Me You didn't See that Coming…Unfortunately Elites don't Care About Regular Joes or Veterans or Single Parents Sorry to Say…Republicans Don't Even Want You and Your Family to Have HealthCare Insurance for Preexisting Conditions without Paying an Arm and A Leg for It..Bill Clinton and Benghazi was carried Out in the same Identical Fashion Via Trey Gowdy..Now its UnJust and A Farce Did I Mention The Repugnants Republicans Created All the Rules for Engagement We are following…I'm Confused Why You Think they Would Fly Fly Straight NOW??!!!…Crooks with Suits…Period…Vote Democrat…

  27. McMonnell should go to prison just for saying what he just said!. It is malfeasance in plain sight and on live TV!. And this is about the security and the constitution of USA!. Trump have undermined, corrupted and committed serveral crimes from the Oval Office and it is proven with facts and evidence!. These republicans belongs in prison, perhaps even charged with treason ! even i do know the definition of treason is more complex….but this is treasonous behaviour from the republicans against the very foundations and fabric of USA!

  28. Moscow Mitch needs to either wait for the evidence, or he can recuse himself, completely (including, not voting on the outcome); Unusual, suggestion? Perhaps, but, not as far fetched as his notion that a twice-elected, standing US President can be denied, impeded, and OBSTRUCTED, from his Constitutional duty of appointing Supreme Court Justices, just because it’s an election year!

  29. That's ok it Moscow Mitch, it is WE who will never forget you fcking REPUGNANT, REPULSIVE, UNREPENTANT republicans!!

  30. A criminal should NOT BE ALLOWED TO RUN FOR RE-ELECTION, OR FOR THAT MATTER, ELECTED!! WE CANNOT ALLOW THIS!! The world will laugh at our 'democracy ' if we do!!

  31. That's exactly right! We must show the facts about our nation with what Trump has done!! Without 'executive orders ' trump has done nothing positive for any American except the very rich!!

  32. They will continue to lie and tell the public there's absolutely nothing and they will be absolutely thrilled with that.

  33. NO..NO..YOU SEE THAT WHERE YOUR MAKING A MISTAKE.. Mich ISN"T better than this!.. the GOP really is that rotten to the core. the will of the people and the law of the land mean NOTHING to these people. They are above the law because they MAKE the law. All they had to fear is the vote and judges and they are busy fixing both of those.

  34. Mitch McConnell you need to step down. You have broken your oath to the Consitiution of the United States and to American people. You did not pledge to the Republican Party or to the Present you made a pledge to the American people. So we the people fire you. It's time to go Mitch.

  35. As another Trump supporter just answered the question what she would do if Trump shot someone on Fifth Avenue: "It depends on why he said he did it".

  36. So, before he's seen the evidence, heard any testimony or (most importantly to a cretin like McConnell) seen the reaction of voters and donors to the that evidence and testimony, McConnell is certain that there will be an acquittal. Pretty sure that speech should have ended with "for these reasons I am going to recuse myself from anything to do with these proceedings". But such integrity is an alien concept to a republican.

  37. by "moderate" candidate the MSM mean a pro-corporate sell-out candidate who has the same agenda as trump but who isn't named trump. these people are pushing the fascist agenda they just don't want trump to lead it. there's NO such thing as too far left unless the MSM continues to unfairly brand it as extremist. its just the same old neo-liberal game. its absurd.
    its NOT about left or right but about RIGHT or WRONG! since when is it wrong or extremist to want a WORKABLE, non-profiteering health care system, or affordable education that doesn't put you in a life-time of debt, or a LIVABLE wage, or consumer and labor protections and economic policies that don't destroy the planet's environment? these pursuits AREN'T extremist – THEY'RE RIGHT! HUMAN RIGHTS ARE RIGHT and its damned time the MSM stop demonizing these pursuits.

  38. The cartoon turtle who runs the senate needs a reality check. And that reality stated when Kentucky elected a DEM as Gov. The incumbent can try to do everything within his power but I'm guessing Kentukians are fed up with the turtle. AH YUP!

  39. All you have to do to see where Mitch McConnell's priorities lie is glance at the statistics about the state he has helped govern since the mid-1980s. By any measure, Kentucky is a mess*. It is poor, unhealthy, under-employed, non-competitive, poorly educated, addicted, and despairing. While Mitch has been off playing tactician, his state has continued to sink. McConnell is a heartless, cold, ruthless man who is out for himself. Maybe the chickens are finally coming home to roost.
    * Kentucky:
    / #46 in Educational attainment..
    / #46 in Poverty.
    / #43 in Employment.
    But #5 in receipt of federal subsidies & #1 in obstructionist politicians

  40. Dirty Don put the turtle's Chao Chow on the government gravy trained and bribed him to be his legislative grim reaper and bosom buddy. Mitch has always been a corrupt self serving jerk and never has been better than this. Heard that the good people of Kentucky have woke up and sent Putin's Agent Orange a message loud and clear. Congrats Kentucky. Now send Dirty Don's gopher tortoise his packing notice in the next election.

  41. This is so disgustingly anti-American, anti-constitutional and corrupt. All the judges should be annulled and Merrick Garland back up. Every bit of legisltion that McConnel has touched or overlooked should be reviewed and McConnel triesd for treason. We need full justice, not just impeaching Trump, that's just the tip of ice berg. Trump never would've won without the help of the anti-American and filthy corrput GOP!!!

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