Moon meets with political party leaders for talks on Japan’s export regulation

Our starting point this afternoon,… President Moon Jae-in and the leaders of Korea’s
five political parties are meeting at the top office… on issues including Japan’s
export curbs. For more on that, we go live to our presidential
correspondent Shin Se-min who has the details. Se-min, the meeting is scheduled for right
around now has it started? Right Devin,… political leaders representing
all corners of the country of course including President Moon are about to go into a two-hour
meeting here at the top office… where they’ll focus on Japan’s export restrictions targeting
the heart of the Korean economy. That meeting scheduled for two hours from
4PM this afternoon,… right about now is the first of its kind since March last year. And that alone signifies the gravity of the
meeting today that the leaders of the political parties are putting their political differences
aside and are united in dealing with Japan’s export restrictions, which have shown no sign
of deescalating since the issue arose in the first week of this month. And from the meeting today,… we are also
expecting some sort of an agreement amongst the participants. That could include cooperation in parliament
to point out the irrationality of Japan’s export measures,… or even the formation
of a special committee from the National Assembly. Also we could to learn whether or not the
leaders agreed to send an envoy to Japan. Today’s meeting was prompted by the urgency
of dealing with Japan’s trade restrictions, but they might also deal with other issues
that have dragged on for months… like the multi-billion dollar supplementary budget
as well as sending food aid to North Korea first initiated back in May. So in the coming hours we’re expecting a flow
of information coming from this rare meeting here at the top office,.. and I’ll be sure
to fill you in on that in our later newscast. Devin?

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