More UK Political Parties Explained SIMPLY

The election is now only three weeks away, so I thought I’d explain a few more of the minor UK political parties. If you haven’t already watched my video on the main UK political parties then I’d really recommend that you go and watch it now, the link should appear any minute now.. If it’s not there then it’ll be in the description. So let’s get to it! The Green Party is a left wing party that mixes a strong belief in protecting the environment, environmentalism, with left wing economics focusing on investing heavily on our public services, unilateral nuclear disarmament, increasing money spent on welfare taxing the rich more upping LGBT rights, animal rights, civil liberties etc. Plus they want to scrap first past the post and replace it with proportional representation which would ironically, allow them to have more representation in parliament. They are pro European and want another referendum on Britain leaving the European Union. In Scotland you have the Scottish Nationalist Party, which wants Scotland to become an independent country outside of the United Kingdom. They mix these nationalist policies with more left wing polices which focus on similarly to the Green Party, investing in public services, unilateral nuclear disarmament and the overall creation of a social democracy in Scotland. They also, similarly to the Greens want to keep Scotland in the EU Plaid Cymru, a welsh nationalist party calling for welsh indepencende continues in the same vein of these previous parties, calling for more government spending in order to create social democracy in Wales. They are also, believe it or not, are also pro European. In Norhern Ireland you have the two main unionist parties in the DUP (the democratic unionist party) and the UUP (the Ulster unionist party) Both parties are unionist meaning that they want Northern Ireland to remain within the United Kingdom whilst still having devolution to make some of their own laws, away from Westminister. They are also both conservative parties meaning that they favour restrictions of abortion, lower taxes and some tighter restrictions on access to welfare. In opposition to the DUP and UUP in Ireland there is Seinn Fein, an Irish nationalist party that favours Ireland becoming a single nation as opposed to remaining two separate ones. On almost all other policies they follow the line of social democratic parties like the Greens, Plaid Cymru and SNP in calling for increased funding for social services, taxing the rich more, staying in the EU etc. So between these two videos I think I’ve explained the main UK wide political parties, if I’ve left any out or you think I need to expland more upon on any then please just leave me a comment in the section below, Thanks for watching please like share and definitely subscribe.

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