Multiple GOP Senators Claim They Won’t Be Watching Trump Impeachment Hearing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Multiple GOP Senators Claim They Won’t Be Watching Trump Impeachment Hearing | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. Well, this coordinated response of this collective of prominent and powerful Senators is disheartening, to say the very least. I find these Republican Senators rejection of reality and rejection of the gravity of this situation to be a breach of contract but even more so a breach of trust and faith that was placed in them by We The People. Their message to We The People is: " Don't watch, don't pay attention, don't waste your time. Just ignore it all. We are!! Hahaha😜 "

  2. So what some GOP won't watch the hearing. They normally don't work anyway. They just work to protect all republican evil unlawful deeds. This group of men are corrupt to the core.

  3. The House had to impeach Trump. He has attempted to tamper with our elections. So GOP arguments to wait for elections to decide Trump's political future ring hollow. This has to be addressed now. GOP will pay dearly if the elections can be kept pure.

  4. When u let the devil lie to u ..LINDSAY Graham I feel sorry for you. God won’t lie to you , He will not tell you Barabas is pure and Jesus is a hoax …. don’t get manipulated by greedy people telling you Trump is The chosen One because he is not … the devil is a liar … always go back to the Bible when u confuse!

  5. picking up their laundry?    no they will be doing their job working for the American people. msnbc    fake news.   biased     news.   trump 2020

  6. Want to know how most Americans care about this witch hunt? Check out the stock market. Going thru the roof. Pure bovine defecation. Demwits and their news media lackeys are going to pay dearly. Trump and Republican landslide 2020. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Boycott sponsors of the alphabet TV channels. Turn off the cash and watch them do a 180.

  7. If anyone puts his head in the sand, how can he/she have the information necessary to make a fair decision? Isn’t ignoring the hearing a dereliction of duty? They can put their fingers in their ears and say la la la la la la la all they want but they should not be allowed to vote

  8. These immoral COWARDS! Support Trump, that admitted in court signed documents, that he ran a FAKE Charity to steal $500,000 from Kids with Cancer and $2.5 million from Veterans. These Immoral COWARDS! prove they HATE! the USA, and care more about a "party", protecting an Admitted and convicted, Liar, Thief and life long scam artist. They swore to defend the Constitution, and follow the LAW, not a man, not a "party" or trying to protect their job. (Court documents, Charges against Trump and Trumps FAKE Charity)

  9. Because they are just aas corrupt as dump they no he is guilty,we no he is guilty and yet they cover up and lie for him.

  10. And now the repubs line of defence is that the dirt on the Bidens wasn't released! So they are saying the bank robbers went in and held up the bank but had to run without the money because the bank didn't cooperate! The attempt IS the crime! Not the success of it! Like attempted murder IS a very serious crime!

  11. Trump was 71 years old when he took office. 
    There is nothing whatsoever in his resume before taking office but corruption, abuse of others and incompetence.

  12. I'm no Trump fan.
    I'm an independent voter.
    But this whole thing is so obvious…the Democrats are just trying to get rid of Trump – or damage him going into 2020!
    What he said on the Ukraine phonecall did not rise to the level of "treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors"!
    Let the people decide in 11 months and three weeks!

  13. IMO, everything should be brought into the hearings, considering Trump has committed a LIST of impeachable offenses since 2016, all connecting a pattern that culminates in the Ukraine scandal. Russian collusion (5 of Trump's 2016 campaign people having been indicted, not to mention Julian Assange) to hack our system and mess with our elections, obstructing justice, and hiding documents from investigators. All of it should be in the hearings.

  14. They’re watching. They’re wanting Americans to believe this is a “witch hunt” that will help next years election of Trump.

  15. Since these majority Republicans won't be watching these historical hearings …
    How will they answer legitimate questions to protect their devoted constituents,
    from being … bamboozled or possibly cheated out of their taxpayer's millions of dollars
    by this current president?!?!

  16. Impeachment sham. Senate will vote no impeachment. Trump will win in 2020. Democratic jackasses lose again and will be brought to heel like the dogs they are.

  17. Shame on them. They've clearly lost sight of their responsibilities to our Republic. Maybe they would see something that would help defend the president but they obviously know there is no defense so remaining ignorant is their defense. This behavior makes it partisan and political. We, the American people, deserve better from our Legislative branch of government.

  18. "Plausible" deniability. You can't be expected to speak about the damaging testimony against POTUS and his administration that you deliberately avoided hearing. Although, wasn't it the Republicans that wanted open hearings, so they could know what was being said…?

  19. The republicans clearly have their marching orders as evidenced by Fox interviews today. They all literally said the exact same thing. Pathetic really.

  20. Moron Rand Paul dismiss the important fact that Chief Justice Roberts will be ruling on all motions in the Senate Impeachment trial. Paul and other juvenile acting Senators will be hit in the face with a dose of no nonsense judicial prudence!!

  21. I'll never vote for another Republican as long as I live after this sham. They all privately state that Trump was in the wrong but put Party over Country here.

  22. If President Obama did what Trump did , Republicans will Made 20 investigation @Same time plus Impeach him Next day !! Just think about it ,if No one dose nothing About President Trump abusing hes power Then Where is the Limit ??? Where is the red line ?? Cause next Week Going to get Farther And Have Hes 2020 Opponents arrested for some made up crimes Like they do it in Russia. But wait the min ,didnt Trump said he Loves Putin Style cause he is Strong Man and President ! Senate and house cant Let this go cause Even if Trump doesn't get Reelected Whoever next president is He will Do the same thing and Respond To Congress or oversight The it must be legal cause Trump did it and No one did anything about it .

  23. If they refuse to hear the testimony then they shouldn't be able to vote on the impeachment or it's an automatic yes for impeachment!

  24. They are watching. They want the narrative about not watching to catch on with those in the public who are Trump supporters who might have any sort of open mind upon hearing the evidence. Put it in their subconscious "it's a sham, it's not fair, nothing to see here". That is who they don't want watching. Reinforced by the narrative put out today on Twitter and Limbaugh "this is boring, not worth watching, falling to sleep from boredom." Just trying to put that in the minds of those weak enough to be swayed. Think about it…..just my opinion guys.

  25. In the 90s trump who was a life long Democrat said that if he ran for president he would run as a Republican because they believe anything he was right about that the Republicans don't have to watch the hearings and they are happening

  26. In any other courtroom in the country, if there were jurors who refused to listen to the testimony or look at the evidence, they would be dismissed and replaced, if not held in contempt of court. In the senate they are the jurors of the impeachment removal trial. If they refuse to listen to testimony or look at evidence, they should be removed from the senate immediately.

  27. The "Whistleblower" is apparently a Democratic Insider.

  28. It's pretty damning that Trump didn't attend or watch this hearing because if he cares about his presidency then he should be concerned about his presidency being in jeopardy. It's also damning that Republicans aren't watching the hearings because they are not acknowledging both sides of the issue. Ignoring your problems doesn't make them go away or make them any better. Trump has 1st hand information like Guilliani, Bolton, and Mulvaney but they were all asked not to testify.

  29. The Democrats have given the world enough evidence of their organized corruption . The Democrats in Congress have failed the American people as they have shown that they are not interested in passing any legislation for the future . They need to be physically removed from office and arrested by the military .

  30. These republicans will go down in history as being the worst politicians, the most corrupt, inept and cowardly of ALL time.

  31. The Republican senators are Lieing.. They will be WATCHING to see when their ship will sink, and to see how much time they have left, before they have to CLEAN OUT THEIR DESK.

  32. The senate only needs to pay attention when it becomes trial in the senate. They're too busy fixing America now. Plus, they get reports and summaries, just like the busy President does. Only the democrats have time to watch it.

  33. Watch it, don't watch it.. America's watching – we vote.
    The World's Watching and the care in a variety of ways too.

    Saying they're not watching doesn't diffuse anything or make them look stronger. As a matter if fact we're collectively waiting for them to take fetal positions and be fitted for straight jackets.

    They have zero self awareness, zero leadership skills, and no one believes a single thing they say.

    What victory is to be had in any of this?

  34. In fairness, there is no need for Senators to watch this. They'll see it all when it gets to the Senate.
    OTOH, any Senator who is stating their verdict now, or (like Rand Paul) who proposes to block the trial in the Senate should not only be disqualified from any participation in what the Senate does on this, they should be censured and maybe even removed from office for unethical conduct and gross violation of their oath of office.

  35. When Is A republican EVER Honest ? :/ republicans Already Decided to Let putin's/trump Charges Be Dismissed regardless of the TRUTH ! ! ! Did All Americans Hear That ? Will Privileged White boy's get Away Crimes ? Treason ? WOW ! So Sad For Our Country.

  36. Military tribunals sure to happen ! These swamp Beasts schifft and pelosi must be arrested if they continue to lie and lie .. causing chaos and confusion slandering President TRUMP …they have no evidence whatsoever .they are stonewalling trying to find a crumb of anything for evidence ..they must be stopped Shicfft and pelosi will have to foot this bill .3yrs of bullying and corruption .president is innocent..why should he be put through all of this stress 3yrs.. no fairness for their CROOKED DISHONEST FALSE IMPEACHMENTS,.should not be allowed to continue .. this clearly Sedation in full view!! do something to stop their circus now This farce which Americans are outraged a disgrace ..DISMISS THIS NOW, before these 2 Beasts ruin their own party and ruin President Trump and America ,the world is watching and arrests need be happening !!

  37. Well I wouldn’t want to watch a public massacre either, but if I had a Senator’s vote I’d want to know how much of a bloodletting.

  38. Don't worry about it, millions of Americans will watch how the Republican President comes down like Saddam Hussein's statue came down.

  39. Lindsay Graham has been so SHIFTY. He has Destroyed his credibility! Only a fool would take his words seriously at this point. Anyone who still believes what he says …is a lost cause!

  40. They are scared 💩💩💩liss. I’ve never seen Graham look so bad, he knows he’s supporting a sham. But like the rest of them they fear tRump.

  41. Any Senator that claimed they won’t watch the heatings shouldn’t be allowed to vote during the Senate impeachment hearing.

  42. Hear no evil , see no evil and speak a lot of evil , punish them at the elections when the people will speak , Jordan shame on you and all the Rep in the Senate

  43. bully fascist pig wannabes , made brave by Putin's money funneled into their pockets. They're immoral, but more, they're aiding and abetting treason. Trump took billions of Putin money since 1989,, Putin has been KGB all his life. So completely without morals. Putin's big hate for free people comes from his anger at the fall of the ultra corrupt Soviet Union. As a result, he hates every Americans guts. So he did this big thing to buy Trump's elevation,, and thinks nothing can touch him in return. Reap what you sow mother ****

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