Murphy Warned Ukraine’s President In Sept. Not To Get Entangled In U.S. Politics | All In | MSNBC

Murphy Warned Ukraine’s President In Sept. Not To Get Entangled In U.S. Politics | All In | MSNBC


  1. And what does Senator Johnson have to say? He's a Republican, right? And he accompanied the ambassador and the other senator to Ukraine, right? So what is his statement?

  2. Trump also wants to fire Inspector General Michael Atkinson, a man appointed by him. Atkinson provides oversight for the intelligence community, a man employed to be a politically-impartial watchdog. But Trump wants to fire him for the simple fact that Trump doesn't believe that Atkinson has been sufficiently loyal to him. Sound familiar? Well it should, because it's the same unethical reason he used to fire Sessions and Comey.

    As the Inspector General, Atkinson was the one who evaluated the whistleblower report. He ultimately deemed it credible, putting in motion the sequence of events that would ultimately lead to where we are today. So Trump wants to fire him for doing his job, and not being a criminal like him. Trump wants everyone around him to ignore the Constitution, and turn a blind eye to his dirty deeds and criminality, and anyone who doesn't, his deemed disloyal.

    If a police department has a Police Chief that is brazenly extorting and shaking down businesses locally, and police officers within the department realize what's happening, what should they do? Should they just ignore it? Should they join in with the Police Chief? Or should they report it to Internal Affairs?

  3. .
    These guys are all using cell phones. The phone bill shows every call. Who called who and when and for how long. All of them should just dump their phone bills on the table

  4. Devin Nunes claims that this is some wild conspiracy theory, grounded in pure fiction.
    Yet at the same time, he's suing a cow who has a twitter account for spreading lies about him.
    For $250 million!
    Is this the "best" the republicans have to offer? 🤔😄😆😅

  5. Disgusting behavior from the USA government well Trump but even with all this information being exposed what's more disturbing is that Trump is getting away with it. How could anyone still side with this crooked president?????

  6. Democrats should call Fareed Zakaria and other CNN staff to testify on Zelensky's planned appearance on GPS in September, before the Ukraine controversy became public.

  7. Trump: I cheated on all my wives. I cheated on my taxes. I cheated the banks. I cheated the investors. I cheated my employees. I cheated my contractors. I cheated my suppliers. But trust me, I don't cheat in elections

  8. These people like Murphy only make this look even more like a Democrat smear campaign. Why can’t they just let the testimony of the bureaucrats condemn the Russian paid Republicans.

  9. I think Trump should be impeached but see an issue with your policy towards what Russia is doing. You say we have to prevent Russia from expanding its border but you have let Israel expand its border and Trump even helped by giving them land we don't own.

  10. He's a secondhand Ambassador relying on secondhand information so he doesn't get blamed !!..The swamp covering for Biden, that's our Country is today..Just don't ask the media !!

  11. Washington was always a notorious place filled with nefarious political snakes, schemers & lobbyists. tRump's level of corruption is unsurpassed & it has become one big den of conniving thieves.

  12. Who was the other Senator ?
    A Republican , I presume.
    Why don't you name the coward and offer him / her an interview ?

  13. Hey, my senator being dope again, as he always is. Lucky to have one of the very few politicians I like be my representative

  14. I am watching the Soviet style Impeachment attempt from here in Australia and find it hard to believe that some Americans are again being scammed by the Dem’s. Thus far I have not heard or seen any evidence the likes of which the Dem’s have accused Trump of, not a spec! All the testimony has just been hearsay, nothing more! Just as bad is the behaviour of the American media like MSNBC, it is no wonder that their ratings are suffering of late! Teza from Sydney Australia

  15. is trump signaling to all countries that they can invade their neighbours ? … yes, apparently… russia in ukraine, turkey in syria, … 🙂

  16. Let's not forget, the so-called prez GREENLIT Turkey doing the VERY SAME THING to "Kurdistan"… We don't know what the terms were, but he most def allowed Erdogan to cross a border and seize lands that did not belong to them…Oh, the IRONY of Erdogan being in OUR White House on this very day!

  17. This entire saga further reinforces the argument that the life of a soldier is one of the greatest tragedies, where their brave sacrifices at times are rendered useless, by power hungry individuals in suits and ties. That is all.

  18. all this shows Trump to be what we all knew he is, a narcissistic bully & coward who wants to shift the blame from Russia interference to Ukrainian interference, following Putin's orders


  20. I can’t wait to see the pics, videos and memes of all of your silly faces when Trump is re-elected!!! Your cries are like music to my ears.
    I’ve heard that if you all click your heels while screaming,” HES NOT MY PRESIDENT” that the good witch will show up and physically remove Trump from the Oval Office.

  21. Senators Murphy and Johnson should be witnesses to the House to explain their September 5th trip to Ukraine and what transpired in regard to the withheld aid.

  22. There's a point. All those poor Ukrainians who died while waiting for the military aid to arrive that Trump had held up, their very blood is on Trump's hands. He's complicit in their deaths. Maybe someone should garner up a list of those killed during that time and read their names out during the impeachment hearings.

  23. The best Brain ever…the best Words…the best Businessman..
    the best Memory b'lieve me and now Trumptydumbty does not recall several Phone Calls and Conversations after a few months???? WTF is wrong with the GOP? Does any of them have Eggs and start telling the Truth…
    unfortunately the GOP has become Grand Old Perverts under the Leadership of a russian asset like Moscow Mitch and a money launderer, Puxxy crabbing Liar like Trump. Good work boy's you have given the Russians more in a few years than all the russian Spies together in 75 Years!!!!

  24. Ukraine Aid Was Released AFTER Federal Lawyers Said Trump Freeze Was Illegal.
    Trump did NOT RELEASE the promised military aid to Ukraine, 
    ▶but the State Department◀
    after lawyers determined that the White House FREEZE ON THE FUNDS WAS ILLEGAL

  25. Biden has dealings with Ukraine in 2014. Threats and promises are made and then bam, Hunter is paid 50,000 a month for his dealings with a Ukrainian has company. A short period later Biden is goes on record bragging how he withheld money until a certain prosecutor was fired.

  26. So……according to senator murphy's statement: Zelensky DID know that the aid was being held up…..and he DID know that he was expected to make a political statement about the Bidens…..

    so Jordan's assertions that Zelensky did not complain or did not raise the issue is incorrect…

  27. First of all it's not trump who gives the aid,it's Congress who appropriate foreign aid, so stop saying Obama. Use his name when you talk about economy and jobs and oil and unemployment because these are his policies not trump because he never changed them.

  28. Why are you stupid repubilican trying to say that it's all right for trump to violated the law of the oath of office of the president and the trusted to him to obey and protect the Constitution of the United States of America so help me God.but the repubilican are trying to change the rules of the country for a crime are committed by the president with out any consiquince or repercussions or accountability for his criminal action against the government and the Constitution of the United States of America

  29. What a bunch of weak willed Lobbyists-posing-as-lawmakers representing Lincoln's proud GOP today! Amazing what greed turns out looking like real men. . . .

  30. The opening picture of Zelensky staring in disbelief at the smug, vapid countenance of captain Tiny hands/Bone Spurs says it all. Thank you GOP and MAGAots everywhere for making America the laughing stock of the eat fecal matter and die…

  31. Wondering WHY ppl are so surprised at TRUMP'S behavior. He TOLD EVERYONE why he wanted POWER when he thought he was talking only to Billy Bush- bf the campaign and AIRED …It was a 'caught on tape' moment heard 'round the world: "Yeah , the more power you have the more you can DO: Grab 'em by the p- – – -whatever you wanna do!" That is the Consciousness entrainment level of Donald J. Trump so can he behave 'Presidentially' …NO!

  32. Melania needs to bitchslap her husband, then divorce him very publicly and air ALL the dirty laundry. I’d actually trade my left foot for this to happen.


  34. Looks like Putin is trying to leverage his asset for as much as he can while he still can.
    It appears that the Russian agents are under extra scrutiny and may have to face a public backlash.
    Democracy is at a low point since it has failed to react to the modern crisis pair of climate and corruption.

  35. Tremendous pressure??? Lol. Grossly incorrect of you to assume that with the main party stating "no pressure"…. The media has zero creditability. The US people do not trust the news anylonger

  36. The activities of the Fellowship Foundation in Russia have lead to an alliance between the Russians and the Tea Party. What do you think Pat Robertson meant when he said trump could loose his Mandate of Heaven? It was the Fellowship foundation not heaven that gave trump the mandate to lie cheat and steal because he was chosen by them. Why do think the French King wanted to git rid of the Knights Templar? The power of mandates. A right wing religious cabal has their finger prints all over election interference. Putin interfered but who asked him to? It's the Tea Party that's betrayed the USA not just trump. Fix the cause first not the symptom.

  37. Trump makes 'Tricky Dickie' look like a Boy Scout. American strategists apparently can't see that Putin is actively trying to 'lockout' the Black Sea from NATO. Trump is helping him do that. What do you think a reasonable price would be for that assistance? Yah.

  38. If Trump's genuine interest in Ukraine was to insure they were acting on corruption in return for continued aid, then why is Trump focused on subjects that may have been corrupt actors in the past and not focus on current corrupt entities? It would seem more appropriate to his voiced concerns to focus on those corrupt entities that are currently active in Ukraine instead of those that have been alleged 3 to 4 years ago and are no longer in a position to exert influence. Joe Biden as left office 3 years ago and no longer has any power of office, Hunter Biden left the board of Burisma in April of 2019 at the end of his term and has no direct influence in the company. Hardly the seething bed of corruption that would provoke jeopardizing the lives of Ukrainian soldiers engaged with hostile Russian forces in Donbass, where an average of one Ukrainian solider is killed every three days. It appears to be like a fireman dashing to douse a smoldering trash can fire while behind it the house burns to the ground with the residents still in it. This is why the defense of Trump's actions on the basis of 'making sure Ukraine is dealing with their corruption problems' rings hollow.

  39. the GOP is still so fixated on Obama & Clinton, both of whom are NOT President of the USA. To quote Comrade Mulvaney, "Get over it!"

  40. It seems to me that not too many Americans (news or lawmakers) are aware of the Budapest memorandum of 1994, according to which, the USA became a guarantor of the Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and border integrity in exchange for the Ukrainian government giving up its 3rd largest arsenal in the world (inherited from the collapsed USSR) to Russia. I think the USA has an obligation to protect now defenseless Ukraine from the Russian aggression. It was a crazy deal to give those nukes to Russia in the 1st place. In 1994, the American government forced Ukraine to give the nukes to Russia then and now it's portraying itself as a "hero" in its attempts to "help Ukraine" in its war against Russia. More so, this Trump blackmails Ukrainian government by withholding the Congress-approved military aid in exchange for obtaining dirt against his political rival Joe Biden. It's a very sad drama to live through and to observe.

  41. In WW2 Thousands of Allied Soidiers were sent to take Dieppe in France.
    Thousands were slaughtered on the shore landing. 95% were killed, the remainder wounded or taken hostage.
    When you learn why, to get a brown box, the leaders should have been courtmartialed for murder.
    The real reason saw the remainder retreat without combat of any kind. Disgusting !! 30 commandos?

  42. Aha!!! This explains why Zelensky knocked Chump's hand off his knee. He realized he had been had!!!! That DAY–September!! He didn't know in July!!!! OOOOO them Dirty Rats***

  43. Trump directed the hold up of financial aide. Trump should be personally responsible for the "interest" on that delay: A) Financial penalties for an an illegal action and B) He an ALL of his legal aged children need to suit up and go fight on the front lines with the ukrainians in their fight for freedom from Russian invasion.

  44. Not sure if I am the only person who noticed. It was Johnston and Murphy who warned President Zelinsky. This is my favorite shoe. Johnston and Murphy.
     SIGN IN

     SIGN IN

  45. The desperation of the pathetic left is laughable at best, absolutely disgusting at worst. There will be no impeachment, there will be no jail term. Donald Trump will be president of United States for another five years, because there are more intelligent people in this country than there are Democrats. Liberal media should steer clear of meddling in US elections. Liberal media meddles in everything, and they destroy everything they touch.

  46. and after Sen Chris Murphy's trip to the Ukraine the aid was released. Too bad.
    10 000 Ukrainian solders died fighting Putin's illegal war and also shot down the Air Malaysia plane….369 dead.

  47. Trump is so dirty and low down, Americans are pretty stupid who don't see it, or who still condone and enable him. This is the dumbing down of America in action, but we are fighting back for the sake of America and her sanity.

  48. I feel sorry for Zelensky. Could you imagine being pulled two different ways for resources you need because your ppl are dying? And having to appease each one, which are at odds with each other. Its a wonder he didnt have a heart attack.

  49. It doesnt mattered if trump ended up releasing the aid do you need a president that you have to constantly babysit ?? Hes as corrupt as they come Hes a real bad man he needs to just go back to being a businessman.

  50. President Zelensky got elected (without the help of President Trump) because he made it his policy to fidht corruption and Joe Biden was first in line. So you are out off line when going after President Trump.

  51. Snoozer…Criminal referrals coming soon for Dems…that's why they're shoving this through as fast as possible only for it to be tossed in the Senate. Glad you like losing.

  52. Chris Hayes is an Uber bich and it's easy to see he would literally sell his mother into white slavery if she brought his fish sticks to him cold.

  53. Not only are our other allies watching in horror, they are going to turn their backs on the United States of America when we need help against Russia or China or even more evil from Iran and Iraq. How in the world can Trump talk about the Bidens being corrupt when he and his children are corrupt? That is the pot calling the kettle black.


  55. Fake news Propaganda! Even the supposed victim, the Ukrainian president says he wasn't pressured and no quid pro quo occurred, it just didn't. happen. And there was no mention in 2nd transcript or 3 follow up meetings with ukrainians … Just a Democrat fabrication, Russia hoax 2.0

  56. The Ukraine's president Zelezny made a huge mistake. He should have gone straight to Congress, asking where the money was that was appropriated in April. But he is a comedian and used to intense corruption from Ruassia and his own former government, so he expected the USA to be as corrupt as they themselves used to be. He did not know the trias politica and the lack of power of the POTUS vis-à-vis Congress for parliaments in communist countries are powerless. Like Trump, Zelezny is a fake president, not knowing the ropes, not knowing the score.

  57. Black's Law Dictionary – quid pro quo: "something for something…. mutual consideration which passes between the parties to a contract, and which renders it valid and binding." (Cowell)I

  58. Guilty intent ( men's rea) – "A guilty mind; a guilty or wrongful purpose; a criminal intent." – Does this apply to impeachment proceedings? – Black's Law Dictionary

  59. What a crappy trick to play on Ukraine while they were being invaded by an aggressive Russia an enemy of the U.S. by the way. It was Russian tanks and APCs against the Ukraine with only light weapons which are pretty ineffective against armor. tRUMP is absolutely clueless about geopolitics and completely out of his shallow depth, but what's worse is he won't listen to the advice of the professionals who do know the landscape.

  60. The warning was a very wise move. If the Ukraine's heeded that warning it would have been a Smart move for them. Becoming involved in the U.S -P could cause devastating. consequences for a small country who needed support. Tangled in the Web of a corrupt President and his crooked Lawyer. Whow what a disaster would be lurking for that small country' s future.

  61. BS. This is fairytale for adults. Maybe the American public believes it, but the Europeans do not. We know what goes on and the American politicians must know we know. If they are making this spin and think otherwise they have very 'limited minds'. Which I don't think they have.

  62. Why is this poor excuse of a man still walking about free??? He should have been imprisoned long before this fiasco of a presidency began. He was born a crook, there is no excuse for him being eligible to become involved in politics. Things have to change, crimes must result in serious penal resolutions for EVERYONE!

  63. Ukraine needs to investigate zelenski. He was corruptable, therefore corrupt. Who else takes power and corrupts its government-trump!!!

  64. Just watching the face of the Ukrainian president watching Trump, he is waiting for Trump to tell him what to say. After all, he needs money.

  65. Being a Trumper, is being an American who wants a dictator. After all Trump knows more about everything than everyone anywhere. He can do it all by himself. He doesn't need anyone in America. But being anti American. Trump bribes small countries for help in making him a dictator. Putin loves it. All Americans supporting Trump are anti American. Simple.

  66. I remain confused about the Biden video showing Biden saying something about withholding a billion dollars unless the corrupt prosecutor was fired. If Trump can't hold money without notifying congress then how could Biden? Also they keep saying Trump is doing more for Ukraine than Obama did. But Obama were supposedly giving a billions? Confusing!

  67. Listen to that coward… Typical. Campaign…? You interfered in the business and countered the Foreign Policy of The President. That is SEDITION. These usurpers are the weakest people on gods earth and that is why they try to hide. They do something and can NEVER admit what they do. They only fool low IQ people now.

  68. While they're not part of NATO, don't we (and ironcially Russia) have a treaty obligation (or perhaps a weaker, but still binding agreement) to defend them in exchange for having given up their nuclear weapons after the iron curtain fell?

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