My Take: Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to be your President!

My Take: Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to be your President!

So this episode of Candid with Candice is
about one of the top candidates for the 2020 presidential race,
Elizabeth Warren. I wanted to discuss her candidacy and let me tell you. I’m just
kind of filling her. Like I think I think she’s onto something. Most of the time
when I’m like hearing good things, I’m like okay. She’s–I–when she speaks, I feel
connected. Like I feel like okay, she finally gets it.
there’s a candidate in the race that might be like thinking about me, the
individual. So so let me– I have some facts on her. She is 70 years old. She was
born in Oklahoma City– so born in the Midwest– means something to me. Then she
lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts and then she’s a former law professor. So
she’s elected to the U.S. Senate in 2012. So she’s a current senator and then–
looks like her background. She’s like she used to be a lawyer of some sort, like a
bankruptcy lawyer, but when I talked to her, she talks about big structural
changes. So it’s less about individual policies, which she has plans for that,
and I appreciate all the plans, but one of the things I realized when I got into
public office myself. There are so many other competing forces when you’re
trying to just help regular folk. There are people who are paid full-time as
lobbyists to make sure there’s one policy doesn’t get passed, because that
impacts their business. Whereas regular people don’t– they they can’t be invested
in that way– so you have to have a person who gets– you have to stand in front of
some things– even if it might hurt business community, because it’s gonna help
regular folks in the community. I feel like she gets that and then she also
talks about working people and she’s been nothing but consistent about
helping working-class people, middle-class folks,
and when she talks about big corporations and the rich and most of
the time– people have no idea how it’s multi-layered and tilted towards big
corporations and we’re really just peons in the world that they create for us and
we’re just trying to make it. We’re talking about $7.25 an hour–which is
minimum wage– no one can live in any major city making $7.25 an hour, but that
is big corporations standing in the way of increasing minimum wage, which we know
if everyone knows $7.25 an hour– which is nowhere close to what you need annually
to make it– but we know we can’t get in the way up. We can’t be the ones that
raise minimum wage because corporations come in and say “hey, we can’t afford to pay
that much or this is gonna impact my business in that way.” So the people who
hurt are the people who need it the most. The people who make $7.25 an hour. They
can’t come to City Council meeting. They can’t come to Congress and complain or
advocate on behalf of themselves about making $7.25. So I feel like she gets it.
She has– she talks about student loan debt and canceling it– and I’m a hundred
percent all about that debt, because I think it’s really unfair that at the age
of 17, 18, 19– most of us, that someone stood on our college campuses and told
us the only way to get to college is to take out all these loans, and those same
people didn’t stand in the way to teach us how to get home loans. So we can go and
have property at the age of 30, but they sure sold us a bill of goods about why
we need students and why you should go and get higher education but without
truly educating on us that the long-term implications that you’ll be paying this
loan pretty much the rest of your life and we have no problem in this country
canceling big debt for large corporations when they need to fill out, but when
normal working-class people need bailouts nowhere to be met. So she has a plan
for everything. I mean I just love it. It’s health care– is a basic human right so
we’re talking about who has access to go to the doctor. It is really– it’s really a
shame how we make decisions, especially if you really need to go, is something
that could be handled at home or you have people who can’t afford the copay
so the only time we see them is at that emergency room. I worked 12 years in Human
Resources. The people who go to emergency rooms, they’re not going to emergency
rooms because they love emergency rooms and fees. It’s because they avoid it– the
warning signs 1, 2, 3, 4 times beforehand– that they could have paid a $40 copay
for. But now it’s an emergency so they have to go to the emergency room for
health care. She talks about holding Wall Street accountable. I mean if we– how many
times have they broken promises to regular class folks? I think you talked
about the GM strikes that are happening right now. They were bailed out just–10
years ago– but the people on Wall Street, the workers at GM, they were bailed out.
The top executives were built out of GM ten years ago and then now are the same
workers are striking in picketing to just have the health care that they promised
them when they did the bailout in 2009. She also talks about, as a country, how do
we tackle climate change and many of the candidates have sound bites in it, but
they aren’t truly invested in what the real plan is gonna be and I think we’re
pushing this off – maybe not Candice but maybe Candice’s daughter, maybe
Candace’s granddaughter. She’s gonna have to tackle on a world where it’s really
hot summers like it used to be, really cold winters, five hundred year floods
happening three times in the past two years. I think she truly gets that and
I’m excited to have a female candidate that’s a front-runner. I think she served
her time well in the Senate. If nothing else, she’s been consistent about who she
serves, why she’s there. She’s been a constant
fighter against big corporations and right now most most of us don’t even
have a lens of how deep that is and I think she’ll be the one that can (1)
explain it to us regular folks in a way that we can get it and I think she’s
doing a good job at that and that’s why I think you see her rising in the polls.
So this’ll be my first presidential candidate that I talk about– is
Elizabeth Warren. I plan to talk about others, but she’s a personal favorite. I
think we’re gonna see her around awhile, and I’m excited for her candidacy.
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we’re gonna talk about President Trump and this last, second, conversation

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  1. Well-said! 💯 If the Democratic Party revamps itself as an unapologetically working-class party, I think they can sweep the nation. She will alienate some big donors, for sure, as has been reported; but their financial loss is more than made up for by the swell of voters.

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