Nancy Pelosi condemns Mitch McConnell as ‘rogue leader in the Senate’

Nancy Pelosi condemns Mitch McConnell as ‘rogue leader in the Senate’

[Reporter] Last night, you suggested
you would receive fair process in the Senate … – Well, we’d like to see a fair process
but we’ll see what they have and we’ll be ready for
whatever it is. [Reporter] Is that a requirement?
You need to see a fair process before … – We would hope there would be
a fair process, just as we’d hoped that they
would honour the constitution. By the way, some of – and I didn’t see it
– but I heard some of what Mitch McConnell said today and it reminded me that
our founders, when they wrote the constitution, they suspected
that there could be a rogue president. I don’t think they suspected
that we could have a rogue president and a rogue leader in the senate
at the same time.


  1. Fancy pantsy Nancy pimp Pelosi, carrying around an
    "impeachment abortion". Can't bring herself to let it go
    and bring closure to a deformity.

    *Nancy Pelosi, wearing the colors of abortion black!!*

  2. I can understand that Nancy calls the president "rogue".
    Trump can handle such a statement, after all, he fires off at her too.
    He shouldn't be suprised, and probably isn't.

    But for speaker Nancy to call senator Mitch McConnell a "rogue leader"… wow.
    So WHO is now abusing their power?

  3. Trump impeachment: Pelosi condemns McConnell as 'rogue leader in the Senate' – live ►

  4. “Pass it out” to Senate & do dnc great damage – hold it hold it
    “Dirty diaper change it” & do massive dnc damage – hold it hold it
    “Exlax it entirely out” redo & destroy – end the dnc forever – hold it hold it
    Scaredy scaredy 2×4 Liar Lugosi cant fit thru Schiffy outhouse door-hold it hold it
    Smells to all like more constipated crock of bull Schiff to US – hold it hold it

  5. Nana’s Schiff test: if it looks to nana like a crock of bull Schiff hold it in hold it in
    If to nana it smells like a crock of bull Schiff hold it in hold it in
    If to nana it tastes like a crock of bull Schiff hold it in hold it in
    Then sure as Schiff its a crock of bull Schiff hold it in hold it in

  6. Now Pelosi wanted to control the Senate how to handle the case via media publicity. I'm predicting after 202o the the Demons rats party will be the super tiny minority or eliminated completely. Clinton and the her foundation money making is over.

  7. Great! Not only is there a rouge President, there is now a rouge Senate as well! Unbelievable! Usually when people dig themselves into a hole they stop, not the Liberals, they just keep on digging.

  8. Mean while Nancy, it's you that is allowing this rogue President to continue to be the threat to National Security….took you 3.5 years to impeach this nasty man, now you got him…you drop the ball by not sending the articles to the Senate. You got some lose lips lady, and no action.

  9. To add some truth to the Guardian observations – that which the Democrats accuse others of, is totally that which they themselves are guilty of. It has all been inverted on purpose.

  10. When the house has a majority and they say its fair when they vote overwhelmingly to impeach Trump but aint fair when the Senate has a majority consisting of the opposite party and they vote to keep trump.

  11. She is right. No provision was made for a Senate leader who values party overt the constitution.
    McConnel has corrupted democracy more than Trump has. Starting with the judgeships and continuing unopposed til now.

  12. Nancy Palony wants a fair process, what are u smoking lady, you should have told that to Adam Stiffhead n Jerry Nutter.. What u sow is what your getting. Don't talk about protecting n defending the Constitution, because u and the demonrats are a joke..

  13. Release the articles you old hag! Quit trying to abuse the separation of powers. Your had your way in the impeachment but you aren’t getting your way in the senate trial!

  14. Nancy Pelosi is wise and fair to all. To be blind to that fact just means you are totally blind and need assistance. I'm sorry for your loss

  15. We recognized the charlatan before the election in 16.
    You that have prostituted yourselves to him now defend.
    Lets hear the secret Putin,trump conversations

  16. Nancy………take that smirk off your face. You are the rogue House Speaker that hates our duly elected President. What a two-faced person you are.

  17. Is Nancy Pelosi accepting her pay or does she not accept it and give it to charity like President Trump does?  Does Nancy Pelosi forfeit her pay and donate it to her constituents in her  district? To Feed the people in her district maybe buy an outhouse so they can pee and poop in private and not on streets?

  18. The Left normally: The American flag symbolizes an institutionally racist, oppressive nation, and kneeling for the flag is a brave act of patriotism.

    The Left during impeachment: AND TO THE REPUBLIC FOR WHICH IT STANDS

  19. Nancy Pelosi very tough woman of Italian decent who is fully able to stand up to the most corrupt President in our times, she will be the one who will take himdown.

  20. My dear Nancy Pelosi, hope you had one miserable Christmas, and I am sure Santa brought you enough coal to heat your mansion for years to come. and may the New Year bring you sadness and misery to you and your family, but mostly you. CHEERS;

  21. McConnell should be sanctioned, lose his license to practice law, and be barred from participation in the forthcoming Senate Impeachment trial as his has already stated that he will not pledge the required oath to be impartial as a juror in the trial. Despicable.

  22. Nancy, get a mental evaluation, we are worried about your mental health, and your teeth won’t stay in your mouth, have that looked at too.

  23. We have a rogue stock market the 10 guys that own the stock market make it go up when he's nastier Trump so the master Trump gets the more dishonest the stock market goes up maybe it's time to cash in on stock! They have faith in the stock market it's all about business

  24. 👊🇺🇸🚂😃👍👊👊👍🇺🇸❤😃🚂TRUMP 2020 ALL THE WAY!!!!👑🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👊❤❤👍👍👊

  25. The money Pelosi could save if stopped the plastic surgery and money spent on makeup she could donate to homeless and hungry.

  26. Enjoy your Speaker of the House position scumbag cause your party WILL LOSE THE HOUSE and republicans will gain full control again. House, Senate and presidency. Your a lowlife Pelosi who needs her head knocked in a few times

  27. Trump is nothing more then a snake oil salesmen .. and the republicans are drinking the kool aid .. Mitch McConnell is nothing more then a boot licker
    its like watching a truck with no brakes out of control rolling down the mountain .. you know what is going to happen

  28. So Nancy's position is that President Trump and Senator O'Connell are dishonest, unprincipled politicians while she and her pal Schumer are righteous and pure politicians? Laughter on the sound track.

  29. 🆘 Crazy nervous Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats said they had to rush to vote before Christmas because President Trump poses a clear and present danger, but now the urgency is gone.” It also runs afoul of the Constitution, which gives the House the “sole power of impeachment” and the Senate the “sole power to try all impeachments.” Just more proof the Democrats impeachment articles are all political and total nonsense. President Trump is doing a great job the past three years making America great and safe again 🇺🇸👍

  30. She's pathetic in my opinion she should insist on Integrity with her office before she starts pointing the finger at someone else's office

  31. Nancy the Nut Job PILLosi. With her chattering teeth, her clinching jaw and her Vodka slurring should seek articles of self admittance into an Alcoholics anonymous / Narcotics anonymous and impeach herself out of her drunken pill head ways and enter REALITY

  32. WoW we should all now have trials with no witnesses and no evidence! No of course the gop are not hiding anything on Chairman Trump! You now can listen to Midnight Mitch on fireside chats from Moscow radio, directed by Chairman Putin!


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