New Clues On How Congress May Write Trump Impeachment Charges | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

New Clues On How Congress May Write Trump Impeachment Charges | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


  1. Thank you for the information how the members of congress proceed with impeachment. I hope Trumps gets impeach soon because there is too much drama involved, besides the corruption, theft, threats and obstruction of the law.

  2. Trump should have already been charged and impeachment should have started months ago for obstruction there’s clear evidence of it already. He better be impeached and locked up. Traitor

  3. I promise you that in the extremely unlikely event that the left wing insurgency seriously attempts to remove our elected president from office, zillions of well-armed citizens will surround and eliminate you once and for all.

  4. I hope that your life is full of love peace joy and happiness for you your family and the entire human race with all of my infinite love that I have to give YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL 😇

  5. Trump may get impeach and walk out of WH. Will he service anytime in prison or get a president pardon from the new president?

  6. Do not make the 2016 mistake. A neo lib is too much of a risk. Joe Biden, Kamela Harris, or Hillary( if she runs) are not the peoples choice. They are the establishment. Corporations and the Media want them. they stand allot to lose, millions in fact. These 3 candidates will NOT remove lobby money from elections. They do not work for Joe Blue collar voter. Vote progressive in the primary Drag everyone you know to the poles. Let us send a message to the electoral college what we demand. Let us give them no doubt. Let us make a historical turn out of voters. Let there be no doubt to the cheating scum how we really feel. Let us start a revolution in peace instead of blood!

  7. The oresident may have nobbled the DOJ but he has no power over congress; it has the powers of oversight over the executive and it has a duty to bust a corrupt president

  8. so many Republicans have laid down the badge of honor and respect for the oath of office they took so many years ago it's hard to tell whose side they were on, the side of corruption or the side of Truth and justice until they vote !

  9. My question is who are you trying to convince with your dog and pony show you know he's not going anywhere you can impeach him all you want but the Senate will never convicted so in the end he laughs in your face and gets re-elected in 2020 and then you really look like idiots then don't you but I guess you don't mind that you're used to it LOL

  10. This presidency was such a national disgrace. We must never allow such qn evil to come this close ever again. This moron has done enough to hurt us all.

  11. well,well,well know SHIFTY Adam say no need to come up with the SNITCH come forward, Hmmmm guys wake up there where not be NO impeachment and KING TRUMP will win Again … Simple.

  12. What America needs to know is what trump is using to blackmail Lindsay Graham and other senators & house members into such blind support, After everything trump has done especially the recent events I cannot believe they so blindly continue supporting him based solely on worries they won’t be re-elected if they defy him .

  13. Here we go the Fools Game. New Clues how McConnel will laugh at us. Gaetz snuck n amd get kicked out today, anybody catch the Precedent he set. “There are new rules”- the Democrats made a rule amd kicked him out. Give the Articles of Impeachment to McConnel- Thanks – you can go home- No trial!What rules, I just made one this is Democrat Revenge

  14. Being the ego maniac narcissist that he is, he will resign before he gets impeached to minimize the shame as much as possible and "save" his ego (or at least some of it) from the hurricane that's about to hit it.

  15. He will Laugh in our face with his turtle grin “oh, did I say I would have a trial, on CNN, to Pelosi, to Obama, and Hillary”- So What? I lied to my wife 5 minutes ago, its my job, if he wants to be evil, He says Yes to a trial then we die. The Minority party decided to Impeach, nice Joke. They thought 19 Reps would vote with them, against 85% of their party.Stop it!

  16. The Democrat's Kangaroo court will show the American people just what kind of crooks the Democrats really are. Keep it up. This is great.

  17. 2 and a half years of tremendous wasted time…shiff…biden. a Muller report ..Hillary and the death of honorable men in Benghazi…this is the correct government? Sickening!!!

  18. Wow, Donald is just as guilty as "tricky dicky" Nixon was, I was in my very early 20's! I'm hoping that pathetic Trump fights until the end…Trump is the #1 reality actor!

  19. Except no congressional subpoenas have been sent; only letters saying that subpoenas may be coming in the future. Stop waiting. Either send a subpoena, or don't send a subpoena. Stop pretending and playing tea party.

  20. Everybody, even Donald Trump deserves Due Process . The right to face their accuser,.If Congress can get away with this, to the president, you are kidding yourselves if you think anybody is immune , especially someone who cant afford legal attorneys. Still waiting for Schiffs undeniable evidence he had on Russian collusion.

  21. Nixon had better morals than trump, he stepped down. Trump supporters see trump as leader/mouthpiece of their racism, and he sees them as useful idiots. Neither of them cares about The Constitution or America …they only care about personal agendas, and trump will burn America to the ground to protect himself.

    Putin knew this, that’s why he installed trump

  22. This is what democracy USED to look like.. it is a banana repblic now,with worms like lindsy grahm defending a criminal being criminals themselves for a seat at the table.

  23. Remember, with Nixon it was never in doubt if he was a patriot. Yes he did shady stuff, but other then attempting to gain an unfair and unnecessary advantage over his opponent he was attempting to do what he thought was right for the country. Clinton's approval rating went up during his impeachment inquiry. Clinton and Nixon both signed a lot of good bills into law while being investigated. Clinton lied under oath about a personal matter, but at the end of the day it did not rise to the level of affecting the USA. Trump on the other hand…..

  24. Democrats need a TV show with Hillary as the president. The ratings would go through the roof during Trump's second term.

  25. Trump is a con man from his real estate day. Billionaires do not con people with fake University. Alzheimer is his Waterloo.

  26. Rewrite the rules of presidency and its power, ease the ability to access records and communications, above all retain the power and integrity of Americas standing here at home and around the world and it starts with our leaders

  27. Rabid hypocritical and bigoted trumpublicans in senate cant be shamed into doing the right thing, the thing that protects the constitution and nation. #VoteBlue2020

  28. God bless Barbara S. Jordan. We need her now, or at least for someone to read this quote from her in session.

  29. Republicans and Democrats, take heed in what was said by in 1974 on impeachment  by those in government and their stand for the constitution. Stand up and be counted for your own integrity.

    TRUMP-PENCE-KAG 2020!!!

  31. The democratic (socialist) wannabe party (workers of iniquity) & minor
    league fake news are all about…Pleasure, Power, & Avoidance of
    Responsibility…Pathetic life principles they believe/practice and bow down to.

  32. Trump and his enablers are enemy of the people!!! What has he done for the ordinary working person?? Other than make you pay more in taxes.

  33. Among the articles of impeachment in the case of Donald John Trump v the world should be an article that relates to his having been a proudly unapologetic and unremorseful accessory before the fact of umpteen murders and maimings on account of the angry demented words that he has publicly blurted and scribbled with the aim of emboldening his “base” (how more base can he become?), in other words weak-minded and antisocial volk including even some police officers.

    And if anybody in the RotW is of a mind to see life as not worth living any more and so is looking for an easy way out of it, he or she can always take a holiday in the USA—that once revered nation whose badly brought up fringe-dwelling misanthropes are nowadays being murderously abetted by courtesy of the uncourteous mobster-in-chief.

  34. Congress isn't writing anything. The Dems will write some garbage and the Senate will end it ..Trump will be re-elected.

  35. The only difference between Nixon and Trump is the latter has no shame in committing more crimes even while being under investigation. #ImpeachThePres

  36. Obama breaks the law, Hillary Breaks the law, Joe Biden breaks the law, Hunter breaks the law, Shifta$$ breaks the law, Max Waters breaks the law and you what to do a fake impeachment.

  37. Remember Nader and others were against impeaching Clinton so what has changed? NSNBC after quoting Graham, you should have played Nader and Pelosi from the same era. Selective amnesia at its best

  38. Seriously you clowns had the opportunity to impeach him but you guys blew it with the russian collusion story that was been drummed up for 2 years.

  39. What is Mr. Graham saying about the stark discrepancy in his political standards from Clinton until today? Political Fodder.

  40. THERE WILL BE NO impeachment. Nancy said today (10/15/19) she WOULD NOT call for an impeachment vote. Now dems have to make up something else.

  41. We all fell as you and everyone else knows that trump is a Russian citizen. That is why he has to have control of the US Agency’s that are in charge of the ones whose  job is to invest gate the matter of

    whether or not is he a Russian citizen. If trump is a Russian citizen he should not have been disqualified to run for US president and if he is found to be a Russian citizen he should be removed from that office immediately.

  42. Pelosi takes so long to do everything, which gives Trump time to pollute the waters and twist the narrative. This is why he is still here and will probably be here 4 more years. This really shows how weak America really is.

  43. What part of "deja vu all over again" is the White House unable to grasp? Articles 1,2 & 3 were just displayed on a screen before me as of 10-16-19 Trump is accused of these same principles. How long can they swim in "Denile"?.

  44. Impeach AND remove. Don’t let him resign! He’s a disgrace to the presidency and doesn’t deserve the same treatment/protections of an ex-president. He will continue his lies and spread his hate on twitter and will likely hold rallies because he won’t survive without his “supporters”.

  45. When will Joe Biden be investigated? That should be the concern. Come on people, Biden has admitted to what Trump was investigating. Biden threatened to withhold aide if the prosecutor investigating the case wasn't fired.

  46. impeachment is a total waste of time, no president would ever get actual jail time any, politicians should put more time into american needs instead of their own personal goals

  47. There is a very MYSTERIOUS DONALD TRUMP painting on German ebay. Germans in Germany are worshipping Donald Trump as God. They believe that Trump is Jesus Christus the Saviour of the World. Video is on my chanel, or you can find it on German ebay.

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