New Poll Shows That Young Americans Overwhelmingly Want More Political Parties

New Poll Shows That Young Americans Overwhelmingly Want More Political Parties

According to a new poll by NBC News, 71% of
millennials in this country, people between basically the ages of 18 and 35 years old,
71% believe that we need a strong third party in the United States to present an actual,
real challenge to the two parties that we have, the Democrats and the Republicans. Only 26% of people in this poll said that
they think the two parties do a good enough job of representing people in this country. 71% want another option. And to be honest, they’re absolutely correct. For too long we have had this two-party dominance
here in the United States where, if you don’t check off all the boxes that they want, they
count you out. They don’t care about you. You get labeled a Democrat in name only or
a Republican in name only. If you are not a purist, they don’t want you
onboard, and guess what, folks? The age group these millennials, the next
generation that’s going to become the leaders of this country in a few short years, they’re
not accurately represented by either political party today. They might have some more conservative beliefs
when it comes to economics. They have far more liberal beliefs when it
comes to social issues, even on the right hand side of the aisle. The younger generation of Republicans are
far more accepting of transgendered individuals or homosexuals or, you know, letting homosexuals
fight in the military or get married or whatever it is. They actually are okay with it. It’s the old hold-overs in the Republican
Party who want to make it a part of their platform to disenfranchise gay people and
to demonize them at every opportunity. The Democrats on the other hand don’t want
to give into issues like universal health care or debt-free college, something that
millennials again, both sides of the spectrum with millennials, actually support at an overwhelming
rate. That is why a third party is necessary. Not just to challenge the two-party system
we have, but to actually create different parties that might better represent the growing
and changing United States of America. You know, George Washington warned us. You know, for all the talk about Founding
Fathers and how great they are and how smart they are and how we should always listen to
them, we sure missed a big one there, because again George Washington warned us against
political parties. And now not only did we ignore his advice,
we’ve the system almost impenetrable by third parties, by putting all our stock in Democrats
and Republicans and look where that has gotten us today. We need something different. We need something better. We need something that’s actually going to
represent us, individuals, what we stand for and what we care about. We shouldn’t have to compromise our beliefs
in order to fit into our grandparents’ political parties. We need something new, something better.


  1. yes we do and I'm one of them we need 3rd party that represents me not the 1precent for all of us we need a people president not a greedy president the one who represents the 99 prcent not the 1 precnet I been saying for years we need somthing new we need a 3 Rd party president besides demcotre and Republican the future looking bright in this contry after trump and pence and Ryan

  2. I've never understood how THE MOST DEMOCRATIC & FREE country in the world (!), has only two parties to vote for. Well, if there is going to be a third new party, could they please use a Cow as their logo. Reason: I just think its funny, and I like cows. Moo.

  3. We need not no more political parties, we need none. We need the people to make the choices and we need to abolish all politicians, the state, and capital. Political Parties are statists, hierarchical, and cancerous to both the people's will and to their rights!

  4. I have to agree here with my generation. We need change. This obviously isn't working very well and it won't be long till things go from bad to terrible and people start to die left right and center.

  5. Multiple parties is why Joe Arpaio stayed Maricopa county sheriff for 20 years. The opposition split and Arpaio won. 2016 there was one person running against the SOB and he was finally out.

  6. Yes we do!!!! It has never made any sense to me to have two parties in a country like ours and you shouldn't join a party, just votes what's right for the country. Congress and the Senate are of the old guard and the terms are too long, we shouldn't let any party dominate any seat or any district in this country in any way. EARN IT!!!!

  7. Be better to not have any parties. That's the true forward thinking needed. It's simple math. Trump is president because, and this is just a guess, but I'll say 15% of his votes were people simply picking because of the letter. A no party system would require people to measure a candidate based on his or her values. There wouldn't be a letter to fall back on.

  8. They also need more than just Conservatives and Liberals too. How about and Independent wing. You know, not left, not right. May still have some values in common with both sides but has other view on other matters. Younger generations want more diversity, they are tired of the same old BS. The game will eventually change.

  9. With just a third party it is difficult for it to make a difference or win a major election. Big money would win yet again. The biggest problem (other than people who don’t bother to give a shit) is money in politics. That is one reason Dems became corporatist neoliberal and forgot about we the people. Once money is out, “Ranked choice” or “instant runoff” voting with several choices would improve things a lot. As the system stands now third parties just steal votes from one side and give those votes to the other side.

  10. Here in Canada we have a multi-party system which makes absolutely zero difference in reality. You have center, right, left views represented but we still have the same split in voting because people still hold their personal political views. I think trying at this point to bring in a strong (or even not so strong) third party would probably see the return of trump in 2020, something no one wants to experience.

  11. When something big happen. Like a hurricane or a tornado or even a terrorist attack. We are not seen as democrats or republicans people. No were seen as just people caring and people others out in there time of need. That what a thrid party should like.

  12. For the love of god we have to get rid of politicians parties! They've torn apart the government and Washington even warned us not to have political parties.

  13. In first place you need a different electoral system. As long as you have majority voting you will end up with a two party-system.
    The only way to fundamentally change this is proportional representation.

  14. Why do you think the lesser of two evils narrative was pushed so hard, more people might have voted for the person that actually represents them.

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  16. I'm 40 and I absolutely agree! We need another party be need it now! I've always had concervative and democratic views, that's why I say I'm Independent.. I'm not either because I don't believe fully in one or the other.

  17. We should have third parties but Democratic party needs a invasion. It is time to stop relying on corporations. Democratic party can be reformed. We need to have more people of colors with liberals, progressives and centrists who are ready for a real change and more equality. That way we have a better country. Republicans are a lost cause. Yes they are for gay rights but they are still racists.

  18. at the very least debates need counter views.Jill Stein needs not to get arrested when she shows up. The parties are corrupted, TV ad money is god and corporations know who they can control and feed ad money

  19. I say no political parties. Just have people run and people choose who they think has the best policies, not the person in their party.

  20. Come on people our party needs to be the independents and we can have our be halfway between democrat and republican for a perfect mix

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  22. As a Canadian whose government has more than two parties, a powerful third is much better than just two parties. Sure efficiency will decrease (as in less bills will become laws,) because the most influential party would have to compromise with one of the two opposing parties to get the majority vote or the combined opposition would just block it. But in exchange the government will be more accountable because when two of the three parties agree on a bill, odds are in favour that it will benefit a majority of citizens and not just those who have heavy influence on the leading party.

  23. I'm 66 years old and I agree
    with the younger generation
    that we need more than just
    a 2 party system. Perhape
    even a 4 or 5 party system!

  24. We have more than a 2 party system now. They just don't get the money, Candidates or exposure that the Republicans and Democrats get. Remember Ross Poirot (not sure about the spelling of his last name) and we have the Green Party, Librarian Party and others. check out one of them or look into starting a new party but be aware that the Dems and Repbs will do damn near anything to kill a third party. They would even join forces to kill a third party. They want to keep everything the way it is. THEIRS

  25. I disagree. The dems are a decent party they just need to move more to the left. If the justice dems could take them over I would have nothing to complain about honestly. The GOP has to go tho.

  26. How will a third party come to be popular when to duo-opoly when the current two major political parties do not want reform of the electoral system that will ultimately erode their power and influence?

    Neither the Republican party or Democrat party will vote for their detriment.


  28. "Absolutely"  WRONG! Is  just what the Republicans would like, split the opposition, while holding themselves together. Third parties have ALWAYS failed, quickly faded,  through American history–the Know Nothings, Progressive, American Independent.

  29. Anyone who is paying attention can tell that we essentially have 1 party even though they say they are 2! They are all owned by the rich corporations and answer to them while forgetting all of us regular people. I mean really why can't we have single payer health care? If Obama can bail the banks out for what was it, $600 billion or so- why is it so impossible for us to have it? And why do they all fight such things as a LIVING WAGE and such stuff?  We need a party that represents the people not the 1%!

  30. the third party would be called the "NEW MILLINIALS PARTY"! I think it would work if they have morals & values & work for the people & was put there by the people! & an American Falcon or a hawk to represent them! so they can fly to the sky & soar over all these things that's happening now & in the near future! I want my payment I you use my ideas!

  31. Hey why dont ou think about the poor billionaires? Imagine yourself having to pay out hundreds of thousands of dollars each year and then all of a sudden all that money has gone to waist cos someone let a third party in?
    No in strict Trumpianism, lets obliterate both parties and make Trump the everlasting leader. I heard it works fine in North Korea and Trump is so beautyful in gold and we can replace that ugly obelisk at washington mall.
    And the poor billionaires will have no problems with whoom to bribe!
    Sounds wonderful, right?

  32. the third party would be called " the Young Millinials'! & have a falcon or eagle to represent them! why a bird? a bird can fly & soar to the sky for bigger & better things! this party would consist of values, respect, & morals & the dignity & fairness to the 99% that is speechless! & work for those 99%!

  33. It's the Boomers. They're a poisoned generation. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that 'individual' Boomers are poison, of course not! My parents are Boomers, and have worked hard their entire lives to achieve a 'good' standard of living. The only problem is? The people that have followed in THEIR situation, from following generations? Could never even DREAM of owning, even the slightest of what my parents own, have owned and WILL own in the future. And yet they still want more, more more!

    Make no mistake, it's the Boomer generation that needs to die out as quickly as possible, but since there's so many of them, and they exist in a world of such advanced medical technology? They will continue to exist for MANY years to come, and to DICTATE and FORCE their view of the world onto all of those who have come after. Yes, they will continue to deprive their children and their grandchildren ANY semblance of the world they enjoyed, for their own selfish gain.

    I mean, let's be honest, this is the generation that sprouted "spend your child's inheritance" with a big fat smile on their selfish, fat, bloated faces.

    Make NO mistake! The Boomers are the problem, and the sooner they either die out? Or come to understand the immense destruction they have visited upon the earth? The sooner WE, as the generations that will follow, can get busy rebuilding what THEY have destroyed.

    Excuse the crudity, but FUCK the Boomers. They're time has passed, and yet we must still be subjected to their selfish ideologies, and outdated understandings of the world, simply because they have the numbers!

    I don't know, is it even WORTH appealing to them to think of the generations that will follow? I'm thinking not. I'm thinking that is an exercise in futility if EVER there was one…

  34. We had many parties in the past, and nobody got rid of them. It's the voting system we use, known as "First Past the Post" aka "Winner Take All" that guarantees a two-party system.

  35. I would agree we need other options, Bernie Sanders was screwed by the Dems, and the Republicans were desperate for a win so they backed the joker, change is needed.

  36. Why do you think Senator Sanders drew such large crowds during his campaign and is still attracting attention. He's an Independent but in order to run for President had to meld in with the Democratic Party. I'm sure he wasn't happy about that. It's time for the States to do some hardcore re-evaluation and maturing, we can't afford not to. Have a nice day and follow your bliss.

  37. The two party system essentially got America into two never-ending wars, an economy that has crashed a few times and would rather stay loyal to their big money donors than help the majority of the very people that voted them into their jobs. Its hard to tell which one party is which most of the time

  38. Are you serious ?
    Polls again ? You are correct about a third party though , time to end this 2 way pissing contest !!!!

  39. Uh, well, wait a minute. Sounds good but in practical terms, since we don't have a parliamentary system where parties are proportionately represented, it is a two party system. Sorry. Now if you want to talk about an amendment to our current system, then bravo.

  40. I talk to so many people who want both:

    1. More political parties
    2. To keep first past the post and the electoral college.

    Heh. Choose one or the other, folks.

  41. No mention of the Green Party … how curious. Why say, "we need a third party" but not mention an existing third party which happens to stand for just about everything those disgusted with the corporate duopoly want? And why didn't I see any mention of the Green Party among the 178 comments before mine?

  42. It'll be a tough slog, being that the two parties are in control of the system. I doubt they will be eager to relinquish their power.

  43. We need a true Liberal Protestant Christian Party… with Economic Socialism, sustainable stewardship, owner/operated and co/op businesses instead of corporations, community owned banking, family/community owned farming, etc etc etc.


  45. I think people are missing the point, by saying we should have a "third' party we are encouraging the currently failing system. How are we a democracy, the land of the free with freedom of choice, yet we put ourselves into molds. We should vote for individuals not who they are represented by, that is the only way we will ever truly regain the freedom to make our votes truly count, and to put the best candites in office.

  46. Fuck either of these parties. ANYONE who says that they're completely right and everyone else Is completely wrong and that they know everything and the other side knows nothing are fucking ignorant. Enough said.

  47. Can we just get someone who's reasonable? I don't even care what party they are 🙁
    If having more parties would fix that, that would be great. But how about NO parties? We are one nation. Why should we be divided?

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