Our Miss Brooks: Boynton’s Barbecue / Boynton’s Parents / Rare Black Orchid

Our Miss Brooks: Boynton’s Barbecue / Boynton’s Parents / Rare Black Orchid

colgate battle creek to clean your bread why’d you clean your teeth and help stop
to pick a and laughter cream temple purcell glamorous carafe of o’hare bring
you are miss brooks starring eve arden scott once again for another comedy apus
on obama’s books under the direction about louis well the season for colds is just about
over bahamas brooks who teaches english at
madison high school managed to have one of my mom hall last week that colin dot
it may have much of the fact that it put me up for a week behind in the pursuit
of my favorite extracurricular activity a biology teacher named phillip vine but while i was steaming myself and then
later mister clinton was being steam by
another female english teacher one day the enright and as far as i’m concerned one baby
enright is one too many last friday morning the cold at least
was late and as i sat down to breakfast with my
landlady sheet complimented me on my appearance you look back and tell you that piqued your hill you really have the broom of houston
your cheeks out thanks mrs david i feel a lot better these rosy cheeks and all
the bloom of you they’re just too much start in the face
towels sorry here i learn from them out to be yet they can
use a little lengthening now did use the f they can talk to me why did you see this missus davis combination humpty the juice of the nine sunday
magazine of greek food and i’ll put the marketing but this color wise it’s a red consciousness that we can to hide no no animal ismael attach and send to
me to abuse pretty bad things about that wasn’t
enough to pune my family name it’s very healthy economy margolin yahoo
dot com that isn’t the big day which reminds me of you plan dinner for
the night what’s your plan good i wonder if you do me a big favor
i’d like to connie dot i’m rather short this week myself and i uh… it isn’t money this time i guess that would be nice of you win
over the assist angela’s has to be in there mister bond has invited me to a barbecue
he has clear-cutting here in our backyard you’ve got a portable barbecue wagon but
returning to the use of our grounds and equipment he’s consented to let me
finish the food also does the region is having but i suppose you want me to visit my
sister still think you can be alone with mister clinton you guessed my secret missus davis haven’t had one date with him all week
long defeat is an right three times and where
is she snapped into learning about connie denied there was no law on monday
and we look at it cross and believe me that’s the best way to
look at it economic data sheet insidious he has a way of clinging to a man like a
piece of millions well i’m sure mister bryan will brush
off when he spent the evening and all that you connie your car and you know on the phone round
coming over tonight out thanks is that if i knew you’d come through farming
anemia how did you meet distinctiveness
developing last night he called just after midnight of east of atlanta eight freemen i apologize for calling in such an hour
but he’d taken this and i do a movie and
after he took a home eat out awfully restless just couldn’t sleep he said movie debase the longman rowan’s singing darren finds at the picture was fine that
everytime edo adopted and stopped singing in bonn monroe started let’s talk tonight at the start of a new
meets the delinquent romantically speaking bodies in we’ve
had two of you alone in the backyard sitting down at the moon who knows primitive instincts least eirini thatcherite i remember last year about this time we
were sitting in the ivan the moon was very far no yes canada stars were allowed to
millions of them and as a soft breeze rippled through my
hair mister going turned and looked right
into my face but did he say connie he said it is a key night for trapping go first vpi just difficult to bring mondale i thought you might want to reach before
school starts of anger just put it on my desk right behind the little neon sign that
says all of the company principle dot com alternative bought fergie how about inviting this blocks over for
dinner tonight me indictments brought to our home for
dinner haitian staff it would be three after all she hasn’t been too well
during the past week in thing rather severe with i’ve been severe with her you realize that in the past week she
espy stopped a typewriter on my left foot alumni classes and spilled ain’t all
over my newest time uh… sedate mind-body robert would show that you
pretty even based on mother says we’ll miss brooks an
existence last thanksgiving that’s nothing to be thankful for doctors and contest baltimore dot com
rituals again why did you become mysteries just a
minute harry you say we all miss brooks adinet batson
well this might be the perfect night to get it over with between the conferees balls in that lame
brain dunce walls and then to move the wasted night anyhow yes and i would like to respond to that
and things i wish you didn’t feel that way not mention his name again uh… tell me has this brooks arrived at
school year at the time the princeton dot she’s just coming up the law i can see a feeling that do it but now
you’re on a long time out of ten driven art i have to meet miss books in the car
back to them one of the things on running on becoming the prime love mom proximately eight pieces reminded bill good morning news room on at length forgive me just screaming at her thought
you were leaping at my throat romanov notion this well let’s not don’t step into my office for a moment
with yasser as attachments wrote as you know i’m not much given to
fraternization with faculty members however my daughter harriet in my dear
wife of put the heat on me to see about they’ve suggested fighting over for dinner tonight how
hard charming but i’m afraid i couldn’t make it tonight is the fact that we’re
having cod fish bowls that is my resume for refusing and a barbecue for tonight is may where there is some elaborate
love it here what you’re going to barbecue used and i k areas probably barbecue ribs there pentium say very hot and potato salad
and as one of those using frankfurter smeared with masters and sweet calmed offer himself plumbing fifteen loaded with common
under tossed green salad yes ma’am navya excuse me mister cochran where
you’re going through the infirmary i’ve made a pic of myself and i think that the other end of the
company all the same two u may i have a rain
check indeed you may miss brooks ice you invited to my outdoor barbecue
with the very next time in reading excuse me mister bryan but i’d like to talk to you for a moment
before your first plateau or careers brooks i was just growing one of my guinea pigs had to cut his nails and commas hair i don t dot i didn’t help grow that he
could come in on hand i guess stopping to confirm our date for
the night the backyard is allies going to meet tomorrow night miss brooks no no when you spoke to me on the phone last
night you said tomorrow night which means tonight order i’ve gotten tentative appointed
with miss android for tonight it was after midnight when i called you
last night and i was thinking of it is being today so when i said tomorrow
night i meant tomorrow night from today not tonight element there behind that you’ve been
open and balance chinese let mystifying just between you and me
in his then right don’t you think you’ve been seeing enough of the lamp posts
lately not what i mean well here we have been saying the same
right to which it hasn’t been my idea at all it started when you and i had a date
last tuesday night missing right came to me monday and told me i might as well
forget about she said she had an idea you were going to catch a cold he had no idea i was going to plan to
call which you mentioned something about
transferring a student to your class who had a very bad cold fear like that journal warfare now that you would have to have to postpone
it and i dont break i’ve made all arrangements on our barbecue tonight world it isn’t the gentlemanly thing to
do with it you insist on output or sciences chaparral what times and i think it was divine warily due to start too early that is to say it’s more fun when it’s
dark out now you talk to him flyer looks so much prettier at night i love cooking out of doors they used to
be a boy scout you know what do you mean used to be variety that i’m still a scout master but as i was saying once i get my fire
started that that’ll be okay sorry mister crichton please continue i put my ribs first right echoed by frank burgers activated after eating are just like to sit around
in the moonlight with something in my arms i really care for we are coping with martin and track up what may i ask is this something in your
arms that you really care for ukulele of course parts managers i’ve been over his reply start continue in just a moment but
first here is vern smith published in the florida eighty battle
literature killed the twenty third brought right after eating colgate
that’ll create and stops to became best two years researchers live leading
universities hundreds of case histories shows that
when used as directed colgate double cream stops to decayed bats yes exhaustive tests show the cold
gateway beth to prevent the gate better than any other home method of
coral hygiene known today based on both clinical and x_-ray examinations the poll gateways stopped more decayed
for more people than everday fall reported in all of that office history even more important there were no new cavities whatever for
more than one out of three who used colgate devon cream is directed not even one new cavity in to full
year’s no other benefits paste off power ammonium or not no other benefits as proof of such
results the best results ever reported what
doctors of anytime so always used colgate to clean your bread while you clean your feet remember when you follow the cold
gateway colgate battle creamed stops to decayed bats around i’m not very virile mister
barnett is any that i have been groomed some are guinea pig so i added to the school cafeteria by
myself with pretty crowded when i got there fortunately watered and innovative ways
for me to corner table i set my panic attack that they are very nice of you to keep this place for
me about it entered your pledge to you they’ll outspent during which why some
slight active thoughtful man thanks very much yes in fact might get food chile’s running over shirt had an active happened your cup of
joe it was joined by my cup of soup got out of the way in times of your
confidential website strips i guess this spring weather is making me
more poetic unusual besides mine romantic affairs had taken a rather
surprising turn good for you all day fabulous kidnaped like to eat what’s
left of the simpson civil rights groups but while you do out there problem the trash out recently cannot understand mister cobb hit that ball i a brand new hudson describes you take a break for last for instance i
was sitting on the porch of his house with his daughter harry about ten o’clock e came out for smoke got me holding your hand what’d you do alike insidious i wish i’d
been holding his foot instead of her hand follow strictly down the porch steps
almost fortunately i double over the side carried invited me over for dinner well that’s no problem take your diving
helmet ingo i never could understand mister
cochran’s antipathy towards me but didn’t seem so bad when i met him in a moment when i was
having dinner at his home he was practically civil to me mccormick here i am babbling about me
and i haven’t even asked about your recent ailment how do you all over your cold yes all
right good colts can lead in the dangerous things
time now laryngitis bronchial travel miss enright all right while you were sick she had a couple of
dates of mr bling he had three the compounds which then i could very fine english
teacher and as a fellow faculty member should i’d love to go out with whomever
she pleases it’s none of my business until she goes from english to balance now all of this error i don’t blame you for getting annoyed
misfits miss emma experts corning one way she
flirts know now that you mentioned it again only say he’s about his where they
come the device she implied yesterday proved
that looked invites when she comes to buying leaving school
she dropped her handkerchief alleged that get yourselves or miss
brooks and landed right on top of my own tiny tim’s father if it wasn’t for
mister going i guess you msn i could get along a lot better relax you a lot i can tell by the way she talks about
you who only this morning she said something
very complimentary about your hair miss enright yes ma’am she said you got the
loveliest one here she ever signed a brunette received it yeah then she said her hair was absolutely
natural that very world right one of the most natural we got
everything i’m sorry if i found it there but i get off map out of it after tonight
uh… paid a commission going therefore that we’re having a barbecue in my
backyard you know it’s fair and vietnam and moonlight must ended scraps because he had the swine at is that he is packed ticket walter you mind if i said yeah but you know
when your mother mitzvah david taking you for the world is not
the dining night five-month be paying fixed on me i guess it’s still too like that for you that stayed the chair and sit down with
that night yeah i do uh… you’re an envelope and sit down
and pick my coffee dot uh… would yield i’ll get me a couple
of happiness and right premiums sudip never mind that either
one i’ve got some lump forever right here i think it’s an extra cubes in the same
popped up but then you will always wear
considerate of others this past week for example you’re going
to get there plans to buy into this dating me nobody knows better than you do this and
i thought i was home every night with the cold war era that shouldn’t be press
judea if the pros that something you can catch picked out a bit guilty about taking
advantage of your in this position but after all you were cooped up in that’s stop either the role of the art and
mister gordon does love the great outdoors anti and be out died tonight i
don’t think you are nobody ever invite to him and i’d like to go do that and now and i
think it only fair to warn you that mister bond and i are going to take up
our relationship exactly where we left it vol mr blonston and five on a day fiasco activewear extract you that did you achieve policy of a future in the very
foreseeable future is and i before i leave you d are black coffee
and fonts to match there’s nothing i think you should know this deployments coming to a barbecue
tonight in my backyard double time neil there’s a very candid don’t sell them the argument evenings he stands in my bhagya actively
dying under the stars anything like that strategy of the lady tonight sitting there happen insane in hand that’s very unnatural annette when using
should be sitting on a plane elected strike dot schooling never and today now let me take him on you might as well
spent the afternoon there could have dinner with your folks i’m afraid that’s
all off water it in daddy went home from function mother asked him to pick the vacuum
clean well he fixed it all right only did it in the kitchen i don’t like
how you nicely everything for dinner late on top of
this town and before getting you it was etc vacuums o not baseball kept in state okay down it was very fine cod fish mother with the left capital requirements for the rest of the
day or on our own as far as this consume gee
that’s too bad he replied if i can’t believe i guess tonight how would you like to be mine that sounds just like a proposal blackness well how would you like to be mine how exactly nine vandyck splits you can’t afford to take me to arrest
you hazier very bright love this one i don’t have to take your restaurant i’ll take you would be any three outdoor
barbecue tetanus brooks place g seven mr blowing
over for dinner but won’t be one of the alone uh… she’ll want to be alone but you know how bad still here facilities in the presence of a member
of the opposite sex he just down the set now will be doing this books if a
vertical well don’t you see her yet will savor
powers of groundwork trying to warm him up let’s have to do with anything will only stay until we got the ball
rolling believe as soon as mister pointing is nice and relaxed we’re full of ribs in frankfort relevant charcoal laid out in birding that’s at the barbecue operate under
that victory arts it’s made from barbecue is it’s nice night through anything spooks seeing you here soon close shadows playing softly about you faced
moon shining on you here’s wildlife that’s in your eyes dan may stick with thought that occurs to me no i wouldn’t where the golfer to that seizing whispers i haven’t seen you all
week and i want to know that yes mister bryant brought along a quart of oil with me seems like an hour par explicit for making the charcoal weren’t burned
faster or a lot but i think i have next that as before the oil mystifying you
were saying i was saying that alone there’s no way in or out of this yard
except through that big wooden door and the fam which wouldn’t or that one excuse me amendments brian okay i’ll go
put some ribs right mansion taxes if that’s obvious what do you want longer i thought you
were dining with the problems we couldn’t evacuee sucked up had install crowding in on you versus substance
there’s a quarter sustain yourself at the drugstore stops i can’t leave until my guest
arrives your guests sure inviting i get along she just check in with a bad to be here
any minute of fire and how he just ought to get the party warmed up for you
mister x you know mister going for your information walter before you
knocked on that door mister born was coming to a slow boil and all clothes let’s see nothing like a few friendly faces dapat
hyundai one how quiet pasti hari hello everybody and so i am ninety that’s alright we’d
play games till you got here culbertson will resist government used to believe tinnitus backyard of yours is adorable
needs wrote perfect setting for outdoor dining you’ll get a big go down yes i’m sure that morgan he didn’t want to warning that when i
told him how water and i would just planning to enhance your evening with
mister boeing he consented to come your father is coming here tonight at sounds like that with complete games that door aspects good evening than very unwell mr capa reaches down nice of you to ask me or whose bruins
entirely dot in a moment article the video bringing somebody with
him they gave me a little bit is a matter of
fact just parking the car charming person but mister cochran moore allure who left the ronnie ms then dad on the dog that’s covered by the
bobbitt u_n_ and those guidelines in your client it’s risen good evening as the bulletin what and i love the way you are all here but this deadline and i are having
dinner someplace else someplace else women sports where we can be alone in
the contents vacuum cleaner just a moment but first dream them yes tonight show him how much lovelier
your american looked after allosteric cream shampoo muster cream finest shampoo no other sample in the world gives you
can even with magic blend of secret ingredient plus gentle an alum better than the soul better than a liquid monster cream into
being beat cream shampoo leaves hair three ways lovelier
frequently clean free of loose vendor of listening which
he manageable even in harvest water mustard green
while others instantly no special rents needed after a lobster
cream shampoo so gentle luster cream is wonderful even
for children’s hair yes to a night trial of strict green
jambu remember groom my own and now once again here is the on opportunity as an american word to americans that has special meaning
like education for everyone and the college education of one-tenth
of the country’s population depends on the private accredited colleges and
universities that are training the majority of the
nation’s negro u today the united negro college fund
appeals do u or help your gift to the united negro college
fund is your contribution to community progress an interracial goodwill often columnist brooks starring steve martin
is produced by larry burns written by our lowest joke women unless they’re
white with the music of wilbur hot under the direction of maurice carlton mister blanton is played by jeff
chandler mister cochran by gale gordon others in the knights cast where jane
morgan bikaner gloria mcmillan and married jane prop doctors pro palmolive so can bring you a
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palmolive you rely more on your skin then drips sold stock your palmolive facials today remember doctor sproule palmolive soap
and bring your lovelier complexion and fourteen-day on the screen liberally sprinkled with
the labs listen to mister and missus not exciting fun fact adventures of an
amader detective and his beautiful wife students use the evening over most of
these same state and be with us again next week at the
same time on other company of the soul of our muslims problem on speed colgate dental green between your breath
while you clean your teeth and help stop to pick a and laughter cream trample first saw
glamorous carafe of o’hare renewal arm is broke starring steve martin side once again for another comedy apus
on obama’s brooks under the direction about louis well most students will have their final
exams for several weeks yet but on this road to teaches english at
madison high school has had to wonder dole quite a few impromptu test recently
yes i did not get principal mr conkland mistaken conducting a series of
supplemental quiz show was without prizes deceived the back of the is on the cfo fortunately when mister cochran came
into my classroom last friday morning he found me very much on my toes due to
have it formed in my childhood had sitting with my feet carol beneath me although it is my free period i spank
your intention when mister cochran ended at ease thrills conjugate the words dr streib astrid strobes driven no ride nine griped about the red and and now hedonistic probably some new tests are
quite this consignment in his book reno opinion yes sir moreover spot time by uh… they’ve been now wait a minute mister com twenty five
is never thank you mr i knew my visit to your room would
produce some valuable bit of information my main reason for dropping you know
that was to ask you to do with it and it broke as you know sunday is mother’s day yes i know is the continent thanks to a special savings plan i
started in february i was able to send my mother a card this morning what did you want me to do for you i’d
like to take this package home with you and keep it until sunday morning the little mother’s day remembrance for
missus goldman i don’t want to stumble upon it before
time wonderful woman mrs bronfman and just
praying that the other harriet to be a duplicate of himself granite between them they are the two biggest members in the country unanimous uh… eileen i’ll be happy to keep the
package for you mister times and i can disprove i hope my daughter harriet remembers
mother’s day may places in our mind on nothing but
that moon i’d have brain waldman water isn’t so bad that the bronco of course is not a brilliant student in
britain wall to the end of his medicines gift to
sub normality and annoys me most is the way you
balance it blooms anywhere you bouncers support well it isn’t the human handball however they’re not going to hispanics now involved there the problem was about to dribble back to
his office at you were finished whitney weren’t in
his department quiet good morning mister led by mr
compromised estimates attachment can stand it means to you later hello no sooner railroad st romero the setting the status that means not advise see u fares can i do believe alma winsome advice
miss brooks it’s about a mother’s day gift but a very special type of mother
respects i know it’s impossible right now but
just for supposition sake suppose you woke up one day and found yourself a
mother i have a mother of grozny’s miles away
no i don’t mean it atlee missteps many if u what defined you’re a mother what would your first question b what he did way down shortness brooks forget quite certain you wouldn’t say how is my husband not maybe i might say who is my head website series my dad told me that was my mother’s
first concern after she knew i was alright she thinks of us constantly and never
ever sell but me why why do we return i don’t get outta bed when she wakes me
i’m always late for my meals we never help her with the dishes might leave my
clothes all over that well send these mothers day miss brooks
night guy making up to her well that’s pretty short notice walter
that i have a suggestion for your eat yes sunday morning wait till your mother
stocks make practice when your churches in the kitchen close the door quietly
behind a and then gather up all the clothes that you’ve scattered around the
house isn’t and put them in a big suitcase high ran away from home active heating you wanted there’s only one way you can make your
mother happy and that’s by turning over a newly well china’s protect tests policy again like ever present would you like if
you’re a mother i wouldn’t care much about presents
water i’d just be happy if i had all my
beloved children around me g but of course my mother only has is one of the love a
child me partly sentiment however i’d still like to figure out a
little gift to some sort mickey young mother like yourself happy again father likeness divine at which reminds me a lot of time for me
to get down to his laboratory in picking up for lunch invite you for lunch today proceeded about ten minutes from now had one tell me what it we able to find out what kind of a
different spokesman on i couldn’t find out but we’ve got to get her something or
what the good of meanings broke some other way from other if we can supply
you with something she were we still were organizing committee pick out a gift to give it to miss from
area and tonight officially become mother wait for mother’s day night straight ahead certainly enjoyed at
lunch our cafeteria cooks seems to be getting
better he should be getting better heated meals
across the street i met the foods improving not only finished like this proves i have a surprise for you surprise what
is it inez divine one of your guinea pigs died and left
you a million dollars and i did not whisper x_l_ i want you to meet with
books blindness divine you’re running now mean for five years
this just found out that come into town
myself ec today usually spend mother’s day with
my married brotherhood mum decided that this year it’s my turn you do a lot we are going to spend mother’s day
together right or your lovely murder mysteries it seems to be a school teacher to you
know as a matter of fact she worked herself up until she was a principal you
gotta get pretty worked out to be a principal i’m sure we’ll get a lot of landed there and you’ll be crazy about my dad what
his sense of humor he’s got if he’s the one who told me the joke
about the quiz master who called on i’ve got a lady doctor but before he could
ask her any questions she stuck at the moment or his mouth and took his balls
and is netted scream dot on the ground like more fun about love
depressed monkeys ask you a rather personal question about
your folks at the time there certainly was proves what is it how long did they go around together
before they were marrying nine years lively folks believe in long engagements in
nowadays i guess or they weren’t engaged until six weeks
before the wedding six-week room onestat makes up his mind about
something he’s greased lightning gave them a briefing every state here kidnapping uh… atlanta and i’ve been in town resected electric minority over the weekend i’ve just got a small bachelor apartment
yes i know you told me about it maybe a prompt like to drop over to missus davis is the
night i’m sure my landlady wouldn’t mind might dusting the living room a little was to find with me experts leading to the folks a chance to rest up
from a trip to have some dinner before they before they meet the girl about whom
they’ve heard so much by mister bond you can you actually went
to your folks about that then hammers project have written the
many times about health gave youthful and exuberance you are i mean you have right i remember in one of my most recent
letters to them i said you were more like a pupil than a teacher effective i think that was a letter in
which i described you as a great big overgrown kid maybe i’d better take some time initiatives in the answer i got from dad he said whatever you do said don’t drive the
cradle needed today we we’ve just seen of course he loves
youngsters mr bohren you’ve given me an idea of
what kind of an idea of a difference if your father do you think that asking
for your hand maybe like that mate doing just a moment but first here is vern smith now test published in the party d
doubled literature so the twenty third brought right after
eating colgate battle cream stops to decayed best two years recertified leading
universities hundreds of case histories so that when used as directed colgate
battle green stops to pick a best yes exhausted test or the colgate way back
to prevent p_k_ better than any other home method of aural hygiene gnome today based on both clinical and x_-ray
examinations the cold gateways stopped more detailed
for more people than ever before reported in all data process story even more important there were no new cavity of whatever for
more than one out of three who used colgate dental green is directed not even one new cavity into full year’s
no other benefits paste all powder ammonia or not no other benefits as proof of such
results the best results ever reported for that oppressed of anytime so always
used will be between your breath while you clean your t and remember when you follow the colgate way colgate
battle green stops to became back well i have read home right after school
and put mister goldman’s gift to his wife and my dresser then i started to make myself in the
house is presentable as possible but mister barnes parents first of all i took a shower and set my
hair and the anger then i put on an old oversized house
transfer dr barber missus davis this intriguing combination achieved a
happy effect making me look like a red drowning in
the quonset hut came into the living room to get things
in order when i got there missus davis i just finished vacuuming own pani when you pull the plug up on me night
that’s been bothering me main segments of davis there say this vacuum cleaners pretty old is
new yes indeed but it’s clear that remarkably well i bought in nineteen thirty two nineteen thirty two yes this hurricane
and then the other one without died and it’s nice to meet for tonight you know i’ve never met mister vines
parents people or and no you haven’t tiny and first
impressions is so important but i think i still plan all the chairs
out to be re company in reaching her in the house is that the
uphold stories connie but don’t worry straight snodgrass dipping down for me
and he promised to bring them back by six o’clock stretch snodgrass look missus davis stretch maybe a
pineapple e that when it comes to mentalities strictly a third strike when he’s not going to get married took
the cheers although i don’t think so with connie you know how epson ninety nine and and
even i couldn’t forget the name of the stuff poster why not because we have a very on what is it what is wrong who’s going the apples where iberostar yes let mrs davis the soap and all our
chairs are being recovered today well they consistently using religious thing going on now with a very odd name i never can
remember and should not come back to you lynn now if you’ll excuse me i’d backing them
up about ten look foxpro minner days she missing again boo-boo just handed internal unicef i have been making it last night she should be back bang-up she knows how
i worry about it brea let me know if he comes in the
pentagon acted r_e_i_t_s is dated funny never never bothered during the park five-year denied it now how do you do let’s not do it philip yes hopefully can and this is the link well that’s impossible you won’t be hearings overnight cummins is bynum you don’t have to tell you when you are
ninety eric has written so much about you pierre yes he said mister wouldn’t
know what to do with out to missus davis well i try my best to be that’s missus davis is it going i miss brooke such as i a m we’ve got
company missus davis on yes he’s right here in the living room the worth it yesterday that the other way to get
together and then the have to give me mrs barnes but it was about indian union not been
uh… where’s mister barone or should i say where on mister boeing’s
warmest is going where is everybody travel parking the car i want to meet you face myself anyway
didn’t so much about you nazi an awful lot of each other now we
do teach at the same school that has been delayed teacher at one
time is is buying always too many years remarkable you still excel well and really karan always the boys hello let my dear alone exceeding mad well i think it may wrote that by now is she is dead i had an idea i do you have been just
like the mother in this protein is a davis this has dresses got to go this isn’t mrs davis aunty missus miss
looks fine already alone said that they get a
michigan finish it it not that i’m very interested in a
message dated it extraction identified as last week he
told me to elect the fed him up so i said what do you know judge report goes
to p dot technologies at or to the than what you try to get the world cinema
little k had a sense of humor and them have more on citizen but while we are standing out here in
the hall yes let down i’m standing around follow me now here we are now then disinvited you’ll just come
over to this land this is a very comfortable place to
stand going you can stand over there by the
b_n_l_ analyst and this person will always
cherish that being recovered it makes me to put hours yet mister born there’s a terrible thing to do to
anybody i’m sorry the spokesman couldn’t be held to see there’s a convention in
time i couldn’t get the folks accommodations anywhere you know read my reasoning i wondered if you and missus davis could
put the folks up for the weekend like we did find surprised if u event and it has been proven yet one sorry my bad just explaining our
predicament of his books if she was saying how delighted cd to
have you stay for a couple of days that’s what i call waffling hospitality
cooper alright and not be contacted or mind that this
is mister and missus bind and this contrary to popular opinion is
missus davis how do you do a good editors of being a
nice little place you’ve got here i just invited the votes to spend the weekend
with businesses davis if you don’t mind my dad went out with
you all demanding a pollster is subsidized retired after your trip
don’t you go to bed bad it’s only four thirty in the apt somehow
she was only kidding this is going missus davis i wanted to take the folks
up to my room liked what you would have been the best
you know that that’s yeah god says well there’s pressure that they i dot jha
pattaya credit out and added that and warmest that said they had a comfortable
room on the indeed atlanta just what the doctor ordered then the two monday don’t you think this book systemic with
you know without a cap that frankly it’s no doubt it uh… the theory of hobby we both know
you make a wonderful husband windows up when he grows up he’s still a big deal now how big is the yeah them died of aids all known for die and i think that by now i could have
sat him down at a man the man thought was a my beloved in the momentum and over me
and i was backstage and event that you anyway things and residents is warm out there must be real no-no that not permit
that’s he got an mother’s day gift money-making
that i was and i’m going to operative right away mother’s day until sunday now you know
i’d never have the patience to wait that i think except negligently okay and people need despite a lot when you open the package for beatty lumbered buddy i would like to find out gusting problem on it allotment what can i do for your where helped
package by mistake and obvious inside black shoes engineering ever that hardly
that that they had will be even goodie on that note be sure that there are
uh… five cars at mister goldman’s gave with
the congress the principle of madison high yesenia
demo kennedy heated or anything like that and
discovered that for mothers day all it’s three one who did you think it was for down and
for that can count on the position of your
eyebrows my eyebrows yes missus bond new bed adopt them and not your pushing
bacteria in it estimates certainly at least davis m
thank you mister going britney’s brooks is the man who deserves the credit he prepared to go uh… communist david you open every bit
as much as i did you get to know if you know yes my dear you know uh… yes i think we have no
clue that as well but that they wanted to
understand about you it always gets me when i’ve got a
mouthful and hand them out for here’s a napkin manufacture baby hernia right there
missus barney’s nothing but a great big over brown kid now that’s funny at the
same face at used in describing your reminded but she is whether you had a
zero a school listed as just read the label themselves
messenger recant and they don’t i’m began i’m just happy ski how i want to do that
could be the in extremist backside colorado are investing folks how informal we are
at madison fifteen isn’t buying at present harriet conflict involved and
then three million and now mister ricks we would like to present something to
you the expresses the devotion and reverence felt argue by the entire student body uh… what is
it it’s a shock that shot cared enough to go with the rocking
chair with her so much plastic you have been chosen our mother away from my there how are you now play here their spouse madhvi stands for a good books these are is or she’s right yes all still you learn homes for that however the this say in uh… is like weinstein and shield they he or of here aides said that um… the ants is for and leaning on renamo the relieving jets alive this the garments for returns in just a moment
but first lindner no tonight william how much love mary you
are here can look after allosteric cream temple munster cream world finance shampoo no other campbell in the world if you
pay boom with magic blend of secret ingredient once gentle and eleven better than assault better than a liquid mustard cream is
abt creams leaves hair three ways lovelier
frequently clean free of loose dandruff listening which
team manageable even in the heart of water luster cream
ladders instantly no special reinstated after lester cream
campbell so gentle laughter cream is wonderful
even for children’s hair yes tonight trial after cream campbell remember than me uh… much too kundun and now once again here is columnist bro
well several days later friday night came to an end as i have started mister going to the
front door he was in a strangely mellow mood enormous brooks i’m a man of many dreams but more often than not i find them
shooting to hide shooting to hide mister bryan we are seeing well in trying to find the right girl
for instance it seems it subconsciously i’m always
looking for a girl who’s just like my mother attractive yet sweeten unselfish well
don’t give up the search mister barnes and they are lined up i’m going to girl
right under your nose and i think that’s a very nice location what i mean is when you gave up your room for mother i suddenly realized
you’re not only attractive with also sweeten unselfish whispers instead of just shaking hands
like we usually do yes mister baden i’d like to say goodnight to you the way
i do to my mother with the kids his missed a minute on the forehead there you go shooting to hide graphite nuclear keith and help but note
became on this brought stymied by miss produced by larry barnes written by i
don’t know what’s left of my time job what election of morristown doctors rule palmolive soap and bring
your lovelier complexion in fourteen days yes thirty-six leading skin specialist
proved in tests on twelve hundred eighty five different women that palmolive soap facial using nothing
but pollen brought new complexion beauty the two women out of three just wash your face three times daily
with palmolive soap each time for sixty seconds massaging
pablo is beauty lather onto your skin then rents sold stock your palmolive
facials today remembered doctors prove palmolive soap
and bring you a lovelier complexion the in fourteen days or mystery liberally sprinkled while
snow snow mr mrs non exciting unpack inventors of the time to detect even his
beautiful wife union convening over most of these same
stations and being with us again next week at the same time or another comedy
episode of our mistrials problem on speak colgate double cream to clean your bread
while you bring your deep and help stop to pick a and mustard greens camp oversaw black
restaurants about their renewal harmless brought starring eve arden time once again by another comedy
episode of honest brooks under the direction about louis well this is national pickle week and among others who celebrated the
occasion was our miss brought to teaches english at madison high school i celebrated national pickle week are
right by getting myself into the prettiest
pickle you’ve ever seen it all started innocently enough in my landlady and i
sat down to breakfast last thursday morning you see a real tiny multimedia and you need any plans for
your vacation next month nothing definite missus davis perhaps he kept
his mail not depend too far in advance who knows flat so many bringing unites
even you know have you ever thought about timing many
times with his davis i do it in a minute to it’d work for a stop in ministry kim
eighty which keeps insisting that it’s no fun to elope by yourself out didn’t need that yes and company what’s wrong with mister billington estimating the outstanding question of
the week we are sending mrs margaret davis a lifetime supply of dutch boy
paint you know what was wrong with mister
klein are we talked about maybe it isn’t
ending vacation in south america south america wonderful idea indeed synthesize everything at dad’s of course used to boeing is
going to south america it’s where you have to go the pot has occurred to me missus davis
but there’s one thing that stands in the way transportation application yes one of my water wings
has a blowout don’t be discouraged by your present
financial speak can i will make simpson pgp easing and that if i have maybe there’ll be some good news in your
path pilot this very moment maybe not maybe
camping on your door rundown sent their lady come on frustrated since do thank you has generously and say that
you brought sit-down water and have some test in
delhi implanted actor holding it’s a rare black orchid miss perhaps an orchid most of the cost to quite a bit of money
won’t hurt and soon cost me nothing this is no time to concern ourselves
with penny monetary considerations i’m going to be reach miss brooks
wealthy beyond all dreams of adverse the fabulous treasures of the universe her
within my grass anybody could you spare a round-trip ticket to south america seriousness preps right discovered uranium and issue hoosier boo-boo tell-tale miss brooks tremendous
covering the camera we got a brand new geiger counter needs heavily have you ever used to guide your
candor i haven’t had two other very few of my
pupils are named geiger the donnerstag i’ve got your cat arisen instrument that measures the number in intensity
examinations from radioactive substances sounds terribly talented but how did you get mixed up with a what
mike last night i guess to fix a light bulb and i still got near the tiger
counter you should i heard it most poached that means uranium sign issue now the
way i figure it park avenue is retraced my steps of the past few days but maybe
he had to just start minding your shoe snacks well you guys helping ec the carey school property in
camping removed in the building without mister cochran’s permission depicted your word ass i am not meet
walter i’d like to assist you in this project but now is the wrong time tuesday i knocked a bowl of soup into
his lap in the cafeteria last week i dropped a typewriter on this front paul it’s almost eight fifteen had an
apartment or kidney and box and get ready to leave at eleven oh clock there are just be a
minute elite you connie fifty years almost
maybe i’m afraid i won’t have time for the reading missus davis i guess one of put this in the ice by
live like i love the stock of asparagus let margaret didn’t you say that this
happens to be a black orchid but you shouldn’t put back in the ice
dot connie it won’t do anybody any good b why did you think about the school
review individualistic conklin gra complex you’ll you told yourself you
be in nineteen eighty maybe this will give could make up for
your recent admitted wrapping things on it might at that although i would not want me to find out
that i gave away is present well you wouldn’t mind besides you don’t
know anything about hockey i’ll just put the flowers into this box
that they can laundry cleaning tie it with this made me think and
presto you’ve got a peace offering free of
principle thanks mrs davis i’m sure nothing could make you happy here because i was tied up in the box nationals perhaps we should reconsider my proposition
about that geiger counter if you’ll just as permission he wasn’t
donated fifty fifty parking whatever we find it’s a more than liberal offer
walter but i’m afraid i can’t take advantage of it right now i’m trying to figure that
method stowing away in south america his trucks make the thought of passing a possible
bonus of ten thousand dollars offered for discoveries of uranium are no longer
and i can’t say that it’s altogether impossible but as far as the immediate
future is concerned did you say ten thousand dollars if it’s a big field might even get means that much on the problem casey endpoint mi it
mister cochran’s office fifty straightening up your office tel
nine terry from a long time in bringing out the into you believe me
alone there not guilty of this morning your another ellery queen put it so happens that some bangle broke
into my garden bye-bye plotted and stole a rare black orchid a the disband on about myself might be missing that went along with
seven years i was planning to give that ought to be
would be a mother it’s her birthday today last time now probably have to buy presently or it’s a hot viet either get my hand on the stump and that good morning mr capa high-risk rockefeller harriet i was
isn’t enough trying to gain loathsome how can i stack uh… well mister darden bright and cheerful mining be brief miss
broke a the what brings you to my office i guess came into the lead is that i’m
game yes and they had put it on your day if you think you can do so without
knocking the typewriter off on my body care but well mister cochran action like your
permission to byron and i get counter from the can land geiger counter and i believe that’s what
it infused indicate the presence of uranium planning to helped me with an a bomb the it may not be stick around i couldn’t even left in a barn do that i
heard that there’s quite a reward for discovering new uranium deposits and i
thought that i only leave the premises but mister conger nine i’m in no mood to
discuss these nonsensical project at this moment live in a most difficult more shocking it was determined i don’t know how burst you are in things
botanical is broke i’m pretty very stupid dah several years ago i purchased a rare for the first few years ago finally i ceased to rely on the hit or miss
methods of plant propagation employed by a bunch of buzzing bees and i a poll and they did that the realize what happened to the project is near your feet but time
and dampen paddled hehe no but there are other back breaking procedures which i presume meet
belief of seven long years until finally my explore from became a
part of the lemon tree dot long here an orchid right orchid right just yesterday it started to boom and i said to myself your lucky man osgood tomorrow this lovely plo will blossom
just-in-time bureau white mothers birthday then you know what happens i mean now mikal read more slowly in the where you’re taking that blocked by
publicity with the gate howie begin nithya but not renew that is not actually a
primitive type her birthday you now definitely a remembrance where you can
leave it here i’ll take a breath of school i’d like to see one who did the broad
and that the union the underwear do go right we share address so you know the but knowing that ministers met does on for you you should happen to hear any of the
student all back together discussing a black orchid newsmaker confidential note of the
party’s name confidential i won’t even read it to my four oh five will continue in just a moment but
first there is more intimate published in the bar at eighty double
literature show that when people abroad right after eating colgate not agree and
stopped to pick a bass two years research it five leading universities hundreds of case histories so that when used as directed colgate
that’ll green stopped to pick a bat yet they don’t get past all the colgate
way but to prevent became butter then any other home at the
biltmore ojai genome debate based on both clinical and x-ray
examinations ecole gateways stopped more decayed or
more people than ever bball reported in all data process for even more important there were no new candidate whatever for
more than one out of three we used colgate dental crema directed not even one new cambodian too full year’s no other benefits spaced all powder amani aidid or not no other benefits have group of such
results the best results ever reported for the
benefits of anytime so always used will be between your bread while you clean your t and remember when you buy another poll gateway colgate battle green stops to decayed
bats well my morning classes passed without
any undue noite the principal’s office so i assume that
mister cochran hadn’t from time to open the box containing his own black orchid
so properly provided for me by while they’re down when lunch period arrived i hurried to
the biology laboratory cannot be combined them in on the ground floor of
my predicament begins the rhyme were not always bustamante i before we go to lines that something
i’d like to talk you about really fairly i guess but was rather embarrassed this morning there it’s been out there in my mind and and gained hit me out tell me some ridiculous story about
finding uranium on the issue already isn’t completely ridiculous miss
brooks as a matter of fact was more or less
confirmed in the game whereby the reaction of a geiger counter eugene that watergate actually stepped
into uranium will not necessarily could be some similar radioactive
substance you realize of course pat geiger counters an extremely sensitive
instrument it’ll even pick up imitations from your radium diarist watch all the
way from fisher’s pancho doing wonderful invention well what is your may not necessarily
indicate the presence of any large field nearby it’s still a rather provocative
incident i’ll say it is abt ten thousand dollars is very
provocative it was going to discover the new iranian and would never make the money it cost
for a summer vacation woodlawn i said think not i’m going to south america i myself south america writes funny i’m going to
spend my vacation down there down incident many leading the day school ends june twenty third but plot continued today the answer is preserved and had been will you be out on doing it if we’re going to be in israel at the
same time it ought to make it very pleasant about the
best they say the night down there at very
conducive to rally here’s what i’m impact on most junit in brazil the started seem to be thrown in the sky you can reach out and touch each other resort project on intellect change the subject blanchard
down do et al right you’re going to help you what do you think you wanted to say i’d like to show you just have a geiger
counter reacts mister taylor has a tiny sample of
uranium in the camel average usually under lock and key role in it explosion like awful had just got might
take another look at the tiger counter it intelligently about this twelve black
architect units perhaps ad with just about what we may be a part in my car key in
this morning mister martin sitting there might be rare musta been
cultivated for about seven years most likely anaheim house this one is
hotter than advert life dot i don’t usually giveaway padhne but i think they want to know that in
trying to get on with the conference bedside i gave you can the black market ministry evident in a glass of milk i don’t feel
so good do happen in again and why did you feel at lower whose department
garden celeste really stealing i was only getting every time mister cochran passes our
house easter also the gate and glasses are always trying to sell railroad
bombing isn’t orchid alarming god why did you have to make me depend movements receivers stolen goods but reading a lot
of chaucer lately now start capital minutes perhaps what mister kirkland say twenty sisal
market luckily for both of you have no pin the bucket maybe if someone could get into his
office you too but private banking domo just don’t know what i did that cheat on your dad when shopping and
maybe we can remove the plant before he comes back exams night scheme it’ll make it impossible
for all marblehead restricted do donations with me plus the liability icici market offer to buy excel balanced and see as soon as it gets dark we can sneak
back into his garden stick stand on the ground and when he sees a tomorrow
hoping something was wrong with his eyes this morning he sent saddam he won’t
know it has not really what are your id genius mister cochran’s bound to find out who
has no roots when other orchid fails to grow maybe subletting seven years we can cook
up a delay of an alibi on people watch your diploma script all
right mister boren now harry what we’ve got to get that box
up mister cochran’s dance before he gets back jokingly straps there have been it’s coming down the
hall we gotta get out of here it’s too late yossi is quick there were about elect not to do when you’re holding
walters three-point line up dot i don’t want
this ended with british and i took it for you outside india middle arctic actually quick quick response tossing out the
window window where either all right here open thank goodness there you go hello what everybody doing a month missed broke inquire what it was you just threw out
my window and view on a mission to or do you shot put under a number of
blue cert by senator packwood that we also i think we miss you might know
yes yes it was a book mister cutler in my office what sort of about one minute and bball with out we have been were building in it don’t and mess fracture whatever did do all we believe
in cotton ball might get out the carrot lacking
proponent don’t out there we just paying into which you are right
that happy birthday came into which my wife happy birthday
sir happy birthday trial d and i’m not about tell the truth i wanted to give mrs commoner present
myself that’s why we ended your office but and i heard you coming out again
mary beth and trusted out the window although that’s easily remedied we’ll district out in but it does nothing in it but i wonder
where all these not contained in this department pieces that was a little bit too because the
company is now underway read something for the
house you see i wanted you to be surprised to
that’s right westbrook still has the answers she
wants you to be surprised too of that bailouts there’s a strong clinton talking about
nuclear brian good to speak that it could be for us have appeasement not many people just
handed over i’ll be ten million yard that you are now dot resistors riders than take come over to a really i’m not going to
give mrs kong than my gift until after dinner well that’s perfect you’re beginning to
be inside by now here aren’t you going to have one i had about
nine hundred when i go to a mother brit candid radium what using what time of night is without waking me i took it home before i return to school in dollars i paid for that block better like it copy someplace where she will find it in
advance you know how inquisitive mind meyer present on one where love your mothers little idiosyncrasies i did it all i’d better do it in the middle sunken
toolbox out in our god this is one president nobody could find
without a geiger counter here enough that probably won’t hurt here’s the gate at the back yard the choice about where you got the
orchid world and how they deliver hold for it and put it back when it comes to
blame some initial greenbacks court sandbox you’re carrying
more than pulsed your camera i think if we can’t let this flag that
we can get away with borrowing the counterfeit one evening hum grades now i’m not go hotbed and having had to
be it summertime down lorena’s brooks what you want to have an instant let me get a little prospect will stop when he was doing we think this is pretty close to where i
can well alright water flying throughout have it wasn’t made white america uncovered some startling
box what’s his package in it it’s ticking mosquito mine part-time grommet who would want to go
up mister kirkland who wouldn’t it it gives you many around here this
bombardment planted by someone who didn’t want any of us to get it recorded in place by some crap who wants
to see our civilization survive domestic it’s taking loudest like given to me is
appalling watering tan this should stop it where it stopped interesting that’s how you
certainly have christmas well what it is used on but i’ll bet on
against it and all this is one thing you want to
managed let’s let’s just stop and take people
she certainly did say she through the whole box right into the watering can
you see a it is making a sound indeed it is in on but then activist submerged in water for a while very few fifteen dollar table model clocks are
capable of mud the the it does yes through contained in this hobby give rap boxes mind where than message you would like to convey altogether gang happy baghdad added depends in just a moment but first green tonight show him how much lovelier your
hair can look after allosteric luster cream world’s finest campbell no other shampoo in the world if you can
do it in blend of secret ingredients plus gentle
and alone better than assault better than a liquid mustard greens it’d be beat leaves hair three ways lovelier frequently clean free of loose bender of listening would
she manageable even in harvest water monster cream ladders instantly no special rents needed after luster
green jambu mustard cream is wonderful even for
children’s here yes tonight prior luster cream reunion prune nonu for you wrote and now once again here is i’ll miss
brooks well when we showed mister candidate black market was still intact and i
promise to reimburse him for the ruined clock he calmed down a bit and his
complexion returning to its normal color period dismissed as i slumped back to my
room then fell into a nice peaceful stupor however i a lot of good morning with a
very disquieting thought well remained that somewhere somehow
walter denton had stepped in uranium used a gala the chemistry teacher
identified that so when walter ride to pick me up i
hasten to reaffirm our partnership we are still partners and we won’t know
how you got me sprouts mister competency agar can turn it off now today that’s going to get a hold of
a sample of uranium so we don’t know what we’re looking for a man first
attacked any five dollars and spreads ride down partners aren’t we you put in
five not letting five mister can i just called to tell me that’s what a sample
costs why should we have to buy couldn’t we borrow it chris brooks remember i told you how i
got up on the table in school to fix the light well is where that got to do with
the iranian sample in the campbell and patsy ramsey my stepped in it c_r_ that’s how he got twenty five
dollars each divided school in the sample but now i’ve got to go to february
cabinet only defend you had to keep my please include your breath while you
clean your teeth and help stop to pick a on this book starring eve arden has
produced by larry burns written by al lewis must arrive in joke welland with the news that well perhaps under
the direction of maurice carlton mister blanton is played by jeff
chandler mister cochran by gail norton others in the knights cast would jamar
convict grandma and gloria macmillan and orbiting about that brings you go under
prompted baptized home a little needing monday contingents need your whole don’t beautiful want world palmolive meant for you problems you know and began to consign jordan nobody guardian now need your u yes for the most luxurious bath you’ve
ever had baptized mom i want to on the screen lebanese michael wildness
in the midst and this is not exciting fun but the doctors of an
amateur detective in his beautiful wife going into tuesday evening over most of
the same stations and be with us again next week at the same time for another
comedy episode of our miss brown’s problem on speaking as a c_b_s_


  1. Mary Jane Croft was great as the snide Ms. Enright,but others may recall her as Clara the only real sense of comedy outside of  Harriet on "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet" and she was also delightful on "I Love Lucy" and "The Lucy Show"! Great comedy actress!

  2. I fell asleep and had dreams that were like the program but had my friends and family substituted for the shows cast. They made for some funny dreams.

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