1. Mayor Ekema is not the first one to attend a university without enough qualification. People go to Nigeria all the time with three Ordinary levels and come back with degrees. I do not like when people vilify Mayor Ekema just for that. And the fact that he could get into Buea University, it means there are other people who have also gotten in like him. He must not be the first one. All the man had done was struggle to get an education. People should talk about real criminal offenses that he committed, not that one.

  2. Mr Ngomba, I am a fervent listener and viewer to your programs. This time around you were not on track.
    I live and work in Buea and I want to.let you know that your findings about the Senator is not true.
    You cannot be comparing Mbella Moki (the people's choice) and Ekema (a child who discovers powers).
    Senator Mbella Moki is the only courageous, honest and loved government official in Buea.
    He puts the interest of his people first and has always lived in Buea ever since this crisis began.
    Sleeping in his father's house which is still in Bokwango, Buea might be his own strategy of self defense.
    He told you he was tired and needed to rest. And as a Senator, talking about the non-sense special status will need much time to explain the ins and outs of the crisis.
    Please you should not be bias in your investigations with this enabler of peace.
    Thank you.

  3. Camaroonians should be worried about French government who's remote controlling the indigenous people, it's about time Camaroonians asked the franch government's to start stepping French languages should be null n void Swahili has to be thought to the citizens starting from primary schools , high schools,Universities n other higher learning institutions.

  4. Theodore great job as usual. Thanks for the great analysis.
    Tumi, Fru Ndi always play the same game. They protest on the facade but they're in Momie Robot Biya.

  5. The real problem in Cameroon is not language.The state or Governance structure in its entirety is a Construct of France, a divice used to Command and Control the Resources of our area.Cameroon as a nation is a Collosal fraud,the parliament is a Rubber stamp and the Senate a Circus.The Cameroun Constitution effectively makes Biya king as All the levers of power sterms from the President.Without changing the Constitution introducing genuin Democratic government Cameroon will never grow Economically and will always be in Crises.

  6. Ngomba this time your questions were Childish.Mbella Moki is a Senator and Cameroon is a very rich Country despite what we are told or taught in Schools.Your interview is out of Order and full or hear say.Ekema was power hungery period.

  7. Mola Mbella Moki Has Been Standing With His People For Many Years But Must Acknowledge Addressing The Parliament Of La Republique Du Cameroun Had Been And Remains Throwing Water On A Duck's Back?

    Those Buying Lands In Buea Are Doing So At Their Own Risk Especially At Clerks Quarters.

    Buea Is The Property Of Bakwerians And The Gov.Of The Federal Republic Of Ambazonia.

  8. Tutu Mama, I feel ur pain's English is ur second language n u do not understand the meaning's of indigenous people.Remain slave to ur freaking masters.

  9. We thank you Mola CryOut R/Tv for meeting some of this our sellout leaders, who claim they are representing us meanwhile they them self know they were used just to make sure the french Cameroon eat deeper into the Southern Cameroon if not take over, as their President Paul Biya unashamedly declared recently in Paris France. We shall intensify the fight against this ideology by making sure they spend the last dime they have been collecting from our land trying to defend this agenda of taking over Southern Cameroon.

  10. And I am not saying it is okay to break the law. In the context of Cameroon where there are no community colleges, he is just one of those who could not go out of the country for education. But he was determined to get an education. So he did probably what he had heard other people succeed to do. And of course I am not saying it is okay for people to carry guns. I do not think using guns is the best way out for anything. But in this case he was the Mayor in the middle of a war, so he had to carry a gun.

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