Papa Penny Vrs Julius Malema

Papa Penny Vrs Julius Malema

Papa Penny is still fuming after the EFF leader,
Julius Malema, allegedly mocked his “lack of education”, during one of his rallies. Papa Penny indicated, that he wants Malema
to return to the place where he made the remarks, and issue a formal apology to him. “Why do you tell people that I am not educated? Because you went, and faked your education,
and you adopted the western language, you think you’re clever? You think all South Africans went to school? When I was born, there was no school. You don’t know my history. Leadership like you that laughs at people
because they didn’t go to school, I’m not like you.” Malema replied with a brief statement, and
laughing emojis, but as the video went viral, he apparently in-boxed Papa Penny to try and
fix the situation. In his message, Malema apparently told Papa
Penny, that he still loved and respected him. He said Papa Penny entertained the nation. But Papa Penny was not impressed. “He has not apologised to me. He only said that he was doing comedy with
me. He said it was just part of his campaign,”
Papa Penny said. Papa Penny said that he wanted Malema to go
back to Nkowankowa, in Limpopo, where he made the utterances, to publicly apologise. Papa Penny claimed that Malema’s comments
suggested that the EFF was only for educated people. “He must go public and apologise, or people
who are not educated must not vote for him, because his party is only for educated people. I am not against him. I have nothing against his party, but he was
completely out of order for picking on me and my name. We are not friends. He just picked on me, and he is destroying
my name”. Papa Penny said that he had been around the
world, but he has never been disrespected like this. “He was supposed to focus on his manifesto,
not pick on people. Our African culture is not about insulting
people. A campaign is not about talking about people. A campaign is talking about yourself, and
how you will help the community. He is not right. He is not a good leader like that.” Later today, a viral video surfaced, where
Papa Penny is seen insulting Julius Malema seriously. Please check in the description box below
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  1. A respect to somebody it's needed, what he done it was wrong, to disrespect someone on top of that in public its very bad, what if someone did to you how gonna react,

    That thing it shows he's the one that is not educated, # no master of English, as long you understand what person saying.
    All of them they are African, but let's try to respect each other

  2. No no no malema ngoku akeko uryt uzehlisa isithunzi uzoqala ukuzondwa ngabathu uyandelela

  3. There's nothing wrong with saying someone is uneducated or illiterate… Penny penny needs to grow up.

  4. That's why MALEMA lost votes in his Birth PROVINCE. THEY are GAT VOL 😀😀😀he was MEANT to win, but DOLOLO!!⚰⚰⚰

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