Parliamentary arithmetic ‘is terrible for Boris Johnson’: Market analyst

Parliamentary arithmetic ‘is terrible for Boris Johnson’: Market analyst


  1. Arithmetic is very simple.
    It's subtraction (-) from EU and +,/,%£ vs € transactions.
    The numbers will be given by Amina Mohammed and she is very smart. Just trained her about for this day to harvest and reap the blessing's.

  2. This way, Boris Johnson can crash Britain out, which is what he wants to do anyway. As soon as he does it, he and Trump sign a free trade deal, a majority of the British public supports him, and snap elections result in a resounding loss for those who self-identify as 'remainers.'

  3. It's as if no one is listening, Juncker said there will be no more extensions. If they vote down the deal they will still be out on the 31st, not a terrible thing.

    Trump touts "incredible" ceasefire deal with Turkey. Trump congratulates security of state Mike Pompao for doing a good job that praise includes the early group I sent over to Turkey to work on the ceasefire deal. Trump expressed this is an amazing outcome in this ceasefire agreement. An amazing outcome regardless of how the press is going to dampon down this is in fact something they were trying to get done for 10 years. You would have lost millions & millions of lives & they couldn't get it done without a little "rough love" as I called it, I put out a little of that in the beginning. Everyone said this was tougher then we thought. When those guns started shooting, they tend to do things. But I will tell you on behalf of the United States, I want to thank Turkey & thank all the people that have gotten together & made this happen. This is an incredible outcome.
    So you have a 22 mile strip for many years Turkey has had problems with it, they had terrorist & a lot of people they couldn't have. They suffered a lot of loss of lives also. They had to have it cleaned up. And once you start that, you get to the point of a tremendous amount of things can happen. Russia and Iran, keeps Assad functioning. People like Lindsey Graham keeps their war mongering narratives going in favor of banker proxy wars for PROFITEERING the Dems Est. Mafia, the international corporation & the vatican bank likes to do off of other countries wealth. They would like to stay in the middle east another 1000 years keeping our soldiers over there fighting other people's wars. Trump said he wants to get out of the middle east. Lindsey should focus right now on Judiciary. The "Do Nothing" democrats as I call them because they're getting nothing done. They are not getting USMC done between Canada, U.S & Mexico. They're not getting nothing done. And I think Lindsey should focus on Judiciary. He should find out what happened with Comey, McCabe, between lovers Lisa & Peter Strzok & their emails, Obama & HRC and Brennon. Especially since the previous administration actions that damaged American & foreign policies are still being played out in my administration with the proxy war narrative now being pushed by Lindsey Graham. The Dems Est. & DS diverting their narrative to the public in the political arena drawing your attention back to pushing proxy wars instead onto the DS corruption that is on record. Lindsey needs to head up the focus on Judiciary especially since he claims he works well in support of my policies & the strategic planning document my ADMINISTRATION & I created back in December of 2017 to ultimately return America back in control of the people under our Constitutional republic. And out of the hands of the international corporation. The people of South Carolina wants Lindsey to focus on the issues to repair the damage the previous administrations has caused. South Carolina people do not want us to get into a war with Turkey or Syria. Let them fight their own wars, they've been fighting for 1,000 years. People of South Carolina wants to see our troops come home. I won election based on that said Trump. And whether that is good or bad, that is what I bet this country wants Trump explain in his previous press update.

  5. The People of The United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union and reclaim full independence and sovereignty!… They did NOT vote for a deal! The principle of FREEDOM is precious, priceless and the result should be honored and implemented. Today's market level is irrelevent.

  6. Boris Johnson is in fact a Turkish ethnic who was given a fake birth in the u.s and his great grand father was Osman Ali Kemal an circassian – Cerkez in Turkish

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