Patriots – Senator Susan Collins

Patriots – Senator Susan Collins

What does it mean to be an American? With all that our country stands for, how can we have a president who thinks the law doesn’t apply to him, who would bargain away the security of our nation and our elections, for his own political gain? We are patriots who have always protected Democracy. Will our Senator? Tell Susan Collins to put country over party. Need to Impeach is responsible for the content of this advertising.


  1. Screw you "Need to Impeach." Biden, Kerry, and Pelosi were the one making shady deals with Ukraine. The Obama administration and DNC were the ones that created, bought and paid for the Fake Dossier. Which they did with the help of Ukrainians. You make the mistake of thinking Maine People are stupid. Most of our Maine Politicians think we are stupid as they make their shady back room deals which have made them multi millionaires. How much did Congresswoman Chellie Pingree contribute to you for this advertisement?
    President Trump puts the American People first. He did nothing wrong and I know all you crooks aren't going down without a fight. Keep it up with your fake hoaxes. The curtain is being lifted off you deep state actors and there are millions of us watching. President Trump will win in 2020 by a landslide. God Bless President Trump and the American People.

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