Pelosi On Impeachment: ‘The President Leaves Us No Choice But To Act’ | NBC News

Pelosi On Impeachment: ‘The President Leaves Us No Choice But To Act’ | NBC News


  1. If she is such a patriot why is it since she became speaker the only thing she has done is
    OBSTRUCT the president. In the past 1 year + she has only passed one major bill and it
    benefits China!!! NONE FOR THE U. S. ( It was just done )THEIR ARE BILLS ON HER DESK THAT HAVE BEEN THERE FOR 9-10 MONTHS THAT ARE WORTH BILLIONS TO THE U.S. BUT THEY ARE UNTOUCHED!! Is this the action of someone that loves this country and is a Patriot??

  2. She's scared of the squad they pull her strings she needs to be stripped of her power. She talks about 1776 yeah she should know those were her teenage years.

  3. If it was sooo important why did congress take off soo much time in August, September, couple weeks in December…. Cant wait for the Senate! We will then get to talk to old Joe and his junkie son… Little Shifff… I cant wait… And then he will gwt re-elected! What are you going to do for his next four years hehe Trump 2020

  4. This kangaroo court is merely a Democrat political 'Farce"

    A farce is a broad satire or comedy, though now it's used to describe something that is supposed to be serious but has turned ridiculous. If a defendant is not treated fairly, his lawyer might say that the trial is a farce.

    A comic dramatic work using buffoonery and horseplay and typically including crude characterization and ludicrously improbable

  5. I didn't think twice : Impeachment looms …
    The evidence is obvious :
    the end is closer every day.
    Is he still the president of the United States ?
    He will quit—eventually…
    * * *
    I can say more :
    No one knows why President Donald Trump is so fond of autocrats—including his “friend” Muhammad bin Salman, “highly respected” Viktor Orban, beloved Kim Jong Un and of course Vladimir “so highly respected” Putin ???
    * * *
    Donald Trump has a long history of throwing his associates under the bus to protect his own skin, and I expect that any Trump official banking on this administration to protect them ought to think seriously about the prospect of major disappointment.

  6. Too bad, MAGAtards. Mrs. Pelosi is playing Chess.

    Little Donny Fail-Fail is playing checkers…with several checkers missing.





  9. NATO allies are LAUGHING at Little Donny Fail-Fail!

    The whole world is LAUGHING at Little Donny Fail-Fail.

    The whole world is LAUGHING at his mentally defective MAGAsucker fans, too.

  10. Dems waste more of Americans time and money. They have done nothing in almost 4 yrs. You lost get over it. Stop the waste of time. They know they cant win in November. Blah,Blah,Blah. Testimony (opinions)from 3 Democrat Trump haters.

  11. Take down trump, Russia’s China, Iran move in along with tons of fentanyl, democrats in power, millions of illegals will keep moving in, t the attacks on trump since summer 2017 the coup to take him down. Democrats cozy up to Russia, iran$. & China. Keep the country poor easier to dictate the people.
    Trump is MAGA , America first.

  12. Democrats are about Russia, Irma and China first. Fentanyl first, illegals first. Democracy is NOT at stake the United States will be at stake. Demicrats cozy up with dictators to find out how. First they’ll take guns away so people can’t defend themselves
    You have to read between the democrats lines. . How to take down the opponent you disagree with. They followed Russian rules FQCTS are not I,portant just I,peqch January 2017

  13. Biden Jr and the Clintons made millions from Ukraine energy sector but NBC are pretending Schiff and Pelosi are real democrats who care. It's almost like NBC is owned by a monopoly like Comcast who need corporatism to replace the rule of law?

  14. What's going on with that 😂crazy "floating black eyelid liner" ? Is she on crack ? Do something productive to improve the lives of Americans not waste time playing political games !

    The people need jobs to take care of their family. At least, President Trump is fulfilling his campaign promises & more !

  15. Impeach pelosi expose joe Biden’s money laundering crime and corruption! Stop targeting trump to cover it up his son made millions! Expose em! Drain the swamp!

  16. They straight up extorted Ukraine an stole from the American people Biden’s an everyone involved should be in jail!

  17. The House does Not have the Votes to Impeach… drafting articles of Impeachment are for Optics, Only…
    The Vote that will be put to the House Floor to Impeach Will Fail…
    Good Luck in 2024…

  18. I EARNED a hot head being forced to hear Political Parties, Governments, and the Military lie on me over and over again. No One without evidence burglaries my home for ADDICTS then arrest me and question me for having ALL of my evidence because others perjured without being forced to perjure. That's not a hot head. That's a Woman fighting injustices because the Leaders are too weak to stand by their oaths in America. There is not any excuses for trying to make People feel like they have power over you. They have mental issues. That's all they possess in these Administrations. Nothing more.

  19. Still waiting on one material fact to prove this whole charade. The dems and the media are so out of touch with average Americans it’s truly remarkable

  20. Make no mistake, the media has fueled this entire scam from day one. They should be ashamed of their biased, corrupt, self-serving coverage. It’s a disgrace

  21. This is what the US has needed since 1776, yea in America no one is above the law, that's why it's the incarcerated nation, or the homeless welfare nation-state of poverty that was created for all Americans which was all they had left to retire with. It's only a matter of time before the American People demand restructuring of government and its excessive taxations. I don't owe Trump or Pelosi any taxes, maybe not even a dime or two red cents to re-elect them. The perfect corporate business model, "Lay off all the workers before they can begin to pay into any pension or retirement plan, and collect on the consumers". How about a reality show with a global revolution brewing just under the surface of every government. This is how out of touch with reality both Democrats and Republicans are. That's what a real government shutdown looks like, all the US government needs to do is shut down the internet.

  22. Meanwhile……….where are the facts??

    These Dems think ppl are as moronic as their narratives and you got the habitual Liar Schiff leading this runaway train.

  23. lol poor 'ol girl, she didnt want to do this lol Same goes for Naddler. Poor 'ol guy doesnt want to be sitting where he is right now, he knew they were going to bring up all of his hypocritical contradictions they have on both audio and video lol seriously this was a big mistake. They thought a lot of rational liberals walked away in the last 3 years, wait till they see their numbers dwindle after this impeachment circus is done. Reasonable liberal walking away in silence so that their own party's cancel culture doesnt eat them alive.

  24. Trump is a Belial.
    A self serving dealing lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Trump is an abomination unto God man and the presidency.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  25. Nancy needs to get ousted – she has dementia and she can not determine truth anymore! What a sad circus she is sponsoring!

  26. So let's say he didn't do anything wrong and he's telling the truth:

    He has slashed $ to our 'war fighters' services, cut taxes on the uber-rich (the 2% who received relief will see it expire in 2027 when taxes on the working class sunsets), lied about a wall (if successful it will be 165ft of new wall. Refurbished wall has already been breached.), and embarked on a trade war that benefits Canada and Latin America. The Chinese are waiting until after the election to negotiate. The coup de gras is his brand new cuts to SNAP of which 85% goes to republicult municipalities.
    The pipeline is being built with IMPORTED steel. Coal is not coming back and he knows it.
    People who believe in Q, but have no clue what A.L.E.C stands for do not realize that he is actively amputating them.
    And I know, I know, it's all fake news, but guess what: you can find most of this 'fake news' on USA.GOV (i.e. slowing of the economy, steel procurements, dept. of agriculture funding, defense spending, etc.).

  27. Use FAST to remember and recognize the following signs and symptoms of stroke:
    F: Face drooping. Ask the person to smile, and see if one side is drooping. …
    A: Arm weakness. Ask the person to raise both arms. …
    S: Speech difficulty. …
    T: Time to call 911!

  28. People are going to start to think that Trump is colluding with fake news outlets. Every time they put out a negative story, his poll numbers keep going up. See for yourself.

  29. Meanwhile at southern border. trumps polities worked. Economy is good. Trump as he always does inflated himself but still doing good. I don’t think the dems understand how many Americans don’t care about a phone call that we can read the transcript to. We care about our quality of life, keeping the remaining liberties we have and the future of our kids. The best dems have is Joe who I’m sorry to say can’t keep his speeches straight how is he going to run the country? Sanders who is running on what exactly? Taxing us into the ground, reparations?.. decriminalizing illegally crossing the border then health care/social services for all that do? How are we going to pay for that. The dems are never going to allow yang to get the nomination and tulsi is about the only believable candidate and Clinton has shut her down. Bloomberg is just going to try to buy it hard to say why will happen there. It’s a mess and impeachment is a distraction.

  30. You don't support Universal Basic Income nor' advocates in all states in the U.S.A .?? By the numbers the people say no some say yes. Grief, and complications of course dont worry all those people trying to lead ordinary lives. On others edges their struggling. Expense or not a UBI or such from the press judiciary committee would be good on odds to pass the bill for all states Universal Basic Income. 7 months outta a 1 year an its notta for the people as families to build on. 🇺🇸✊ Congress is believed to get this done soon.

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