President Trump Meets with the National Space Council

President Trump Meets with the National Space Council

The President: Thank you
very much, everybody. Thank you very much. This is an incredible
time for our country. I would say that our economy
— and many of you know that very well — is doing better
than it ever has done. Our employment numbers
are the best that they’ve been, perhaps ever, but
certainly in recorded history. Reports just came out
— best in 44 years. Black unemployment is the
lowest level in history. Hispanic unemployment,
lowest level in history. Women unemployment,
lowest level in 21 years. It started at 19, went up
to 20; now it’s up to 21. Very soon it’s going
to be in history. We’re doing numbers like
we’ve never seen, and we have some of the great
industry leaders here today who I’m going to be introducing
in a little while, quickly. And they’re going to do so
much with NASA and so many of the great
things we’re doing. But they understand full
well what’s happening. We’ve never seen a period
of time like this. The whole world is looking
up to the United States, and the United States
is respected again. There was a period of time
we were not so respected, not so long ago. The United States
is respected again. If I might, I just wanted
to make a brief statement on immigration and
what’s happening. And I’ll say it very honestly
and I’ll say it very straight: Immigration
is the fault, and all of the problems
that we’re having — because we cannot get them
to sign legislation; we cannot get them even to the
negotiating table. And I say it’s, very strongly,
the Democrats’ fault. They’re obstructing. They’re really
obstructionists. And they are obstructing. The United States will not
be a migrant camp and it will not be a refugee
holding facility. It won’t be. If you look at what’s
happening in Europe, if you look at what’s
happening in other places, we can’t allow that to
happen to the United States — not on my watch. For the rest of the world,
you look at everything that’s taking place —
pick up your newspapers this morning and you see. We want safety and we want
security for our country. If the Democrats would sit down
instead of obstructing, we could have something
done very quickly — good for
the children, good for country, good
for the world. It could take
place quickly. We could have an
immigration bill. We could have — child separation — we’re stuck
with these horrible laws. They’re horrible laws. What’s happening is
so sad — is so sad. And it can be taken care
of quickly, beautifully, and we’ll have safety. This could really be
something very special. It could be something maybe
even for the world to watch — just like they’re watching
our great economy, how it’s soaring. They could watch this. We have the worst
immigration laws in the entire world. Nobody has such sad, such
bad, and actually, in many cases, such
horrible and tough. You see about child separation;
you see what’s going on there. But just remember, a
country without borders is not a country at all. We need borders. We need security. We need safety. We have to take
care of our people. You take a look at the
death and destruction that’s been caused by
people coming into this country, without going
through a process. We want a merit-based
immigration system so that Boeing and Lockheed and
all of the people — Grumman — all of the people
that are here today, the heads of every company, so that you can hire people on a
merit-based — you know they’re coming in —
they’re people that came on merit, not based on a
lottery, or not people that snuck across
the border. And they could be
murderers and thieves and so much else. So, we want a safe
country, and it starts with the borders. And that’s the way it is. Now I’d like to — (Applause.) — thank you. Thank you. And again, we can do
this very quickly if the Democrats come
to the table. Everybody wants to do it. We want to do it
more than they do. If they come to the table,
instead of playing politics, we can do it
very, very quickly. So welcome to the third meeting
of the National Space Council. I want to begin by
recognizing our great Vice President, Mike Pence,
who’s been so involved. And, Mike, I want to thank you
for the incredible commitment to American
leadership in space. I also want to thank
Secretary Wilbur Ross, Secretary Elaine Chao,
Director Mulvaney, Director Coats,
Administrator Bridenstine — and congratulations,
wherever you are. Where is he? Where is he? Congratulations. You better do a good job. (Laughter.) I’ll say you’re fired
in two minutes. (Applause.) You have a
lot of support, and you’ve loved this right
from the beginning. Administrator Bridenstine:
Yes, sir. The President: He
was in Congress. He did an awfully good job,
but this was his love, right? Administrator Bridenstine:
Yes, sir. The President:
So, good luck. Secretary Wilson, General Dunford, Undersecretary Thompson,
Deputy Secretary Shanahan, and Acting Deputy Secretary Grady
for being here today. We’re honored to be joined
by Congressmen Robert Aderholt, Brian Babin,
and Dana Rohrabacher. Stand up, Congressmen. Please. Please. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. (Applause.) And a special welcome to a
strong, powerful, wonderful woman. Does a great job as governor
of one of my favorite places in the world, Alabama — Kay Ivey. Kay. (Applause.) Am I doing
okay in Alabama? Participant: Yes, sir. Governor Ivey: I better
do okay in Alabama. We love Alabama. I also want to recognize
three true American heroes. The first woman to command
a Space Shuttle, the great Eileen Collins. Stand up, Eileen. (Applause.) Great job. Great job. That’s a lot of
time in space. Along with legendary
Apollo astronauts Jack Schmitt and Buzz Aldrin. Buzz has been a friend
of mine for a long time. Jack, thank you very much. Thank you, great. (Applause.) And I also have a list of
some of the CEOs and chairmen and presidents of these
incredible companies. Wes Bush, CEO of
Northrup Grumman. Where’s Wes? Wes, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you, Wes. Gwynne Shotwell, Gwynne? Stand up, Gwynne. She’ll end up running
for office, right? (Applause.) Bob Smith, CEO of Blue Origin,
who’s very active. Thank you, Bob. I hear you’re
doing a great job. (Applause.) President and CEO,
United Launch Alliance. That’s a combination of
Boeing and Lockheed on the Space Launch System, SLS. I don’t like when Boeing
and Lockheed get together because the pricing only
goes up, but that’s okay in this case. (Laughter.) I don’t know. I don’t love that stuff. We’re going to have to
talk about that, your joining those two
companies, oh. (Laughter and applause.) Oh, boy. Look at Dennis. Dennis is so happy. I don’t like
that stuff, Mike. (Laughter.) Marillyn Hewson, who has
done a fantastic job at Lockheed Martin, Marillyn? Marillyn — you have done. (Applause.) What do you
think of that merger for the space — what
do you think? Look at them; they’re
sitting together. Oh, Boeing. (Laughter.) Oh, it’s —
no wonder we don’t get the pricing we want, huh? Dennis Muilenburg,
friend of mine. A great guy. The head of Boeing. And, boy, have you done a
good job on all fronts — commercial, military. Both of you. What a job
you’ve both done. Thank you. (Applause.) Stay apart. Stay apart. Don’t get together. Stay apart. And, you know, just a
great group of other executives are here
from the top companies. And it’s patriots like you
that are the reason why America was first in
flight, first to the moon, and why America will
always be first in space. You know, before I got
here, it wasn’t looking so good. (Applause.) Before we
came in, I will tell you, they didn’t have such
big plans for space. Now they have plans. And it’s great, not only in
terms of jobs and everything else; it’s great for the
psyche of our country. This morning it came out
that small business is the most optimistic it’s ever
been in the history of our country. That’s pretty good. Now, I don’t know if
they go back to 1776. I don’t know if they go
back to, you know, areas of a little bit earlier,
slightly, like by 100 years or 200 years. But I will tell you, I
have never seen optimism like we have right now. So, it’s a very
exciting time. I want to also say that
when it comes to space, too often, for too many years, our dreams of exploration and
discovery were really squandered by politics and bureaucracy,
and we knocked that out. So important for our psyche,
what’s you’re doing. It’s going to be important
monetarily and militarily. But so important for right
up here — the psyche. We don’t want China and Russia
and other countries leading us. We’ve always led — we’ve gone
way far afield for decades now, having to do
with our subject today. We’re going to be
the leader by far. We’re behind you a
thousand percent. America’s vital interest
in space lost out to special interests in
Washington, except, of course, for the senators
and congressmen here. They would never do it. Right, Dana? But all of that
is changing. We know that. My administration is
reclaiming America’s heritage as the world’s
greatest space-faring nation. The essence of the
American character is to explore new horizons and
to tame new frontiers. But our destiny, beyond
the Earth, is not only a matter of national identity,
but a matter of national security. So important for
our military. So important. And people don’t
talk about it. When it comes to defending
America, it is not enough to merely have an American
presence in space. We must have American
dominance in space. So important. Very importantly, I’m
here by directing the Department of Defense and
Pentagon to immediately begin the process
necessary to establish a space force as the sixth
branch of the armed forces. That’s a big statement. We are going to have the
Air Force and we are going to have the Space Force
— separate but equal. It is going to
be something. So important. General Dunford, if you would
carry that assignment out, I would be very
greatly honored, also. Where’s General Dunford? General? Got it? General Dunford:
We got it. The President: Let’s
go get it, General. (Applause.) But that’s the importance
that we give it. We’re going to have
the Space Force. One year ago, I revived
the National Space Council and put exactly the right
man in charge, and that’s our friend, Mike Pence. He feels very
strongly about this. And in December, I signed
a historic directive that will return Americans to
the moon for the first time since 1972, if
you can believe that. (Applause.) Always remembering
it’s about that, but it’s also about
jobs and the economy. This is a great
thing we’re doing. This time, we will do more
than plant our flag and leave our footprints. We will establish a
long-term presence, expand our economy, and build
the foundation for the eventual mission to Mars — which is actually going
to happen very quickly. And, you know, I’ve always
said that rich guys seem to like rockets. So all of those rich guys that
are dying for our real estate to launch
their rockets, we won’t charge you too much. Just go ahead. If you beat us to Mars,
we’ll be very happy and you’ll be even
more famous. But they do like
— explain that. Where’s Eric? They do like rockets,
for some reason, huh? They like those rockets. But you know what? If — as long as he’s
— as long as it’s an American rich person,
that’s good, okay? (Laughter.) They can beat us. (Applause.) We’ll save a
little money, and they can beat us and we’re
taking full credit for it. Don’t worry about it. (Laughter.) But we’ll be setting
aggressive timelines, challenging old
ways of doing business, and we will be
expecting real results. And we are making our
incredible facilities — okay — available to these
people that have been doing so incredibly by
themselves on rocketry. So, you’re invited. The rent won’t be high. I am instructing my
administration to embrace the budding commercial
space industry. We are modernizing
out-of-date space regulations. They’re way out of date. They haven’t been changed
in many, many years. And today we’re taking one
more step to unleash the power of American
ingenuity. In a few moments, I will
sign a new directive to federal departments
and agencies. They will work together
with American industry to implement a
state-of-the-art framework for space traffic
management. But don’t let it get too
out of control, please. We know about what’s going
on with a lot of other rules and regulations. By the way, we’ve set the
all-time record in history of this country in
cutting regulation. So, when I hear about
that, I get a little bit — (Applause.) — a little bit tenuous. Be careful. Don’t get too
carried away. But we have. We’ve cut more regulations
than any administration, whether it’s four years,
eight years, or sixteen years, in one case. We’ve cut more regulations
than any other President in history. And I actually think that,
along with the massive tax cuts, I think that the
regulation cutting may have even had more of an
impact on the economy. It’s been incredible. We have regulation. We have a lot
of regulation. We have good regulation. But you don’t need 20 years
to get rejected from building a highway. We can reject you in
two years or one year. We have it down from
seventeen years, down to two. We expect to get
it down to one. And if it’s not good,
we’re going to reject. But it’s going to
be a fast rejection. You’re not going to go an
entire lifetime only to find it’s not
going to be built. Two previous administrations
tried and failed to develop a system to deal
with congested conditions in orbit. We are finally going
to get it done. It’s going to happen fast. One year from now, our
nation will mark an important milestone in
human history: half a century since Americans
first stepped off the Eagle and onto the moon. That was a big — that
was a big day, right? In that magnificent moment, the American astronaut embodied
the incredible spirit of America: the confidence of a cowboy,
the skill of a fighter pilot, the ambition of a scientist, and the courage of a true,
true, brilliant, tough warrior. They bounded fearlessly into
the unknown to be there first. They did the impossible
because they knew that, together, there is
absolutely nothing Americans can’t do. When we get together,
there’s nobody even close. Now we are ready to begin
the next great chapter of American space
exploration. This is a very
important day. This is a very
important gathering. A new generation of young
people seeks to challenge — really challenge hard
— to get their talent and their skill to work. And now we’re giving them
a forum and a platform from which they can put
that genius to work. Legions of welders and metalworkers, scientists and engineers stand
ready to build a powerful new rocket and gleaming
new spaceships. And that goes with all
of the other things that we’re building
in our country. Our nation of pioneers still
yearns to conquer the unknown, because we are Americans and the future belongs
totally to us. Once more, we will launch
intrepid souls blazing through the sky and
soaring into the heavens. Once more, we will summon
the American spirit to tame the next great
American frontier. And once more, we will
proudly lead humanity — and that’s what it is,
it’s humanity — beyond the Earth and into those
forbidden skies, but they will not be
forbidden for long. You’re very
important people. You have a great,
great contribution. What you’re doing has been
incredible, but it will be even more incredible —
far more incredible — because we are giving you
a platform, the likes of which nobody
has ever been given before. I am a big believer. You will go out there
and you will take that frontier, which is largely
unknown by man or woman, and you will learn everything
there is to know about it. And what you’re doing is
so important — remember — economically,
militarily, scientifically. In every way, there is
no place like space. Good luck, General Dunford
and the Joint Chiefs. I want to wish you a lot
of luck with Space Force. But that shows how
important it is. Congratulations on your
tremendous success, but you’re going to have far
more success right now. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Mike. (Applause.) Okay, everybody. Here’s a big one, right? Would anybody like
me not to sign this? (Laughter.) Is there
anybody in this room? They would be in big
trouble, I think. (The directive is signed.) (Applause.) Thank you, everybody. I have a few pens. Pass them around, okay. Thank you very
much, everybody. Congratulations. Great day. Thank you.


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    Today, every day in the minimum-security camp at the Otisville Federal Correctional Institution in Rockland County, New York, there are sizeable minyanim, three times daily.

    A full-time rabbi attends to the congregation’s spiritual and religious needs. Daily religious classes are offered. Shabbat and holiday meals are provided.

    There are so many observant inmates—inmates who were ostensibly observant at the time of their arrest, not those who “found God” after they broke the law, thereby increasing the numbers—that such provisions are now available at a number of other federal penal institutions.

  13. Anyone practicing in the justice system of a large urban metropolis with a significant Jewish population—New York, Los Angeles, and Miami, for example—has seen a similar trend.

    These observant defendants are not typically charged with street crime or narcotics trafficking.

    The most common charge is fraud: against businessmen and run-of-the-mill citizens alike, most frequently involving victims outside of the Jewish community; against the government; against insurance carriers; against banking institutions; health care fraud; money laundering; and stock swindling.

    For example, following the convictions of four Hasidim in the New Square scandal, Hasidic leaders defended President Clinton’s pardon of these individuals on the grounds that the stolen funds were funneled back into their community rather than into their own pockets.

    The Key Question

    Why is fraud so common in the Orthodox and Hasidic communities? Perhaps Judaism itself concentrates too heavily on technical observances designed to honor the Kingdom of God and not enough on a code of conduct honoring and respecting each other.

    Maybe the religion, as taught, isn’t sufficiently concerned with ethical precepts particularly with regard to faceless government bodies or individuals outside the fold.

    Even more disturbing, perhaps criminal, or merely unethical, behavior is simply not inconsistent with religious observance.

    Whatever the reason, the ultimate question is simple: Do the religious obligations of Orthodox and Hasidic communities require their members to behave ethically in their everyday behavior, including in their dealings with everyone of every faith?

    Several responses to this key question will invariably invoke talmudic niceties, such as, “What do you mean by ethical behavior?” Responses of this nature highlight a root problem: talmudic exercises that can be used to rationalize misbehavior.

    Yet, these rationalizations find little support in the teachings of the Torah itself. Indeed, the Torah contains an explicit injunction against maintaining two weights, one large and one small—the biblical equivalent of two sets of books—declaring it an “abomination to God” to act with such weights corruptly (Deut. 25:13-16).

    How did we stray so far from such a clear anti-fraud philosophy of the Torah to the present-day efforts by some to defend fraudulent behavior with hyper-technical talmudic logic?

    Consider this example: Money laundering did not violate American law until 20 years ago. Nor did it violate any specific biblical law, or post-biblical law, ever. But it now violates American law and is a very serious offense.

  14. Some, however, argue that even a serious violation of American law, such as money laundering, that is not also criminalized by the Torah does not require the observant community’s condemnation (e.g., “Our Higher Authority doesn’t itself forbid it”).

    Without question, a whole category of secular laws criminalizes conduct not proscribed by the Torah.

    And, in many instances, the proscribed conduct would not violate the morality of the Jewish religion or, for that matter, the state. Indeed, many are so-called victimless crimes.

    It may even be that particular criminal statutes are discriminatory in their enforcement or affirmatively harm certain segments of society.

    This is not true, it is worth noting, of money laundering, insider trading, or criminal tax laws, which may be onerous in the extreme and sometimes unfair in their application, but not discriminatory, e.g., they were not enacted to “get” Jews.

    There are certainly times when we are justified in disobeying the law. To invoke the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, there may be times when “if there is nothing worth dying for, there is nothing worth living for.”

    Some laws imposed by a secular government are so inappropriate—indeed, perhaps, although rarely, anti-Semitic—that the good citizen’s duty is to take the consequences and civilly disobey them in protest. Such laws are rare in post-World War II America

    But engaging in civil disobedience to protest the repugnant law is not the same as simply breaking the law for monetary gain. If a law-abiding Jew disobeys a law to protest its unfairness, fully recognizing the consequences of his protest, one can argue that he remains an observant Jew.

    Still, civil disobedience aside, if a statute exists on the books, there is a halachic consequence to violating it, however victimless or onerous it may be. This is true, however, even if the law is seen as designed to protect the financially entrenched against the outsider, and thus is itself immoral.

  15. I just truly with all my heart hope trump takes time out of his huge schedule to help a city that is going crazy sir I'm moving I'm leaving the city sir no longer safe here for me and family and sadly I think its gonna get worse so I know I'm just a no body which I like it that way but I hate to see a community get ravaged like this plz look into the situation plz sir he was killed right across from the police station just at a angle but across from it yet not 1 person has been charged I am friends wit the family no 1 has been charged how's that possible

  16. Why is that white haired creep just standing there staring at the President? Get off the stage jackass! Something is off about that guy.

  17. Yeah! President Donald Trump was God dame right! We need merit-based immigration system for protecting our local U.S. citizens' jobs and welfare services not be malicious ruined by obstructionists

  18. Unfortunately we might really need a space force. We don't know all the secrets of the universe and there might just be hostile life out there.

  19. My goodness we have had a secret space program since ww2, operation Paper Clip and trillions of missing funds for black budget programs. Catch up folks

  20. I used to think that a simple noun verb noun sentence structure was the way to go when attempting to portray an insane fantasy as a potential reality. But nonsense is nonsense, or not, these daze. Parse on, (or off), ya highly functioning bingo letter spinner. One question, are the kidnapped, missing children going up first to install ur twitter toilet command centet?

  21. Flint Michigan still has poison water. Puerto Rico is still without electricity. Our infrastructure is crumbling across the country. We can't afford children decent education, but let's spend trillions on a space force.

  22. Build that space wall make the aliens pay for it. Donald drumpf only wants to build space force so he can get back to his Dark Side of the Moon Nazi base, where he is promised to become the new Lizard Overlord of the white supremacist Flat Earth people. Better known as Fox News viewers.

  23. Thanks to Donald Trump we are not respected in the world. We have become the United police state of America. Donald Trump you are a corporate fascist treasonous coward.

  24. President Trump, I love you, but "Space Force"?? Come on!

    With millions of people awake to the truth of the flat, stationary, geocentric, enclosed Earth realm??

    You could've at least called it "Low Earth Orbit Force" 😂😂

  25. another postt I have o deleted ..It is a beauiful sunny Sunday morning…I do NOT want to hear or see his face (your president) ..It is like having a smug . spoiled brat .. I will not ruin my nice day..hear about his stupid tweets , OMG he makes me SICK…

  26. President Trump is the miracle the United States — and the rest of the world, too — has been needing. And not one moment too soon. America's decline has stopped. It's up to us all now to restore and expand our great nation under the guidance of this competent and caring person. Let's give him all the support he needs to get the job done.

  27. Gotta speak up but I so support my President because I admire his patriotism and no-nonsense approach to problems. HOWEVER, I must speak up when I believe something's off.

    Our atmosphere has been saturated DAILY w/billions of tons of deadly nano aluminum particles, strontium, barium, cadmium, sulfuric acid that Chief Geo-engineer David Keith announced he wanted added to other toxic chemicals known to cause cancer, Alzheimers, lung, heart, liver, kidney and brain damage, to name a few. For years anyone exposing this multi-billion dollar program/year . . . were labeled as being conspiratorial. HOWEVER, former DEEP STATE CIA Dir. John Brennan approved this deadly program on 7/6/16, indicating Climate Engineering must be done to reflect the sun.

    Complete nonsense. Geoengineering caused climate chaos because of decades of spraying our atmosphere. Now they have the nerve to make it legal without our informed consent. Cause the problem w/geoengineering, and voila announce geoengineering is the the solution. What a sham. Aluminum is a moisture-drying desiccant effective in causing drought. Rain is forecasted, then Geo-engineers heavy load of atmospheric 'chem-trailing' dissolves moisture potential and politicians like Jerry Brown dictate how much water we can use = Agenda 21.

    It's now happening in Arizona and McCain protégée, Gov. Ducey, will initiate the same disaster as California Gov Brown. Take a look at what we're breathing on a daily basis and multiply it by hundreds of planes spraying the same ~ yet we're going to spend trillions to pioneer space?? Video of Spraying Jet Goes Viral – (

    There is no global warming nor climate change crisis but ONLY a crisis from Geoengineering. I'm begging you, President Trump, to STOP Geoengineering and allow our planet and our bodies to heel. Respectfully, A fellow patriot who has hope since you have taken office.

  28. The children, the trafficking, is the keystone. Stop it, and it'll take down the so called "elite" like a domino effect.

  29. President: Mr. Donald Trump: First Lady: Mrs. Melania Trump: I truly appreciate. All that you both do.
    Thanks a million. I love you both.

  30. Don'cha LOVE how, every time Pence is behind Trump at an event, he has the same, statuesque, frozen look on his face that is just SCREAMING: how the HELL did this jackass become my boss?

  31. You know, with the way Trump BITCHES about how BAD this country is, how BAD our government is, how BAD our companies are…… it's AMAZING, isn't it, how we STILL managed to be the BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD? How the fuck does THAT happen??????????

  32. Trump mocked other politicians for using teleprompters, but heavens, at least they didn't use MEGAPLEX screens for THEIR teleprompters. Is that because you can't SEE, "Mr. President," or because you can't READ???????

  33. The Democrats use the illegals to politically campaign for their corrupted position and, to keep their 6 figure salary. #TrumpPence2020

  34. Thank you Pres. Trump for your strong stand on immigration…let us hope the Democrats get more American in the future…as of today, they all seem anti-American.

  35. He's a piece of shit and this is why he's saying the kind of me in the unemployment is great right now but he doesn't tell you it's because of the policies Obama implemented not him he didn't do anything and if he did there was no time for anything to take effect yet he's taking somebody else's Glory away from them because basically he does nothing and when he does something it falls apart look at Korea look at Putin look at NATO then look at the summit for climate change in Paris everything he does is wrong and fucked up the only thing he does right is play golf on our money he's a waste of time

  36. Still talking about rocket huh

    Full Disclosure and Truth is the only way forward!

    God Bless the POTUS and the Alliance.

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