“Pro-Choice” is Pro-Abortion | Congressman Hice Questions Allie Stuckey at Congressional Hearing

“Pro-Choice” is Pro-Abortion | Congressman Hice Questions Allie Stuckey at Congressional Hearing

Mrs. Stuckey there have been a lot of
medical advances certainly over the last several decades, can you tell us about
some specific scientific evidence supporting the personhood the humanity
of the baby? the viability? thank you for your question first of all embryology
tells us that the the child from the moment of conception has a separate DNA
and so when we hear these euphemisms thrown around like my body my choice
immediately obscuring the life of the child it shows me that the pro-abortion
argument doesn’t deal with fact that deals with feeling which is exactly why
we’ve had such a hard time getting any kind of clear answer from any of the
panelists of what abortion actually is what does it do because talking about
tearing a child apart limb by limb with forceps just isn’t a very good PR
strategy for Planned Parenthood or the abortion industry all I’m trying to do
is to remind us when we’re having this conversation that there are two people
there are two people and I don’t believe that we have to pit a mother against her
child in order for a woman to be successful we talked about you know
legislative solutions and showing compassion for children after they’re
born I absolutely believe in that every pro-life Pregnancy Center that I’ve ever
been a part of that I’ve ever donated to they don’t just counsel women they also
offering parenting classes they are also offering help from abusive situations
they are offering programs for these young women to be able to get affordable
baby clothes and baby products and things like that and so every pro-life
organization I know cares about children in the womb after they’re born and the
mother who was pregnant with these children that is what I am trying to
argue that let’s not ignore the scientific reality that a baby is a baby
and therefore in my opinion is deserving of the right to life you brought forth
while ago Planned Parenthood’s own study that the majority of women have
abortions not because of their own personal health but because of
convenience sake whether it be a job or whatever it may be how does that those
findings from Planned Parenthood itself undermine the narrative particularly
about late term abortions that it has something to do with the health of the
mother yes and we can have conversations about
the health of the mother in those very rare circumstances but as you mentioned
and as Planned Parenthood has noted the vast majority of cases are for any
reason whatsoever including just not wanting to child it not being convenient
wanting to finish school and if the pro-abortion side were honest they are
completely fine with that they are completely open to the normalization
there are organizations now that exist to normalize abortion two distinct
mattias abortion that means that they believe abortion to be not only normal
but good actually we heard the doctor say that she believes that abortion is
good and so if you believe that a abortion is morally good of course you
don’t think it should be limited to the life of the mother or any of those very
rare circumstances it is all nine months on demand without apology that is the
new motto of the pro-abortion side and the fact is the baby is a person and for
that reason how could it be moral to kill it I don’t know what else it is if
it’s not a person thank you


  1. #1 Cause of ilegal immagration reffugees mass migration is Abortion Killing off 638,000. American Citizens to bring your Replacements and New Masters Islam and Sharia Law your choice your fault enjoy your Demise as you are Extinct and Must be Replaced Invaded and Conquered by Islam and Sharia law

  2. Love you ABS as well as you determination and dedication to speak up for the lives of those that do not yet have a voice. #ProBaby regardless of what developmental stage the are in.

  3. Thank you for speaking up for babies they deserve a voice since they cannot speak. As a mother of 2 daughters i support this lady .god bless

  4. As a survivor of rape, I had enough sense to know if I became pregnant it was NOT my body, it was only IN my body. There is a clear difference and there is no excuse whatsoever to murder someone who is not at fault. Science tells us life begins at conception, but we want to overlook science when it's convenient.

  5. Hey @allie stucky, can you post a link to the PP findings Mr Hice is talking about (referring to the reasons women opt for abortion). I would love to hold onto that for anytime I debate this topic. Thanks!

  6. Did anyone consider not having sex if they don't want to get pregnant? If you don't want a baby….dont have sex… simple solutions people.

  7. I really like you Allie, but I am afraid you haven't quite answer the question. DNA is scientific "proof" of a human being – not a personhood. The evidence of personhood nowadays implies the evidence of consciousness, and there are major efforts to do so through neuroscience. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about protecting mere potential of personhood – what every human embryo has within its DNA code – but I am quite tired of ppl "arguing" the wrong thing. Please, read a bit about it, as you have a good reach and it will benefit pro-life fight to get this argument right. Cheers.

  8. My sister was raped at 18 and nearly had an abortion because she didn't know what to do and thought that it was the only option. Luckily she had our amazing mother that stopped her and gave her other options. She is now a teacher, happily married with 5 kids. My sister says it was my neice that saved her and led her to Christ. Every child has a purpose and those that say children are only an inconvenience and will get in the way of your life, are sadly mistaken.

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