Putin Explains Why To Enshrine In The Constitution Russia’s Status As The Winning Power in WWII

Putin Explains Why To Enshrine In The Constitution Russia’s Status As The Winning Power in WWII

Attempts to rewrite history are harmful and, of course, have certain implications. These attempts are designed for today and tomorrow, this is obvious. Incidentally, such a broad social movement as the Immortal Regiment confirms your words to a great extent about how deep this is in the heart of our people, our gratitude to the winners and an understanding of the significance of what they did for us, for future generations. We should repeat this more often. The archival documents, including the German ones, explicitly phrase the goals that the Nazis set themselves in relation to Russia: to keep a small part of the working population for labour, for slave labour, and all the rest would be sent to the Urals, to the north. A death sentence, in other words. It was about the elimination of the ethnic group as such. We could have been eliminated. And we must never forget this. That is why we will always be grateful to those who gained this victory for us. Should this be noted in the Constitution? And if so, where? We need to think about it. The idea itself, of course, is a good one.


  1. It's Imperative:

    1. Contain raise of China
    2. Prevent Russia-Germany axis

    why ?

    It's imperative that no EurAsian challenger emerges capable
    of dominating EurAsian landmass and thus of also challenging America

    Zbignew Brzezinski
    How ?

    Those who control
    control the World

    john halford mackinder

  2. l’histoire des hommes des familles régnantes est compliquée. L’Europe était le manège des puissances Familiales de leur caprices. Les révolutions ont bouleversées leur vie ainsi que la vie les croyances des peuples. De 1941 à 1944 l'Europe travaillait pour l'Allemagne Nazi. La Russie était en danger. Je comprends Mr Poutine Il veut fédérer la Russie comme Puissance. the story of men from ruling families is complicated. Europe was the merry-go-round of the Family powers. Revolutions have turned their lives and the beliefs of peoples upside down. From 1941 to 1944 Europe worked for Nazi Germany. Russia was in danger. I understand Mr Putin. He wants to unite Russia as a Power. déjà le 15 février le carnaval de Nice va sortir. already on February 15, the Nice carnival will come out.

  3. As an American I can honestly say Israel won, both the US and USSR were made pawns. Further no other nation lost as many as Russia, to this day it breaks my heart the world stood by as Russians were massacred by the tens of millions.

  4. Lot of communist defending koolaid drinkers in this comment section. 30 countries fought Germany. Playing the America vs Russia on who won is ignorant . Either way the NWO won

  5. I really like Putin but this is exactly where he turns into a shill. He knows damn well he personally closed the KGB archives just as they were proving the soviets kept over 25,000 American ALLIES as POW’s in gulags and refused to give them back. That even Yeltsin admitted some may still be alive in the 90s. These HIGHLY selective and edited random archives he’s releasing are not the real archives and he knows it.
    Isn’t it convenient that for 75 years now Russia is the only ww2 power that allegedly found evidence that the Germans were trying to massacre everyone. Not 1 “extermination camp” was liberated by the Americans, only labour camps. Every extermination camp just happened to be found on the Soviet side.

  6. Putin is right about Russia facing annhilation, but the Germans wanted to eradicate Bolsheviks and Bolsheviks wanted to eradicate Russia as it was known.

  7. God bless Putin for speaking truth. This slave ideology is spun against all of humanity, not just Russia. He is brave enough to say it.

  8. “Documents” Probably falsified by socialist scum. Nope, neither Nazis nor Communists deserve any trust, just a headshot.

  9. Where do we place within our Constitution the God-given right of Russians to exist? In the preamble, so as to inform the rest of the Constitution.

  10. Мы не должны забывать свою историю.Мы не Иваны, родства не помнящие

  11. All the best for Vladimir Putin!Best regards and suport from Serbia! Total thruth!!! Thank you !!!!We love you!!!!God bless you!!!!

  12. Your jewish friends are trying to rewrite history, you should consult them before taking any decision regarding WW2

  13. One strategy Russia should retry is to have a base in Belarus, which would also protect their govt. to get confidence.

  14. Hello from America. Russia contributed more lives than any other ally to the struggle against darkness known as the Third Reich. Future Russians should never forget those who died fighting fascism.

  15. This is no simple political act. This is extremely important. At least for Russians and all who want to stand against NWO Agenda 21 (depopulation and total control). Why?
    Last step of total world control is WW 3.
    This war is planned to be between Russia and US.
    This war is possible only if both countries will be demonized in the eyes of all other countries, which will allow young recruits of such countries pick up guns and mercilessly kill Russians, who actually saved them not few times before.
    Brainwashed EU and other countries are fed with lies, that will pollute their brains and they will happily execute genocide over Russian civilians.
    Think how even in 21st century hundreds of thousands women, children and civilians are burned, bombed, beheaded or simply shot? This is what is planned for Russia, if we allow lies to spread Russophobia.

  16. Vladimír Vladimirovič PUTIN Maladec 🇸🇰❤️🇷🇺🤝👏👍😀…nech Boh ochraňuje PUTINA na mnohaja i blahaja lita….

  17. You won mostly by retreat. And the un prepared nasties froze and ran away. You were mostly protected by millions of square miles of ice. Had the war happened twenty years after that, you may not have had the same outcome 😉

  18. Of course President Putin is right!
    If it wasn't for Russian Blood! The rest of the world would be Eating Sauerkraut and And drinking schnapps!


  20. Can tell you this,,if the Nazis had won ww2 I would not be making this comment to day Mr. Putin. I personally owe a huge debt of gratitude in no small part to the suffering, sacrifices and bravery of the Russian peoples.Stay proud and God bless ye all/

  21. Zionist-hitler was paid to attack Russia but much to his dismay….May God bless beautiful mother Russia, Ameen❣️💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💞💖💖💖💖💖💖💐💐💐💐💐💐🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️

  22. What a great President .
    Always giving credit to those whom deserve so , an honorable man.
    Respect from South Africa Sir Vladimir Putin.

  23. 🇷🇺 STAY STRONG & READY 💞


  24. Documents show that the Nazis' goal for the Russians was to keep a small part of the population as slave laborers and the rest to be genocided. That is why the Russians will always be grateful to those who ensured victory against the Nazis in WWII.

  25. What idiots and LIARS! If not for the cowardice of stalin, ww2 would never have started. Russia is to BLAME for ww2, they are definitely not the "saviors" of Europe!

  26. Joint Soviet-Nazi military parade in Poland. The history of Russian aggression. Russian's and Hitler's nazi best friends started war together .WATCH THIS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IFmBQS8FDc


  28. I would add the T-34 to the list of setting the record straight. German tanks were good (when they weren't breaking down) but any serious historian knows the T-34 was the tank that won battles. Mobility, speed, rounds per minute, penetration, durability and survivability the T-34 T34- 85 were world class tank killers.

  29. В Европе журналисты лично говорили мне: «Что на тебе надето в России с твоей Победой? Мы уже забыли». Я спросил их: «Сколько дней твои страны сопротивлялись Гитлеру?» Они молчат. Затем я продолжил: «Польша была завоевана за 28 дней, и за те же 28 дней в Сталинграде немцы смогли захватить лишь несколько домов. Дания продержалась ровно день. И вся Европа сдалась за три месяца. И наши солдаты имели освободить его. И какой ценой! Миллион жизней советских солдат отдан за освобождение европейцев от фашизма. «Но Европа решила об этом забыть». (В. Лановой) 800 000 участников принимают участие в марше Бессмертного полка в Москве https://www.youtube.com/watch ? v = mmA0fVhsb3Y

  30. Mass destructions weapons are not only nuclear bombs but even an invisible unknown virus developed by dangerous organisation Can destroy de humanity. Humanity should respect and support UN, Unesco,WHO in order to save Humanity and to fight against corruption, hatred, fanatism and selfishness. Putin is good for only Russia.

  31. so Yekaterinburg Tyumen
    Rerih? they say beautiful land?
    why only portion of Russia European portion is valuable?
    that is what populating Russia to start with if we recognize tough conditions in those places why not try to help them economically ore i was bathing documentaries they struggle there some say there were finding metal from satellites in the forest now they do not so they running out of nesssasry materials people living there now they want to what about chukcha?
    etc do we look at this people like they vymiraut?
    is same situation president putin said early jews were to be send to africa
    i mean idea is to relocate at all forcefully. because it has to do with any war and how the syrians are being driven from their land or palestine because even chuck could be feeling they driven from their land tac a person out of their routine is horrible sometimes even in "better" economic situation. those people up north they say they can fish cause commercial ships taking too much fish etc. i mean we need to look not at majority only but lifestyle and respect what people already doing and helping a bit
    so for example the person who lives up north not chuckcha if he wee to relocate he would not want that. it is pulling people out the creates horrible situation. but we talking about nazi taking over is not about where they would send russians they would not send Russian to siberia they would build camps there is not that they would move the border and let country be in Siberia ? sounds like what rerih was dreaming about?

  32. Russia loss millions of people fighting the nazis; no amount of propaganda will erase the fact they loss more than anyone else.

  33. Чем благодарны? Ветераны живут в нищите и им до сих пор не выдали обещанные квартиры.

  34. Russia defeated Germany and its allies in WW1and WW2
    France under Napoleon got its arse kicked in as well Japan felt the Russian fury
    Only crazy person would mess with tha Russians
    PUTIN is a God send for Russia Under drunk Yeltzin the Kazars stole half Russian wealth

  35. 1939-1941 – Russia was Nazis' ally. Together with them Russia began WW2.

    06.22.1941 – Nazi Germany broke alliance and invaded Russia.

    1941-1945 – Russia joined the anti-Nazi coalition and was crucial in defeating Nazi Germany.

    This is the truth.
    And it is so pathetic when Russia Insight removes or shadows all critical comments 🤣🤣🤣

  36. As an Assyrian, the only way we can get our land back (which is modern day Iraq, Syria, parts of Turkey and Iran – or even just a piece of Iraq – preferably Nineveh province) is by the help of our oldest ally, Russia. Russia was there helping us back in 1917, but had to retreat because of the Bolshevik revolution.

  37. i dint hear but reed title i thing you loose mind i automaticaly translate you won non war for that you cant be the power you unlucky claim

  38. I'm glad Russia stopped them because It sounds alot like what happened to the Native Americans.😞 Colonialization = your descendants have to continue the racism in fear of the Natives figuring out the truth & retaliation 😔

  39. Sadly, I think what 'won' WWII was the nazis, in a fourth reich sort of way. But that is precisely the reason that anyone has to reinforce what Putin says in this video – where does blaming the Soviets for starting WWII come from? – it's that fourth reich. Too many make the mistake of admiring the nazis.

  40. Good for President Putin do not let the west diminish the horrific sacrifices that the Russian people more than any other made to deney nazi germany and their friendly nations a victory over decency. Also let us not forget the horrors and the thirty million slaughtered and mained by America since the END of world war two.

  41. Angela Smerkel and co need to be paid a lesson for supporting the Nazi coup in Kiev, the Mother City of the Rus. As do her poisonous collaborators in the EU and US.

  42. ❤️❤️With Vladimir putin for ever ❤️❤️, long live for you cesar god protec you all time, I love you very much 😍👍.

  43. Btw, Alexander, speaking of media lies and ignorance, and war history, for that matter . . . we Americans were taught in school how AMERICA saved the world from Hitler, albeit, Winston Churchill played a small part. ha! But there was a HUGE problem with the horrible EVIL Stalin (i.e. SATAN) and those miserable Commies, who wanted to take over the world and enslave us ALL! We heard how Stalin murdered and starved so many Russians, and little did we know that all the time our own FDR, who is lauded and praise like a god, was a Communist HIMSELF! FDR was busily setting America up for a fall during his four terms, and Obama ALMOST completed his diabolical project, and the wicked WITCH was supposed to pound the final nail in the coffin . . . but GOD said: "I don't think so! Not YET!" "I've got this bombastic guy from Queens who still loves America . . .."

  44. Having Stalin rule was no victory for Russia, it was a demonstrative failure on the part of the people to enable a genocidal maniac because "orders". The Revolution in 1917 was no victory for Russia. It was what happened consequently because the Bishops were not all in obedience to the pleas from the Mother of God when she appeared at Fatima. Survivors were so desolate that many envied the dead. The Nazis were into a global takeover. So be careful yourselves, especially now, that you remove yourself from the EU and UN, and outlaw Freemasonry and many other secret sects in your borders. Holy Mother Church weeps over Herself and Her children for the cancer that is killing Her from the inside out. And you think you should claim a victory for yourselves the while… For shame! This is not a good idea!

  45. History must be upheld, history represents educational backgrounds to TRUTH and recaps the Bridges for Future generations to rebound. The Walls of History foretold Precepts engraved in astounding cries of Freedom, Victories, Democracy, Civilization, and Hope to carry a banner draped in National Pride. God has blessed us as a people with Freedom Fighters and Forefathers who through hard wok and trials, paved pathways of opportunities to walk in integrity and Dignity. God bless you Mr. Putin, God bless Motherland Russia.

  46. It's the Zionists that caused millions of deaths both in Europe and Russia mainly. but what you see today is that they are still the ruling power in both EU and Russia. A zionist will never be a german or russian or whatever you call, and they'll betray you every time for their and Israel's profit. If you want to know about these you can check "Know More News" on youtube, and also "Brother Nathanael" on google.

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