Rep. Woodall previews Boeing CEO’s upcoming testimony

Rep. Woodall previews Boeing CEO’s upcoming testimony


  1. "…President Trump did insist that President Zelenskyy go to a microphone and say he is opening investigations of Biden and 2016 election interference, and that President Zelenskyy should want to do this himself." -Bill Taylor, acting US ambassador to Ukraine

  2. I went back to work thank goodness and brought full young guys 20 years old are like lions and respect they have good guys morals

  3. Since WHEN do Software developers, Company Boards & CEO's get to Decide WHAT is Too Much for ("average") Pilots to 'Understand'?

  4. Question: Where law enforcement and the authorities themselves are a crime and a catastrophic crime education system, what will the common law-abiding citizen do and who is the criminal? This is a very interesting question to solve in many countries

  5. Someone at the SENATE BOEING CEO hearing should ask why it is cheaper in 1999 to do a multi billion dollar stock buyback than it is to make software that prevents planes from flying into buildings

  6. Lion air crash.
    Lions flying with printed names on flight's?
    These are text commands in PEPS Software used in Like stress analysis for NPP piping design code ASME SEC III NB, NC, ND pipings of class A, B, C piping in primary circuit, secondary circuit and auxiliary circuit supporting class A, B piping of Nuclear reactor where the fuel is spent.

  7. I knew when quality inspectors were fired and mechanics were tasked to inspect their own work something bad was going to happen. It's the old, fox guarding the hen house strategy for quality assurance.

  8. What does the FAA have to do with Obama Mr. Congressmen ? 😂
    Boeing rushed the plane into production to compete with AirBus & made bad engineering choices all along the way.
    It's a miracle more planes didn't crash ! 😡
    "Behind closed doors" ?!? What is the esteemed congressman talking about ? There are 12 f***ing Repugnants in there ! 😂

  9. Republicans swore the Clinton tax increase would create a recession and tank the stock market. The stock market tripled, job creation exploded, every economic group got richer, the national debt was almost 100% paid off. Republicans have an economic religion based on faith, but reality has proven them wrong.

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