Republican Michigan Senate hopeful on why he is running

Republican Michigan Senate hopeful on why he is running


  1. If you love America, then you will look out for the best interest of all Americans. Seems like a positive candidate. I hope it helps the Republican cause. If I was in his district, the choice would be clear.

  2. Wow, he has the heart of s true American. If I lived in Michigan I would vote for him. He will need the support and help with his campaign from all in Michigan that love our great country. Please don’t just give lip service, help this good hearted man succeed. Your state will be better for it!


  4. Republicans have been on a major losing streak so don't expect a win. Especially if you are endorsed by Trump then your Gaurented a loss

  5. Great guy, i'd vote for him if i was in MI.
    I'm sure many blacks in Detroit will vote for him just because he's black lmao.

  6. If the American public knew how hard the Gaurdian and those globalists pushed to get Obama elected both 2008 and 2012, you'd want to throw up. So when you have veterans who have now figured it out that they've been redpilled with garbage, this is good news and a joy to American Patriots!

  7. Best wishes i hope you win. Far leftist have the brands of evacuating into a swimming pool when there's a flood

  8. I would vote for him if I lived in Michigan but I’m a Buckeye! I hope he wins. We need more people like him in the Senate.

  9. If you are in my district you have my vote. 50 years of dems that did nothing but collect graft you are a breath of fresh air

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  11. Michigan better vote for this man. We are lacking in great leadership and he is one of the few. As a Veteran I would love to vote for him, but Im stuck in IL

  12. I hope John James wins in his state. In addition, he appears to be a good candidate to be US President some day.

  13. No surprise the war monger Bolton supports this ex-soldier. I hate the Democrat Stabenow. This guy has to win the Republican Primary 1st. And probably won't (there are a lot of power players in the State with name recognition against him.) PLEASE NOTE: Other than being a reliable military-industrial complex vote what are his VIEWS ON ISSUES?

  14. Michigan has had Democrats occupy the Senate for too long. Carl Levin, Debbie Stabbenow, and now Gary Peters. Levin was a socialist and one of the biggest gun grabbers of all time.

  15. I lived in Michigan a few years ago. Met some very good people that worked so hard use to keep going in Michigan’s condition. I hope and pray this man wins. He looks to be what Michigan needs to be great again.

  16. Please vote for this man—Michigan is almost all muslim–save your state—look at Michigan State–they are shaming the girls that came forward to get rid of that monster—we need you desperately

  17. RED WAVE! Trump's support of John James, was icing on the cake
    So glad John James claims victory in Michigan and won and not some beta-male, left wing, Antifa supporting, Hollywood Elite groveling, donation pandering SJW Democrat.

  18. So much for POTUS Trump being a racist. No true racist would support this powerful African American regardless of his worth! This is an awesome young Republican Senator candidate!

  19. If Michigan votes for Stabenow, I hope Mr. James keeps going for other political offices! He’s easily got a lot of national potential if he weren’t buried in a very blue state. Michigan going red in 2016 was very rare but I hope he doesn’t give up. I would love to see him as VP or president one day!

  20. I hope John James runs for political office again. Rather as a U.S. Senator, or Congressman, or a State Senator, or Representative. He has the stamina to deal with the flak. He is a true patriot, and will work hard for the State of Michigan. His loss will not stop him. He will regroup and reinvigorate himself like a soldier does, and not mope over this loss on Nov. 6th. He is known now after his run for office and he can expound on it to reach his goal. I can tell Mr. James will not rest on his laurels, but will continue to seek a way that is meaningful for him, which will be energized. Count on that. Hooah.

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