Republican Senator Describes Defending Trump From Impeachment As A “Horror Movie” | Deadline | MSNBC

Republican Senator Describes Defending Trump From Impeachment As A “Horror Movie” | Deadline | MSNBC


  1. I don't get it, it seems like talking to Kim Jong U is a glory. What have we got out so far of this talking point? I should major politics.

  2. I wish there was a place where you could go get the facts nothing more nothing less just the facts and let me make my own opinion about what's happening all we have right now is he said she said no fax no proof no nothing how's American people supposed to know what's actually going on and we're like to buy the whole government not just Democrats Republicans all of them

  3. This news is so boring, rhetorical at best. I wish you guys did some real reporting. No matter what station you all sound the same.

  4. The only thing they should think about is the country.
    But McTurtle is only doing what is best for McTurtle. And everybody else in the GOP will do what is best for them. They have no interest in the country, they show that every single day.

  5. Trump is absolutely a liar, but I don't believe John Kelly had this conversation with Trump. Kelly lost my confidence after his blatant lie about Congresswoman Fredericka Wilson.

  6. It should feel that way!!! The president is breaking the law and there is no defense!! They have all said it! It's not under the table!!! tRump said he was going to take the oil from the Kurds!!

  7. Where the money goes is not up to this corrupt president

    The congress allocated those funds not for the corrupt gop or corrupt president to break the law and demand a quid pro quo from an ally in need of defense funding and aid

    Don’t let these corrupt gop members change the facts that this corrupt president broke the law by corrupting his oath of office, national security violations and extortion of the Ukrainian gov for political and personal benefit

  8. ### KELLY!!

  9. And STILL, the lowest scum of humanity, aka the Deplorable, are supporting this criminal orange traitor. Do we want these scum to still have the right to call themselves Americans?

    We gave their racist treasonous Confederacy ancestors a pass and even gave them citizenship. Do we make the same mistake with their racist treasonous descendants? NO MORE. SOON!!!

  10. Trump can fool all of his supporters ALL of the time; Trump can fool some of the Republican politicians some of the time; but he can't fool ALL of the world leaders ANY of the time. Trump is Putin's puppet because he relies on oligarch's funding.

  11. John Kelly may be right. Dummy Dumpty Trump doesn't listen to his advisers. Whatever happens to Trump is all his fault!

  12. 3:20 What the heck did he say: 'They have their own future and conscience to think about.'
    Shouldn't they think about the future of their country first and foremost???
    No, they don't. That's why these cowards and traitors continue to defend Trump at all costs.

  13. It still blows my mind that ANY ONE of these senators don't want trump to be busted for his crimes. How can they want him to get away with what he is doing to our democracy??!!

  14. Republicans, what can this president do to you. Save the party, do whats best for America. You all know there is something wrong with Trump. The world can see it. Save the integrity of this government.

  15. you people are so lost. and you'll see it when the House flips….the adjectives are clearly added to prop up your sickening bias. A collection of man baby dolts watch this garbage as real.
    fake news….

  16. Time to clean out the fools in the Republican party, unless the US will go down the drain….the whirl is there….and it seems like some of them prefer to let the party die..

  17. It's amazing how tRump supporters are so absolutely willing to trash every honourable person who has anything honest to say!

  18. The GOP is pretty much 99% filled with "Yes Men" and the boot-licking behavior of any Trump Supporter is the definition of what it means to be a Sycophant.

  19. People of good character, regardless of their political affiliations, must stand up against such criminal conduct. Trump’s unAmerican behavior is an assault against our constitution, our democratic values and institutions, and the good name of this proud nation.

  20. McConnell is very invested in the impeachment process because his re-election campaign has incorporated Trump policies. If fact, McConnell has silence has supported Trump's behavior. McConnell's decision not having voting election security and background checks for gun owners put into question his loyalty to MONEY over AMERICA"s Safety and security.

  21. Don;t be adverse to our great president! Dems are trying to trick republicans into signing an agreement and screw them out of the vote to impeach or not. You will give away the chance there will not be enough votes. maybe the vote will be the end of it. It MUST start in the House, with the whole HOUSE to vote. I don;t know off hand what percent it is. Maybe 65%. Pelosi will impeach Mike Pence, and she will be president! That is her plan! Refuse to vote! EVERYONE PLEASE! Trump has straightened our Country out. THINK! is there antone you can think of to match his Focus and drive, to get things done,,,It will be a sad day if he is gone…Marcia from Minnesota

  22. The electoral college is the most ironic legislation created by the founding fathers. It was designed to prevent Tyrants and it gave us the last two republican presidents.

  23. It's now the most obvious thing in the world that THE ENTIRE GOP DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE TRUTH. As long as Reich-wing media can keep their supporters pacified. DISGUSTING. PATHETIC. smfh


  25. Occupant45 has such poor cognitive skills that Kelly needed pictures and differentiated language to communicate with the little fella. The larger crime is the administration…. they are complicit in a toddler running riot on the planet, with absolutely no oversight of the duty they owe their voters. They have been pushed to the wall and they are still fighting for party and power over the American people and country. They are nannying the toddler thug. Nanny does not know best!

  26. Yes some hope…hope the Senate upholds the Constitution.. if we let the trump cult continue He'll be in a 3rd term and yes ivanka will be heir to the throne..

  27. It still place me into a statement amazement how people are trippin on Trump. The powers that be knew who was a wanted to be mobster who rejected him. A so called businessmen who was a failure no matter how much money he says he has. The banks here will not loan him money. So Putin who recognize how weak he is place Russians infront of him to give him money. Remember Putin is a trained KGB agent he will do what ever it takes to destory America. So those supporters and non voter this is what you have done to our country. Trump has gotten paid his only worry now is Putin if he is not reelected.

  28. REPORTING??? HA, he's from the Washington Post. There is no fear on the Republican side. We know we get 4 more years. I mean anyone who says Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the MOST Wanted Criminal in the World and Leader of the Islamic State is an Austere Religious Scholar has ZERO Credibility, PERIOD! How can you have these people on your show?

  29. Watching from theUK …….. anyone who does not see that the democrats are leftist snowflake bigots is a complete mong …TRUMP IS MAKING YOUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN

  30. Ha, I could have told him he would be impeached, They started it the day he was elected. This guy is so smart! Thanks for sharing MSNBC.

  31. So when do you think Pelosi will vote for impeachment and send this to the Senate, lets test that theory. Also, trumpo win 2020. Impeached or not

    Impeachment is not removal, it will only strengthen him


  32. As an independent I’ve relied on both sides/policies but with this blind party over country behavior I have lost any and all respect for the GOP.

  33. I hope what he is saying about senate republicans is true because if it comes to a trial they need to be very objective when looking at the evidence.

  34. Yea well if they know that why are they standing behind him on a day like today?? Its on record their face and vote is on record.. What do they think their gonna be some kinda hero for a small base of racist people in future????

    This doesn't end well for them in history every thing they ever did will be called into questioned… if they have names on buildings its gonna be coming down.. We're doing that now. All over the country.
    Why ??? Because we dont go backwards we're moving foward.. Paying homage to the people who brought out the worst is this country is no longer ok..

    And as history moves foward they will be removed i hope they know that.. Look heres the people who backed a criminal and they knew it..

    Whats confusing is its almost like their saying f the party for the future.. Like seriously i dont know one kid at school who so wants to be a Republican so bad.. And guess what i live in a state trump won.. Not a Democratic base city.. Its mindblowing they think he'd win again.. The future is already rejecting this kinda crap..

  35. Think about all of the times you've heard Trump defend a Republican. Think about all of the times you've heard Trump attack a Republican.

  36. Democrats can bring 100 witnesses if they want, but everything is in the transcript of the phone call and that stands against any accusation against the President!!!👎

  37. I wonder if GOP want a public impeachment inquiry so that their base might get deprogrammed and they can vote to throw Trump out

  38. When are the Republicans going to jump off the boat before it sinks are really sticking to their guns well that would just make it even better cuz they're going to just be in Trump's face is going to be in the Republicans face to

  39. Trumpee is not in charge of the party-Britbart is. Hope we get an inv into them by Durham. Hope he inv Sessions-Bannon-Miller.

  40. I just hope people like Gaetz are held to account after this debacle is over. Or at least he has an epiphany and thinks oh crap what was I doing

  41. WOW, CONTINUED BASHING OF TRUMP BY NICOLE WALLACE. Interesting that she only has on those who think negatively about Trump in order to support the left dem position that 'Impeachment is a repub horror story.'

  42. McConnell will do anything he can to protect his majority. If that means supporting Trump, he will. If that means itching him, he will.

    No doubt every GOP senator is making this same calculation.

  43. Trump has been Trumped.
    Goodbye . Be gone already. I want a grown up as a President. Someone with a moral compass.
    No more children in cages !

  44. Unamerican, those​ Republicans​ that​ think​ right​ is​ still​ wrong​ (just​ so​ they​ could​ keep​ their​ jobs). The​ voters are​ going​ to​ laugh​ last​ and​ longest, because​ Trump​ shoots​ himself​ in​ the​ foot​ everytime he​ opens his​ mouth.​

  45. Not Into Voting Because This Is What U Get. And What's Even Worse Most Who Want "Him" Out Is The Same The Voted For Him, All Republican Votes Got Him In.
    Know The Democrats Have To Step Up And Clean Up This Mess "Republicans" Created And Why Cause They Didn't Want Another Democrat In Office So Let's Put Anybody Besides A Democrat….. Lesson Learned?YES

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