Republican senator takes aim at Trump in speech

We must never regard as normal the regular
and casual undermining of our democratic norms and ideals. We must never meekly accept the daily sundering
of our country. The personal attacks, the threats against
principles, freedoms and institutions. The flagrant disregard for truth and decency. Because politics can make us silent when we
should speak, and silence can equal complicity, I have children and grandchildren to answer
to, And so Mr. President I will not be complicit
or silent. I’ve decided that I would be better able to
represent the people of Arizona and to better serve my country and my conscience, by freeing
myself of the political consideration that consumes far too much bandwidth, and would
cause me to compromise far too many principles. To that end, I’m announcing today that my
service in the Senate will conclude at the end of my term, in early January 2019.

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